Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rhino horn and Diabetes

Rhino Horns and Diabetes .
Andre Willers
11 Apr 2012.
Synopsis :
Rhino horn makes people feel better because it decreases “wandering feet “ of diabetes.
Better substitutes are available .
Discussion :
Fast twitch muscles require fast service by the nervous system . If this does not occur , local “pacemakers” step in . One locus is the heart (the heart pacemaker) . Another is situated at the base of the spine , where the long nerves connect to the spinal cord .
This well known as the source of phantom pain signals . (Lower back pain) .
But if the signals from the brain does not get to the muscles , the pacemaker activates . Muscles in the legs are stimulated , giving rise to a feeling of unease . These signals bypass the roadblocks which were due to the damage to transport mechanism of the nerves .
Certain states in the nerve is quantum forbidden , so the energy skips on . The signal travels faster .This enabled fast-twitch muscles to function and contract at frequencies not normal for nerves , but if it is not coordinated . a very uncomfortable feeling results in sleeplessness .
Rhino horn contains some chemicals that involve nerve transmission speeds .
Metabolic Sulphur , tyrosine(9%) and tryptophane (9%) seems to be an acceptable substitute .
Or exercise the fast twitch muscles in the legs by doing snap-kicks .
People susceptible to this would be descendants of Denisovans (eg Vietnamese) or Neanderthals (North-Western Europe) .
Note that the main fast-twitch muscle artists (lions ,etc) all eat hair and horn , which humans don’t .
Interesting asides:
1.Are human fast-twitch muscle artists like kung-fu experts more susceptible to diabetes ? The evidence seems to indicate it .
2. Can the rhino be saved like with Viagra ? Not unless the medical establishment acknowledges that there is a real effect , and offers a better alternative . Interestingly , the Vietnamese only started suffering from wandering feet after they got rich and stopped eating keratine food .
3.If keratine enables fast twitch nervous impulses , eating rhino-horn will give you a heart attack if you take beta-blockers as well .

Cow’s feet or chicken feet , anybody ?

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