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Spandex and Fat

Spandex and Fat
Andre Willers
22 Feb 2012

Elastic Bands at small pressure reduces lactate concentrates faster , as well as persuading the body to store fats elsewhere.

Discussion :
Lovell of University of Queensland , AU , “Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research”
NewScientist 21 Jan 2012 p14

They measured lactate levels in the muscles of athletes after fixed exercise . Those with Spandex had significantly lower levels of lactate .
In other words , they were not as fatigued.

What is going on ?
From a purely mechanical viewpoint , pressure would reduce bloodflow , thereby reducing lactate reduction . The opposite is happening . Why ?

The “Feel-Good” Factor .
Endorphin catalysis.
We know from experience that moderate biceps enlargement induces a positive-feedback .
The pressure triggers are on the insides of the upper arm and torso .
Even 20 moderate weight-lifts engenders a feel-good endorphin reaction , and can be sensed on the upper arms .

These trigger points have long been identified by trial and error :
Watch any action movie .
The heroes have bands on the upper arms , upper thighs , mid-torso , upper-forehead .
These essentially reduce muscle fatigue .

Elastic Bands :
Since the trigger is pressure sensors in the skin , a mild elasticity would be more effective than a simple band . The emphasis is on mild . The band should not be too tight . Tighten it every day using velcro .

The effect :
Enhanced endorphin release . The body wants more at a cellular level . Local fat reserves are shifted elsewhere (or used) . There is some evidence that the endorphins act as catalysts in fat release and utilization .

Historically :
Garters spring to mind . Slimming upper thighs .
Upper arm bracelets . Gone out of fashion after the disarming of the common people .
Belts : wide corset belts have shrunk for the same reason .
Hats , berets , etc used to fill the function of headbands . Still does in the military.

Putting it all together :
How to get rid of the flab on upper arms , thighs and belly , while increasing endurance .

1.Headband : an elastic beret is socially acceptable . If you want to make a statement , wear an elastic headband with a suitable slogan . Beret or cap .Works on the frontalis muscles-group .

2.A wide elastic band on the upper arm . Widely available . Worn inside or outside of shirts .
Immediate endorphin feedback .

3.Garters on the upper thighs . For males , spandex underpants would probably be most acceptable . Unless you are a Knight of the Garter .

4.Belts : a mild elastic belt about 3 inches wide worn just below the navel . Tighten as needed .
This is not meant as a support or a corset . Merely a argument to convince the body to move the fat cells elsewhere .

There are other surfaces , but you get the drift .

You will note that I did not tell you to exercise . The endorphin release will take care of that .

Synergistic effect:
The sum is much larger than the parts . Try it .

The Spandex Bonsai Strikes Again !



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