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A Vaccine for Overpopulation

A Vaccine for Overpopulation
Andre Willers
7 Apr 2012
A prion disease removed natural epigenetic fertility controls circa 1704 AD . A vaccine is possible to train the immune system to recognize and remove the prion culprit .

Discussion :
See “Neanderthal Harbours” Apr 2012
Why a prion ?
Prions work by selectively disrupting the “read” process of the ribosome . Like putting a blank piece of paper in front of the letters to be photocopied . In scrapies and madcow , it is the “END” codon that is elided . The ribosome just keeps on copying proteins . See SciAm and NewScientist . This has a survival value for species in stressed circumstances , but is a bit tough on individuals .
Prions are also highly infectious . See
“What has made prions difficult to control is their infamous durability. Boil water for a few minutes, and all the bacteria and viruses will be gone. Not so for the prion: it will be just fine, reaAs if it weren’t bad enough that deadly prions can survive boiling and radiation, now comes word that aerosolized forms of the pathogen can enter the nose and find their way to the brain, with fatal consequences.dy to infect. How does it fare in a dry heat of 600 degrees C? No problem there, either. How about ionizing radiation? Bring it on.”
“As if it weren’t bad enough that deadly prions can survive boiling and radiation, now comes word that aerosolized forms of the pathogen can enter the nose and find their way to the brain, with fatal consequences.”

Epigenetics :
There is a sophisticated feedback process at epigenetic level monitoring population-level signals . A development of bacterial quorum-systems . Evolution does not favour Growth-without-limit , otherwise we would not have quorum systems . Remember , bacteria are the majority lifeform . This is the mistake Malthus made .
Malthus :
His Primary assumption was that populations grow to the limit of carrying capacity . This simply was not true before 1704 AD . But when he lived (1766-1874) it was , because the safety catches had been taken off . This happened because of a prion disease from some island off Scotland , rapidly infecting the rest of the world . And no disinfection then or now will work .
Is a vaccine possible ?
Yes. Simple , too .Take the negation of the END codon . The folded prion protein must have the precise lock-on DNA configuration and is thus targetable by tailored anti-bodies . A teensy-weensy problem is to zap only proteins with this configuration . But the heavy lifting has already been done . Neanderthal-derived families with few children should have the requisite molecules . And there are lots of them around the Med .
What does this mean ?
The overpopulation epidemic seems to have run it’s course in the first affected areas (Western Europe , North America) , but not yet in other parts of the world . The creation of a vaccine will cause major political problems . But it will probably share the characteristics of the original disease . Impossible to prevent , and very infectious . It is just the return to the natural state .
Interesting Asides :
1.What does the plants have to say about this ?
Remember , these are not conscious systems . But they are very effective .
Some plants have positive feedback relationship with humans . Grains and especially ones used in weaving . The introduction of woven cloths has always led to a population explosion . The fibres in close contact with the skin leads to positive feedbacks for prions suppressing epigenetic population control . Slow to start , but all plant weaves today encourages fertility .(By definition) . And they all target the same area in the epigenetic system . To find a vaccine , go to the nearest shop and buy any woven material . Look for prions .

2.Oh no !
Whisky . The Scottish Islands in 1704 AD exported mainly people , whisky and wool . All would carry the prions , but whisky the easiest of all . No wonder it was called the “Water of Life” . It was. People who drank it had more children . So , when you look for Person(0) , you know where to look . And look at whisky sales routes for subsequent spread of the infection . I guess this falls under the “some good news and some bad news” classification .

Should humans develop and employ an anti-fertility vaccine ?
They can do it now . But should they ? Well , they are going to do it in any case for short-term advantages , but they should simultaneously develop antidotes to the vaccine .
Places like Italy are already into negative population growth , and if you look at their fashions you can see why . (What! You think plants don’t have fashions ? Good luck with your sex-life . A fashionable fabric by definition promotes the sex-life of it’s partner .)

God’s Mercy
Instead of fashionably going extinct or superhuman , the possible pathways for human futures suddenly un-pinched from a neat two to a messy infinity . For some unfathomable reason the Powers-that-be decided to extend humanity’s term . The pinching-off branches have opened up . (The time-aspects were not predetermined . Think of it as a change in top-down chaotic attractors . You don’t have the terms)
Not my idea . I am but a time-limited pen , rather sourly recording .
Oh well .
Back to long-term planning .
“What God wants , God gets”

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