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Molecules that collapse Quantum Waves

Andre Willers

31 Dec 2012

Synopsis :

We find other molecules that collapse (observe) quantum probability waves to some degree .


Discussion :

1.We know Melatonin does it . So , we look for melatonin-like molecules .

2.We find Valdoxane and Serotonin


3.Melatonin-Class wave-function collapsars .

These are characterised by two ring-shaped chemical structures , with antennae at the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions .

4.Non-linear systems:

This gives an Electric field value of 1.3 x 10^18 V/m for non-linearity .

How close does two charges have to be to get these values ?

Plugging the values into classical equations gives

r= 3.325 x 10^(-14)

=332.5 picometers (pm) .

5.Atomic Distances

The picometre's length is of an order such that its application is almost entirely confined to particle physicsquantum physics, and chemistryAtomsare between 62 and 520 pm in diameter, and the carbon-carbon bond has a length of 154 pm. Smaller units still may be used to describe smaller particles (some of which are the components of atoms themselves), such as hadrons and the upper limits of possible size for fermion point particles.

6. Now can you see what is happening ?

Incoming wave functions squeeze particular atoms so close that the Schwinger-limit is exceeded . The system goes non-linear . Entangled wave packets are emitted , in the process collapsing the wave-function .Entanglement is conserved , especially angular momentum . Remember ,everything rotates .

This is both Observation and generation of new entanglements .

7. Hence the Antennae-like structure of the molecules at angles . They whip around very close to the ring-structures to trigger very specific , metered responses . Which , presumably , can be picked up by similar systems .

8.These would not be supra-luminal . You need at least 27+1 nexi for that .

These molecules are about 22 nexi . Sufficient , but nothing to write home about .

9.Dopamine :

Similar to melatonin-class , except there is only one ring . A precursor, from an evolutionary viewpoint .


10. Three-ring .

This should be possible in a free-evolutionary environment . I don't know of any , but they are doubtlessly there .

11. More than Three-ring :

These would have to be designed . The pockets of probability that make them possible are too precisely defined to easily evolve without higher Beth(x) input . Think probability ~ 1/Aleph(0)


12.An interesting Aside :

Cold Fusion and all that jazz .

The Dear Reader would have noticed that biologicals are necessary to get atoms close enough to violate the . To get at least beta-decay .

Breathing on it would be enough , but spitting would help .

The Contaminant is the Experiment . (With apologies to Marshall MCluhan)


14.Can we design a purely artificial quantum-collapsar molecule ?

Yes .

See Appendix I and II .

The problem is that all these molecules also have biological functions , some in the higher Beth regions .

Creating a completely artificial quantum-collapsar molecule will bypass many of these problems .

On the other hand , it might kill you all .

Or worse, put you into a superposition state .

15. For the Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists :

Prions are a defense system , soaking up deleterious quantum-signals from wherever . Some prions are part of the immune system , soaking up random information packets from normal metabolic processes . But a collimated beam targeting defensive prions is something else .

A nice weapon .



The technique initially incubates a small amount of abnormal prion with an excess of normal protein, so that some conversion takes place. The growing chain of misfolded protein is then blasted with ultrasound, breaking it down into smaller chains and so rapidly increasing the amount of abnormal protein available to cause conversions.[1][2] By repeating the cycle, the mass of normal protein is rapidly changed into misfolded prion (termed PrPSc).


16. But , we can turn it around .

Instead of misfolded protein , we start with properly folded proteins . Then do the amplification . PFCA .

It works both ways . If we design the folded protein exactly to collapse certain wave functions , we can target and eliminate to low levels the transmission vectors of certain diseases .

Cheap and simple .

17. The applications for alzheimers , etc are obvious .Just shift the balance . If you know what you are doing , you can even do it electromagnetically . But , humans are too enamoured with needles and threads .


18 . Really great astronomical detectors .

A few blobs of Protein Folding Cyclic Amplification (PFCA) will give you Gravity Wave detectors , as well as some pretty good EM detectors .


19.Energy Detectors and Energy sources .

Well , an energy detector is an energy source . It depends on the scale .

We can certainly use Genetic algorithms and PFCA to automate an optimization system to get some amps out of the ambient energy wash . This is not zero-point energy , more like the energy that clusters around zero-points . Good for low-energy applications like cell-phones , etc .

For something with more oomph , you will need a feedback system . Carbon biologicals simply have not the carrying capacity . Try silicon prions .

See Appendix I


20.Well , now you know how to cure a lot of diseases easily , get some low-level energy cheaply everywhere and maybe how to get high-density energy sources .

The rest is up to you .

21. What ! Nothing to steal ?

Try working for a living .


Would you flip a Beth(x->infinity) coin with God ?





Appendix I

The Beauty of the Genetic Code .

Andre Willers

22 Feb 2010



The present TerraIII genetic code is elegantly optimized to give the most robustness possible per unit of information .


Discussion :

You have to be familiar with the concepts in:

1. "NewTools:Reserves" and Beth(n) orders of Randomness .

2.NewScientist of 23 Jan 2010 p34 "Another kind of evolution"


Brief recap of Reserves argument :

We take any identifiable entity , slice and dice it with an order of randomness like that of a coin (ie Beth(0) ) . We then calculate a minimum reserve (which is equivalent to the least errors of all possible Beth(0) paths per benefit . )

This works out at 1/3 on the average over Aleph(0) infinities .


The Beauty of the Genetic Code :

Four Base pairs (A,U,C,G) in triplet codons give a possible 4*4*4 = 64 codons .

But together , they code only for 20 amino acids , plus a Stop and a Semi-Start .


This gives

20/64 = 31.22% for 20 amino acids

21/64 = 32.81% for 20 amino acids + Stop

21.3333…/64 = 33.3333… for 20 amino acids + Stop + Semi-Start

22/64 = 34.375 %


Stop = (UGG) , (UGA) , (UAG) ,

Start = (AUG) , but this also codes for methionine . Hence the decimal notation . The system cannot come closer to 1/3 because of quantal considerations . Try it and see .

This also is the portal for the Epigenetic System ( note use of methiolization) .


Beautiful !!


Consider the ways of Gaia .


Linear and Sideways evolution .

Linear :

The standard , gene and chromosome based inheritance

Equivalent to Beth(1+x) in our notation .

1>= x >=0


Sideways :

Genetic material exchanged without going through all that genotype-phenotype procedures .

Equivalent to Beth(1-x) in our notation .

1>= x >=0


Note that the system could not possibly get as close to the optimum reserve without this stage .



The Breeder , genetic engineer .

Equivalent to Beth(2+x) in our notation . Humans or proto-humans .

Infinity>= x >=0


This gives a full spectrum of Beth capabilities .

(Negative Beth is outside the scope of this discussion)



You will notice that the system becomes chaotically unstable as x->0 from any direction . At that point , the system will exhibit symptoms of great stress and bifurcation . Once over the hump , it steadies either in an evolutionary manner (in

Probability = 1 - ( Beth(n+1)/Beth(n) ) ^0.5 . Admittedly a rough estimate .)


Or in a devolutionary manner , evolutionary manner here described as degrees of complexity .


Stable Gene Engineering :

1.Keep the same Triple-Base Codon Cell-Machinery .

The easiest . Existing cells can be used . Increase the number of bases to 5 .

Then we can optimally reliable make 1/3*5^3 = 40 amino acids + stop + semistart .

Different kinds of Stop and Start would be advisable .

So , maybe 18 new amino acids + 2 different types of Stop + SemiStarts


This would not even be hard .

Well within present technological capability .

(Wanna make an animal with a Kevlar skin ? Well , you can using this method .)


The system would even be self-assembling under the right condition . The main thing is the optimal stability .


This is already evolving as we speak . There a fifth base occasionally involved . So there is a fruitful interaction point .


2.Make 4-Base Codon Cell-Machinery .

A real remake . Not within human capability at the moment .


3.General :

nAminoAcids + nStops + nStarts = 1/3 * ( (nDNA-bases) ^ (nBasesPerCodon) )

where the prefix n denotes "number of"


A further stability would be introduced if nStarts ~ 1/3 * nStops in a fractal fashion .

This because life-forms evolve in a pedal-to-the-metal fashion . The problems are the brakes .


There is a relationship between the Beth level and the nBasesPerCodon . The minimum number sufficient for Beth(2+) is nBasesPerCodon=3 .

Else there is insufficient complexity .


Now go out there and evolve !


Andre .


Appendix II The Beauty of the Genetic Code 2

Andre Willers

16 Mar 2010


Hi ,


See ""Rewriting life in four-letter words" , NewScientist 20 Feb 2010 p14.

I just read it (16 Mar 2010) , as I get New Scientist in a haphazard fashion via the library .


See para 2 of original post below

"2.Make 4-Base Codon Cell-Machinery .

A real remake . Not within human capability at the moment ."


I was wrong .

It  has already been done by  Jason Chin and colleagues at the University of Cambridge . They successfully redesigned some ribosomes and transfer RNA(tRNA) to manufacture a novel amino acid (a novo-calmodulin protein) , expressed via E.Coli .


Important note:

This worked so easily because it worked parallel to the three-Base expression without noticeable inerference .

This hints that the meta-controls (see Phene-system posts) already has provisions for 4-Base cell-machinery .



1.See "Pandora bacteria acts as one organism" , NewScientist 27 Feb 2010 , p11.

Electron-conducting protein nanowires link oxygen-poor sub-mud sulfur eating bacteria on the seafloor in an interactive network suggestive of a neural net .


The manufacture of such a protein nanowire would almost certainly require 4-Base Codon cell machinery . Hence the the existence of parallel meta-controls .


Room-temperature organic superconductors seem to be a distinct possibility .


2.Many old-age and degenerative diseases seems reminiscent of 4-Base Codon cell machinery activating over time .


But what do I know .


It is your poblem now .

I hope your molecular shamans are better than your climatologist shamans .



Andre .








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