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Smart Bullets

Smart Bullets
Andre Willers
4 Feb 2012

Synopsis :
Vernor Vinge's Smart Bullets have stimulated the Real-Time version .

Discussion :
In 1984 Vernor Vinge wrote an extrapolation called “The Peace War” , that featured smart bullets as an aside .

This stimulated fans to create the reality .,2817,2399607,00.asp
“Sandia National Laboratories said Monday that the facility has developed a self-guiding bullet, whose accuracy actually improves the longer it flies.
Red Jones and Brian Kast, with help from five others, designed the four-inch-long bullet, which includes an optical sensor, a battery, an 8-bit CPU, and small actuators to guide the flight. The creators estimated that the bullet could strike a target a mile away, with far greater accuracy than a ballistic bullet - within 8 inches of that target, as opposed to 9.8 yards using a conventional bullet.”

Reality Amplification by Stimulated Emission from Fantasy .

The bullet with your name on it .
Not only has it your name , but your picture , too .

How it works :
Still fairly primitive .
The shooter sees the target through some electronic scope , downloads the image to the bullet and fires it in the general direction of the target . The bullet does the rest .

Initially , the success rate will be high , but soon counter-measures will take place .

Machine-guns :
Many bullets in the air , but one target . What happens to the superfluous bullets ?

Cloud bullets :
Given the military mind-set , it seems a pity to waste all those bullets . So , the next step is a cloud of bullets with hierarchies of targets .
If one bullet tells the others that the target has been neutralized , the rest switch to lower-level targets .
The hierarchies being in morphs of the Target Zero face (ie family of the target )

After that , a loiter capability of even seconds will drastically alter the tactical protocols .

Friendly fire :
The battlefield air will be full of smart bullets , running into low-order targets . Also manufactured by the lowest bidder . With Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) , errors will happen .
The target will then be in banded probability zones .

This is reminiscent of Riemann orbitals .
See “Orders of Randomness 2” Aug 2008

Self-destruct :
Desirable , but difficult . How do you recall a bullet ?

Super-image decoy .
Easier to decoy them past the loiter time .

Theory :
See Fractal Compression and Decompression .
A super-image of any image can be formed , given the recognition parameters .

Gait parameters :
Facial recognition can easily be masked , but gait is difficult . Gait is also easier to recognize by the bullet . Random gait (smart shoes ,etc) brings us right back to Riemann orbitals .

Remember , these are cheap bullets meant to be fired by the million .

You will probably soon have iPhone apps that can give some measure of protection .

Chameleon , ho!


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