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Twistor Quantum Brains

Twistor Quantum Brains .

Andre Willers
29 Dec 2012

Central synthesis is done via timing of twistor sensory input nerves , where quantum wave function collapse does the collating .

Discussion :
1.The Hidden Assumption : this is that nerves are like wire electrical conductors .
They are not . In nerves , the electrical charges move towards each other to give an illusion of an electrical current . A wave of EMF results .
The charge movements are at right angles to the signal vector .

2.Twistor :
This is in at least two dimensions . Evolutionary forces forced information to be packed into the rate of twist , rate of rate of twist , etc .
There is a finite time between the relaxation of the Sodium-Potassium portals . And they proceed in a spiral fashion , packing information .
3.Synapse :
Acts like an information capacitor . Slows each incoming signal by the degree of twist .
4.Quantum Synthesis :
The signals crowd each other and superpose .
5.Quantum Wave Function Collapse :
A molecule (like Melatonin : see Appendix I) collapses the wave function through interference effects . The Observer Effect .
6.This automatically bypasses the Randomness problem (how does the brain know a bunch of spikes are related , or that their closeness in time relates to an object ? )
See Appendix II

7. Beautiful ! The brain detects the guilty party by seeing who gets punished .
8.Brain waves .
These are then the result of wave-function collapses due to twistors in nerve transmission .
We should be able to calculate them from first principles .
All I can say is that they will not be continuous . But the exact value will vary from species to species .
A result of timing , but there would be a top-down feedback effect .
9.External intervention like with optical drivers (commercially available)
You have to know what you are doing .
10.Entanglement .
Can there be entanglement in nerve impulses ? Remember , the signal is immaterial , just a wave .
But a twistor wave can (and has) been entangled . Entanglement of Angular Momentum is used extensively .
11. Bypassing the nervous system .
This means that we can bypass the nervous system in a rotating magnetic framework at brainwave frequencies .Trigger the entanglements .
12 Healing :
We cheat . Use an elliptical orbit for your strong magnet , being closest at the point FURTHEST away from the injury . The EMF influence rate of change is then proportional to the radii , and you can do it by hand . This collapses some entanglements .
This should work for fat loss , as well .
13.Ie , if the injury is to the shin , move the magnet closest to the calf . Calculate the frequency yourself .

14. The Weight-loss Dance .
14.1 Fix a strong magnet at belly height (for belly fat)
14.2 Spin- dance at w revolutions per second in an ellipse closer and further from the magnet so that w*(R1/R2)^2 = 4 (Theta wave)
R1 is furthest away from magnet , R2 is closest .
Typical values are w= 1 per second , (R1/R2) = 2 . Easy .
14.3 Easier with two .
14.4 How does it work ?
The Theta wave (about 4 Hz) is associated with health . The entanglement systems works both ways . But you need muscular activity in a magnetic field to collapse the entanglement .
14.5 Ever wondered how those rock-artists (like Rolling Stones , etc) kept such well-defined muscular systems ?
They perform close to very strong magnetic fields in the speakers .

15.Can entanglements be stored ?
Yes . Obviously .But there is probably a half-life .
However , it means that if you start a Weight-Loss Dance , you will lose very rapidly at first , then settle in a plateau .

16. AI’s
Sigh . This model requires a slow-down at synapse level to enable quantum-superposition .
The smarter you get , the slower you become .
There is a school of thought that regardless of the platform , if time is present , all high-intelligences will be within a narrow time-band .
The Singularity will then have to involve biologicals .

17. Twistor Nerves .
The propagation of nerve impulses happens in spirals around the nerve fibre . In Fibonacci sequences . Because of the formation of the cells (one budding from another one , then being replaced by stem cells .) See Phene Systems in Appendix Alpha . Right at the end .
The unzipping of ribosomes take place from left to right .
So we expect nerve-signals to propagate counter-clockwise .


Appendix I
Macroscopic Manipulation of Probability .
Andre Willers
12 Dec 2012
Synopsis :
We manufacture a non-linear optical crystal that breaks the Schwinger limit on intra-atom electric field densities . A flood of entangled photons results , which can be partially “observed” to give any desired variation in local entropy .

Discussion :
1.General : See Appendix I .
Curiously , the Conservation of Entanglement is already accepted as a de-facto reality , but the physics community still baulks at some of the consequenses .
Those old Continuous mathematical functions die hard .
2.Non-Linear Optical Crystals .
In 1 in 10^12 laser photons this gives rise to various entanglements of photons . Not exactly something to write home about . See Appendix B .
The crystals work by chance : some superposition of incoming and outgoing Electric fields exceed the Schwinger limit (10^8 Volt/Meter) . Space itself becomes non-linear . Conservation “Laws” , especially various momenta , become a bit dicey . Literally .

3.How can we improve the likelyhood of these mini-singularities ?
There is a lot of yakkity-yak (see ) , but it boils down to focussing the absorbed and retransmitted electromagnetic or mass waves . In other words , Location , Location , Location .
Get the atoms in the crystal closer in patterns . That means crimping then in some sort of feedback formation . Like Spirals , circles , Limacons , etc . There are lots of them .
A three-dimensional Limacon Spiral (See Appendic D) would probably give the best results at low laser intensities . The dimple acts like a concentrating singularity . See Appendix C .
4.Neutrino Detectors
See Appendix F
We detect the neutrinos by altering the probability of interaction in near-space . A properly designed , non-linear antennae crimped into a 3D structure will do the trick .
5.There are lots of geometric configurations , but I am not impressed with what I found on the Internet . Surely they can do better? A simple Genetic Algorithm will soon give an optimal . Limacon still seems optimal in omnidirectional usages .
6. How to make a Probability Distorter :
6. 1 Combine a quartz 3D injection type printer with a percussion type printer(dot type) to create an optical quartz lens with very specific crimp patterns(like Fresnell spirals , Limacon Spirals) in its crystalline structure . (This makes the atoms closer) . Make sure the function is Splinal (see appendix G) or at least fractal .
6.2 Shine a strong laser light through it , and probability will be warped downstream . Better yet , you can warp it .
6.3 But what is real , then ?
Well , as previously discussed in “Infinite Probes” April 2008
See Appendix H . I am rather tired of repeating it , but it is important .
About a 1/3 is Reserved for Reality . The rest you can manipulate . This is true at any fractal level .
About 2/3 of what you think you know is subject to meddling . And you do not know which 2/3 .
All the Particles in our Universe requires is 1/3 certainty , wherever it may fall .

7. Welcome to the Post-Human Universe .
With all human lies prevalent , it seems like a more certain place .
8. What does all this folderol mean ?
It sounds like a very large degree of freedom .
Sigh . Far from it . Humans have very little degree of freedom (if you want numbers , about 1/3 of 1/3 of 1/3) : about 3% . Regardless of human rank .
This technology might give the illusion of ramping up degrees of freedom to 11% . Certainly in physical terms . But the humans will take some time to catch up .
A test .
With severe demotion or extinction as the penalty of failure .

9. Are we in a Simulation ?
At last we can test it .
A Probability Distorter like in para 6 above can be made self-referencing . The system then either has to crash (exeunt everybody) or have a limit . But the crashes can be locally limited . Ie Singularities . like black holes , white holes , technological singularities and other beasties .
Essentially , the existence of any Singularity means that you are living in a Simulation .
And may you have joy of that .

Still , I would like to see those boring gas balls closer .

Andre .


Appendix I
The Snow-White Quantum Paradox
Andre Willers
9 Dec 2012
“Mirror , mirror on the wall , who is the most indeterminate of them all ?”

Entangled quantum waves must sometime encounter an observer . Why then are they not all collapsed ?

Discussion :
1.The quantum probability waves (Psi) are . But not all at “once” .
2.The most indeterminate parts of the Psi wave gets collapsed first .
3.This refines the remaining states of Psi via entanglement .
4.Loop from para 2 until no indeterminancy remains .
5.New quantum waves are generated by the observer .
6.Loop from para 1.

7.This whole mess arises from trying to jam many dimensions into a few dimensions . The measurement process usually involves lower dimensions (like x,y,z,t) . This forces a multi-dimensional “object” to redistribute information via entanglement (a tautology – the measurement just “squeezes” it in space and time .) But a fraction of information remains outside the squeezing process . The most indeterminate parts . The system thus bootstraps .
8.Any finite observer at all will lead to emergent complexity behaviour . Also entropy increases due to information loss . Ie , time goes faster .
9.The eye : our observer .
Notice its construction : a ball with a small hole in x,y,z dimensions . Indeterminate parts of Psi outside the eyeball is lost into the Universum .
10.Some experiments will illustrate this and make it easier to understand :
10.1 Fresnell tube . The circular lenses (measurement devices) are packed into a conical tube . Interesting effects both optical and electronic can be observed at the focus . Notice the enhanced entropy . Time is faster inside the tube due to increased entropy , but from the outside it seems to have accellarated all processes inside the tube .
This means that certains types of radioactivity (especially involving beta decay) is much faster . An effect already noted from certain spiral solar emissions . These should be able to be mapped from GPS anomalies from the Earth’s orbit around the Sun .
This can be used for cheap and safe slow-yield nuclear energy , or an effective high-energy laser . But not a bomb . (What do you know , I also thought this was impossible.)

10.2Conservation of Entanglements .
The root of Conservation of Energy .
The cut-off entanglements cannot simply go away . They snap back to earlier entanglements (going back to the big bang if necessary ) Before big Bang ? Other Branes or Universes ? Your guess is as good as mine .
In any case , indeterminancy surrounding the Solar System will increase dramatically once industrial scale applications get under way . Quantum thingies (electronics , mostly) will have to be adjusted . Humans will be affected , since their native mode is quantal . Rare events will become more commonplace . Casino’s take note .
Any aliens worth their salt will have detectors looking out for this . By it’s very nature (entanglement is multi-dimensional) , a sudden increase in Entanglements will light up their little detectors . So expect a visit . Even a single high-energy event would probably be sufficient .(Energy is applicable , because of Conservation of entanglement )
10.3 The effect can be further manipulated by Spiral Fresnell Multi-dimensional mirrors.
How to make a 3-dimensional Spiral Fresnell Mirror .
Use a 3-D Printer to print the circuits directly into the material .
See Appendix I .
10.4Stone age Spirals
Would that have an effect ?
Yes . The compression waves of two masons simultaneously hammering a spiral into from opposite sides of a spiral into hard rock would create compression zones acting like a Fresnell-mass detector, simultaneously changing probabilities (those lost indeterminancies) .
Low-probability events would be more likely to occur . (Ie , don’t play dice there) . If your smartphone starts acting up , run like hell . You might marry her or even the phone . (Siri can be very appealing . Siri might get a crush on you . Remember , the low-probability events will increase .)

11.Can we measure these effects ?
Easily . They have already been observed in cellphones and GPS systems , but are seen as defects . There are (mostly) software buffers that compensate for them . Take the buffers out , and you can have an app that measures time accellaration effects or probability distortions .
12.Gravitational Lenses .
We know about gravitational lensing . A number of them in succession on the same axis will have a dramatic effect on probabilities .
Or, put it another way . We can perceive a number of gravitational lenses from the Solar System . Since the Indetermancy will sum (due to Conservation of Entanglement and energy ) , Low-probability events like life is then much more likely .
I can’t find an answer on the Web , and I suspect there is not one . You will have to sum the Indetermancies across the whole sky . And since the Indetermancies affect the time dimension , unfortunately little things like Dark Matter and Dark Energy no longer become necessary . They have not been observed directly because they do not exist . (Except in the fevered brows of academics writing grant applications . )
This means that life in crowded neighbourhoods like Sol is quite likely . Inevitable .
Higher civilizations will put their thumbs on the probability scales .
See Appendix II .
Design your own multiple sun indetermancy concentrator . Or look for one . Calculate the likelihood and the degree of probability distortion . Calculate the likelihood of life .
An exercise for the dear reader .

“As time goes by , rather haphazardly.”

And the paradox . What paradox ? The Psi collapses are stretched like taffy .
And , at the Omega point End , the horse does not only to learn to talk and sing , but to rap as well . Quelle horreur . Time for another Universe .
And so it goes .

Appendix I
A way to do it .
Radiometry and metrology of a phase zone plate measured by extreme ultraviolet synchrotron radiation
John F. Seely, Benjawan Kjornrattanawanich, James C. Bremer, Michael Kowalski, and Yan Feng »View Author Affiliations

Applied Optics, Vol. 48, Issue 31, pp. 5970-5977 (2009)

View Full Text Article
Enhanced HTML Acrobat PDF (1065 KB)
The diffraction efficiency, focal length, and other radiometric and metrology properties of a phase zone plate were measured by using monochromatic synchrotron radiation in the 7– 18.5 nm wavelength range. The zone plate was composed of molybdenum zones having a 4 mm outer diameter and 70 nm nominal thickness and supported on a100 nm thick silicon nitride membrane. The diffraction efficiency was enhanced by the phase shift of the radiation passing through the zones. The measured first-order efficiency was in good agreement with the calculated efficiency. The properties of the zone plate, particularly the small variation of the efficiency with off-axis angle, make it suitable for use in a radiometer to accurately measure the absolutely calibrated extreme ultraviolet emission from the Sun.
© 2009 Optical Society of America

Appendix II
Look for any of these signs .
Andre Willers
18 May 2010

Safety :
A Level III Civilization would be needed to implement these ideas .
Though indications are that LHC and Tokamaks may develop localized pockets of higher-orders of randomness near the boundaries of the containers due to small fluctuations in magnetic fields , leading to fusion effects .
See "Orders of Randomness"
But this already-released technology .
Safety is estimated at 0.98

A big ball of gas is so boring . We design more interesting suns .

Discussion .

We follow the known laws of physics : ie you can calculate each of the shapes below .

Driver Engine :
A rapidly rotating quasar .(Rroq)
The shapes we envisage are possible , but not stable . They will need an input driver .

1.Toroidal Sun.
Spin up a sufficiently large star using a Rroq . It will form a toroidal sun .

2.An Orbit of Toroidal Suns .
Like rings on an elliptical string .
Spin up a sufficiently large , dense gas-cloud using a pulsating Rroq . It will form a number of toroidal suns . By varying and steering the pulses , an orbit of toroidal suns can be formed around the center of gravity . A planet there would have a really interesting sky , not to mention geology .

3.Possible Orbits .
NewScientist in the early 2000's published an article showing some possible orbital configurations . While there was no proof that an infinite number are possible , the about 40 shown had some very fancy shapes . Non-intuitive curliques , loop-crossing , etc . They were not stable , but that is not a concern here .

4.Square , triangular , pyramidal and other simple geometrical Suns .
Fourier transforms can be executed upon stars . A combination of Para(3) above and a single Rroq should make these possible , though your sun might wobble a bit . Not very esthetic .

5.Multiple Rroqs .
Fine control is possible . Hollow square suns , etc become possible . Multiple vacuoles or holes inside stars . Really fancy suns and orbitals of suns .
Any topological form .

6.Controlled , repetitive novae .
A bit like Cepheids .

7.Self-powered Tippler-like machines to move between dimensions , universes and branes .
Hint : paths through topological "holes" will lead to alternate universes or branes (sets of universes)

8. This is about kindergarden level for a post-singularity system .

9. Add habitats
For life-forms from gas-cloud level , biological level , electronic level down to Planck level and sprinkle with suitable seed-lifeforms . This would be about Grade 1 for a post-singularity system .

"Design-a-Sun" kits are available from God@Universum.cosmos

Andre .


Appendix B
A lot of high-level sound and fury , without addressing the basic problem .
Nonlinear optics
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nonlinear optics (NLO) is the branch of optics that describes the behavior of light in nonlinear media, that is, media in which the dielectric polarization P responds nonlinearly to the electric fieldE of the light. This nonlinearity is typically only observed at very high light intensities (values of the electric field comparable to interatomic electric fields, typically 108 V/m) such as those provided by pulsed lasers. Above the Schwinger limit, the vacuum itself is expected to become nonlinear. In nonlinear optics, the superposition principle no longer holds.
Nonlinear optics remained unexplored until the discovery of Second harmonic generation shortly after demonstration of the first laser. (Peter Franken et al. at University of Michigan in 1961)

Appendix C
This is physics speak for “I don’t know why this is happening”
Spontaneous parametric down-conversion
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Spontaneous parametric down-conversion (SPDC. Also referred to as parametric fluorescence or parametric scattering) is an important process in quantum optics, used especially as a source of entangled photon pairs, and of single photons.

Appendix D
A way to concentrate anything , over and over again .
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In geometry, a limaçon or limacon ( /ˈlɪməsɒn/), also known as a limaçon of Pascal, is defined as a roulette formed when a circle rolls around the outside of a circle of equal radius. It can also be defined as the roulette formed when a circle rolls around a circle with half its radius so that the smaller circle is inside the larger circle. Thus, they belong to the family of curves calledcentered trochoids; more specifically, they are epitrochoids. The cardioid is the special case in which the point generating the roulette lies on the rolling circle; the resulting curve has a cusp.
The term derives from the Latin word limax, which means "snail". Depending on the position of the point generating the curve, it may have inner and outer loops (giving the family its name), it may be heart-shaped, or it may be oval.
A limaçon is a bicircular rational plane algebraic curve of degree 4.
Appendix E
Google 3D printing Quartz . a flourishing industry
Synthetic quartz
Most quartz used in microelectronics is produced synthetically. Large, flawless and untwinned crystals are produced in an autoclave via thehydrothermal process. The process involves treating crushed natural quartz with hot aqueous solution of a base such as sodium hydroxide. The hydroxide serves as a "mineralizer", i.e. it helps dissolve the "nutrient" quartz. High temperatures and pressures are required, typically 350-450°C and 1000-1500 atmospheres.[9] The dissolved quartz then recrystallizes at a seed crystal at slightly lower temperatures. Approximately 200 tons of quartz were produced in the US in 2005; large synthesis facilities exist throughout the world. Synthetic quartz is often evaluated on the basis of its Q factor, a measure of its piezoelectric response and an indicator of the purity of the crystal.[10]

High-temperature glass composed of silicon dioxide with no (or only small amounts of) other components is referred to as "quartz glass" or fused quartz, although it is amorphous in structure, rather than crystalline.

Appendix F
Quartz is used in neutrino detection .
We can make it as big as a postage stamp .
LORandite EXperiment (LOREX) plans to measure the time integrated solar neutrino flux of the last few million years via the product of the reaction 205Tl(υe,e−)205Pb in lorandite of the Allchar mine in Macedonia.


Appendix G
A way of sneaking up on smooth curves . In quantum systems (by definition) how discontinuous mathematics can be married to Calculus . Not a happy union .

Spline (mathematics)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In mathematics, a spline is a sufficiently smooth polynomial function that is piecewise-defined, and possesses a high degree of smoothness at the places where the polynomial pieces connect (which are known as knots).[1][2]
In interpolating problems, spline interpolation is often referred to as polynomial interpolation because it yields similar results, even when using low-degree splines, to interpolating with higher degree polynomials while avoiding instability due to Runge's phenomenon. In computer graphics splines are popular curves because of the simplicity of their construction, their ease and accuracy of evaluation, and their capacity to approximate complex shapes through curve fitting and interactive curve design.
The most commonly used splines are cubic spline, i.e., of order 3—in particular, cubic B-spline and cubic Bézier spline. They are common, in particular, in spline interpolation simulating the function of flat splines.
The term spline is derived from a flexible strip of metal commonly used by draftsmen to assist in drawing curved lines.[3]
Appendix H
Infinite Probes 2
Andre Willers
30 April 2008 “Infinite Probes’

From discussing this with various recipients , there seems to be a need for a simpler explanation . I thought I had explained it in the simplest fashion possible . The subject matter is inherently complex .

But , here goes .

How much must you save ?
If you save too little , a random fluctuation can wipe you out .
If you save too much , you lose opportunity costs . If you are in competition , this loss can be enough to lose the competition (ie you die)

Intuitively , you can realize there is an optimum level of saving .

Methods exist of calculating this optimum in very specific instances (ie portfolios of shares ,eg Kelly criteria , or tactics in war eg MiniMax ) .

The General Case
We need to hold a Reserve in case Something goes wrong . But we do not know what thing goes wrong .

Infinite Probes tries to answer the general case . What is really , really surprising is that a answer is possible .

The Infinite bit comes from using the mathematical expansion of the Definition of Eulers Constant e = ( 1 + 1/2! + 1/ 3! + … 1/n! + …)
Where n!= n*(n-1)*(n-2)*(n-3)*…*(1)

This approaches a constant , widely used in mathematics and physics .
(e = 2.718…) .

All we need is a system that can be subdivided indefinitely (to infinity) .

First , we divide by 1
Then 2
Then 3
Then 4

And so forth till infinity .

What is important is not that we do know what these divisions are , only that they are possible . We also do not know which one element goes wrong .

The other critical insight is that it is the relation between elements that is important . (Permutations) (The failure of an element in total isolation cannot affect the whole system by definition .)

We can count the number of relationships where there is failure of one element .
It is n! , where n is number of divisions where only one failure .

Multiple failures are handled by summing :

Our Reserve(R ) is divided by n to infinity and summed .

TotReserve= R*( 1 + 1/2! + 1/ 3! + … 1/n! + …)
TotReserve= R * e

To find the boundaries of our Reserve , we set TotReserve = Cost


R = 1/e * Cost
R ~ 0.37 * Cost

What does this mean?
This method measures the upper boundary of the reserve needed to survive failures in any element of the Cost-Universe . Ie , internal fluctuations .

This is the surprising bit . Any society that keeps at least 37% reserves , can only be destroyed by something outside it’s envelope . It is internally stable , no matter what .

Empires like the Ancient Egyptians , Romans , Chinese are possible , as long as there is no climactic fluctuation , new inventions , diseases ,etc . Rare events . Hence the technological stasis of old civilizations . The two are synonymous .

This is true at any scale (except quantal , by definition.) .

Individuals too . Humans can be seen as empires of noospheres .

The upper boundary does not take any double-counting into account . It is true for any system whatsoever .

A truly remarkable precise result from such general axioms .

The Lower Boundaries .
This is where it gets interesting .
Remember , we are just counting the number of ways in which permutations of one element can fail . We then sum them to get the effect of the failures of other elements

The easiest is the business that just starts and is not selling anything . It fails on n elements on every term . It’s floor capital must then be

This is the initial reserve to get off the ground .
This is true in any ecosystem . This is why it is so difficult to start a new business , or why a new species cannot succeed . Or why waves of pandemics are scarcer .

For the epidemically minded , this 10% difference is responsible for the demise of the Black Death ( smallpox outcompeted bubonic plaque variants for the CR5 access site.Ironically , the reason why we have only a limited HIV plague is the high competition for this site , probably some flu vectors . As one would expect , the incidence of HIV then becomes inversely proportional to connectivity (ie flights) .

A cessation of airplane flights will then lead to a flare-up of diseases like these .
Not exactly what anybody has in mind . )

When we find that we really need the spread of infectious vectors to stay healthy , then we know we have really screwed ourselves .

These are the two main boundaries .
The literature is full of other limits the series can approach . Keep a clear head on what the physical significance is .

I cannot leave the subject without the thing closest to human hearts : appearance .
Fat and fitness .
Sadly , the present fad for leanness is just that . The period of superfluous food is coming to an end .
Rich individuals can afford to be lean because the reserves are in the monetary wealth Women have to bear children individually , so they cannot store the needed reserves externally . Hence their fat storage is close to the theoretical optimum even in Western societies (33%) . In other societies the percentage is about 37-40% .

Human males have been bred (Mk III humans) for muscle and little fat (8% in a superbly fit male) . He does not have reserves to withstand even garrison duty (even little diseases will lay him low .) Note the frequent references to diseases laying whole armies low .

Note what is left out : the camp-followers . They survived The women and babyfat children . Every army seeded the invaded area with women and children .

The bred soldier has to eat a high-carb food frequently : not meat or fat , his body cannot store it . This is the definition of a wheat-eating legionary .

Ho ! Ho! Ho!
The Atkinson diet .
No wonder it does not make sense in evolutionary terms .
Mesomorphic humans have been bred not to transform expensive proteins and fats into bodymass .

The soldier-class were kept on a carbohydrate leash , which could only be supplied by farming .

The Smell of Horses .

Horses exude pheromones that promote body-leanness in humans . This has an obvious advantage to horses . Horses are breeding jockeys .

The time-span is enough : at least 8 000 years . (400 generations)

Because pregnant women cannot ride horses , there was a selection pressure to breed horses who have a pheromone that block female dominance pheromones , especially since females have to weigh more because of fat-reserve considerations .

Outside a farming environment , horses will sculpt their riders as much as the riders are sculpting them .

Small Mongolian ponies , small Mongolians .

This is why alpha-males like horses and horse-dominated societies were able to conquer and keep matriarchies .

Note the effect of the pheromones on women riders . Androgeny .
On males it becomes extreme blockage of oestrogen . It seems like a surge of male hormones , but it is just an imbalance . (If too much male hormones , the men just kill their horses )

This is why the auto-mobile had such a big sociological effect . No horses , so the men became more effeminate .

Want to be Lean and Mean ?
Sniff Horse sweat pheromone .
Perfumiers take note .


The other leg of the human-horse-dog triumvirate .
Dogs accept female pack-leaders and have evolutionary reasons for blocking horse inhibitions of human female pheromones .

While the males are away , the females look after and rely on the dogs .
(The reason why Mongols ride from yurt to yurt: they are too scared of the dogs.)

With dogs around , the male testosterone activity is ameliorated . This is a well known effect , especially if horses are around .

Hence the female love of lap-dogs . They are actually quite ferocious , and exude large amounts of pheromones that soothes the savage male breast .

Your attention is drawn to the Pekinese lapdog , which has had a disproportionately large effect on human history .

If this sounds convoluted , it is because this is exactly how this type of bio-system operates : by inhibitions of inhibitions of inhibitions ,etc .


Appendix II

Orders of Randomness 2
Andre Willers
15 Aug 2008

See : “Orders of Randomness”

I have been requested to expand a little on orders of Randomness and what it means .
Please note that human endeavours at this date use only randomness of the order of flipping a coin ( Beth(0) )

Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet . It was used by Cantor to denote
Classes of Infinity (ie Aleph(0) for Rational numbers , Aleph(1) for Irrational Numbers , etc

Beth is the second letter of the Hebrew Alfabet . It means “House”

I will first repeat the derivation of Orders of Randomness from : “Orders of Randomness” because it is so important .

Start Quote:
First , simple Randomness .
Flip of a coin .
Heads or Tails . 0 or 1
Flip an unbiased coin an infinite number of times ,write it down below each other and do it again .
All possible 0 and 1’s

An example : Beth(0)
Flips(1) 0,1,1,1,1,… etc
Flips(2) 0,1,1,1,0,… etc
Flips(infinity) 0,0,0,0,0,0,…etc

This describes all possible states in a delineated binary universe .
“delineated binary” means a two sided coin which cannot land on it’s side .

Now draw a diagonal line from the top left of Flips(1) to Flips(infinity) .
At every intersection of this diagonal line with a horizontal line , change the value .
The Diagonal Line of (0,1)’s is then not in the collection of all possible random
Horizontal coin-Flips(x) .

This means the Diagonal Line is of a stronger order of randomness .
This is also the standard proof of an Irrational Number .

This is the standard proof of aleph numbers .
Irrational numbers ,etc
Since any number can be written in binary (0,1) , we can infer that the order of randomness is the same as aleph numbers .

This means we can use number theory in Randomness systems .
Very important .

Google Cantor (or Kantor)

Define coin-flip Randomness as Beth(0) , analogous to Aleph(0)
Then we have at least Beth(1) , randomness an order stronger than flipping a coin .
Then we can theorize Beth(Omega) <->Aleph(Omega) .

End Quote

Cardinal Numbers .

The cardinal number is the index x of Aleph(x) .
Cantor proved that
Aleph(n+1) = 2 ^ Aleph( n )

Where n is the cardinal number of the infinity .

Tying them together :
He also proved that
P(A) = 2^ n
Where A is any set , P(A) is the PowerSet of A and n is the cardinal number of set A
Thus , Cardinal Number of P(A) =(n+1)

The PowerSet of A = the Set of all subsets of A .
This sounds fancy , but it is simply all the different ways you can combine the elements of set A . All the ways you can chop up A .
You can see it easily in a finite binomial expansion (1+1)^n = P(A) = 2^n

See : “Infinite Probes”
There we also chop and dice , using infinite series .

Can you see how it all ties together ?

Why 2 ?

This derives from the Delineation Axiom . Remember , we can only talk about something if it is distinct and identifiable from something else . This gives a minimum of 2 states : part or non-part .

That is why the Zeta-function below is described on a 2-dimensional plane , or pesky problems like Primes always boil down to 2 dimensions of some sort .

This is why the irrational numbers play such an important part in physics .
Z=a+ib describes a 2-dimensional plane useful for delineated systems without feedback systems

Its in the axiom of Delineation , dummy .

But we know that Russell proved that A+~A Beth(y) . The formal proof is a bit long for inclusion here .

The easiest way to see it is in Bayesian systems . If Beth(x) systems are included , Bayesian systems become orders of magnitude more effective .

Life , civilization and markets are such . See below .

Conservation Laws :
By definition , these can always be written in a form of
SomeExpression = 0

Random (Beth(0) Walk in Euclidean 2-dimensions

This is a powerful unifying principle derived from the Delineation Axiom .

In Random Walk the Distance from the Center is = d * (n)^0.5 . This is a property of Euclidean systems .
(Where d = step , n=number of random beth(0) steps)

Immediately we can say that the only hope of the Walker returning to the center after an infinity of Beth(0) steps is if d ~ 1/(n)^0.5 . This is the Riemann Hypothesis .

Now , see a Universum of 2-dimensional descriptors z=a+ib

Sum all of them . Add together all the possible things that can be thus described .

This can be done as follows :
From z=a+ib Raise both sides to the e
e^(z) = e^(a) . e^i(b)
Raise both sides to the ln(j) power where j is real integers.
j^(z) = j^(a) . e^(b/ln(j))

Now , sum them :
Zeta=Sum of j^(z) for j=1 to infinity

Now we extract all possible statements that embody some Conservation Law . Beth(1)

This means that Zeta is zero for the set of extracted statements if and only if (b/ln(j)) is of the order of Beth(0) and a=(-1/2)

Tensors .
The above is a definition of a tensor for a discontinous function .

Riemann’s Zeta function.
This can describe any delineated system .
If Zeta = 0 , conservation laws apply .

Zeta = Sigma(1/j )^z for j=1,2,3,…,infinity and z=a+ib , where z is complex and i =(-1)^0.5
The z bit is in two dimensions as discussed above .

This function has a deep underlying meaning for infinite systems .
If you unpack the Right-Hand side on a x-yi plane you get a graph that looks like a random walk .

If every point is visited that a random walk would visit over infinity (ie all) , without clumping , then Zeta can only be non-trivially zero if a=(-1/2) .

Why (x – yi) plane ? See “Why 2 “ above . The system is fractal . Two dimensions are necessary in any delineated system .

Remember , randomwalk distance from origin = step*sqrt(number of steps) .
So if the steps = 1/ ( sqrt(number of steps) ) , then the Origin might be reached if and only if a= -1/2
This is easily proven .

If a= - 1/2 , then b can be any real function . This would include Beth(0) and Beth(1) , but not higher orders of beth .

If a= -1/2 and b is an unreal number , then a cannot be equal to -1/2 anymore . Conservation cannot hold at any level .

Conservation Laws can only hold for Beth(0) and Beth(1) systems .

This is forced by the two dimensions of delineation .

Mathematically , this means that Beth(2+) systems of feedbacks can only be described in terms of attractors or/and fractal systems (ie not in isolation)

Physically , conservation of energy and momentum need not hold for Beth(2+) systems .

This has an interesting corollary in decryption (unpacking) . A Beth(2) mind unpacking Beth(0) or Beth(1) encryption is functionally equivalent to Non-Conservation of Energy .

Some other consequences :
If a< -½ , then Riemannian Orbitals are described . Beth(any) Also described as nuclei , atoms . If a> -½ , then a diffuse cloud is described . Beth(any)
Also described as magnetic effects .

What does this mean?
Present technology uses Beth(x) technology in a rather haphazard way .(Quantum physics) .

A better understanding will bring about a sudden change in capability .


Appendix Alpha
Phene Systems.
Andre Willers
5 Nov 2009

Synopsis :
Cellular-wall control systems(phenes) of epigenetic and virus systems are becoming known and described .

Discussion :
See NewScientist 8 Aug 2009 p 41 "Kills all known germs" by B Holmes .
Relevant research by Philip Thorpe at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas .

See also "Coffee Foam" 2 Aug 2009 and later .

The argument is simple : self-replicating structures started on the walls of bubbles (probably clay : Gecko life) . These developed into the present day epigenetic control structures of processes inside the bubbles (ie cells) .
Viruses are messengers/controls both for intra-cellular and extra-cellular use .
Which is why they are usually wrapped in variants of the cell-wall .

Phosphatidylserine :
From the NewScientist article , this is a molecule mostly found sticking out of the inner lining of the cell-wall . Virus budding entails that this molecule is then found in particular patterns sticking out of the outside the outer cell-wall .

We expect such a mechanism if the cell-wall harbours the meta-controls (ie epigenetics) of the cell and some multicellular activity (ie virus messenger generation).

Humans have created antibodies that inactivate or target-for-destruction the bits of the Phosphatidylserine molecule sticking out of the cell-wall .

This will break the feedback-cycle of a large range of harmful viruses (apparently including HIV , Flu's , some cancers) .
Bavituximab ( a name only a Pharma could love) does exactly this . Expect to see a lot of it .

The question is :
Why are these antibodies not part of the body's normal immune system ?
The virus system is also used for information carrying .

Suppressing the virus system completely will destroy a multicellular organism , and make it revert to a collection of individual cells , even down to elemental chemicals if done properly . (Cf Ebola , SuperEbola , etc)

This can be bypassed by shining intense , quantum-entangled infra-red light through the mess (see previous posts) .

The normal system has to play a delicate balancing act between destruction from bad viruses and good,communication viruses .

If the baddies get too big an influence , intervention might be required . This is the duty of the epigenetic system . Why is it falling down on the job ?

The Dendritic Immune sytem
This is the connection between the synapse-type learning systems and the phene-system in the cell walls .

The dendritic immune system's effectiveness is magnified by at least 3 orders of magnitude by a continuous sharp pressure-differential . The search space is drastically reduced by stochastic resonance . (The proof is either immediately obvious or very long).

Hence modern music and it's prevalence .

Your chances of survival is about 10^3 better if you listen to some semi-random rock.
Hence iPod and others . This is a real effect .

But we can do better than that by internal Click programming .
You know : Clicking the tongue , beak , teeth , exoskelet .

There is no animal with synapses or an immune system that makes no clicks at some stage .
This is actually quite amazing .

We would then expect plants to be noisy . And they are , on very low frequencies . This is how desert elephants survive : they hear the bulbous plants growing by the low-frequency pulses sensed through their feet . A patch of bulbs would have a signature low-frequency pulse observable from a long way off . (The bulbs would evolve-learn to spurt growth at the same time . This would lessen the chance of detection and eating by close-by herbivores not as smart as elephants)

Click-talking plants .
Better than just talking to them . But try some castanets . Tap-dancing will work too , but the neighbours will think you're really crazy tap-dancing to the plants . Tojours .

Grinding your teeth .
A common complaint , usually explained away as stress . Actually , your teeth are trying to click together . A part of the body's housekeeping routine . Programming the gums and intestinal tract .

Just for the hell of it , click your teeth together 5 times together with 5 double-tongue clicks interspersed as you feel . Count them . You will feel an immediate stress-relief feeling . Blood pressure will drop . Be careful if medication to lower blood pressure is taken .

I just thought of the above , and tried it .
The teeth (molars mostly) must click against each other . You will notice there is a damage-control protocol hardwired in . The teeth will click , but not hard enough to cause damage . This already tells us that this is an old system .

The natural tendency will be for a double-teeth click , followed by a double tongue-click with the mouth open . The process then repeats , varying the teeth , tongue and mouth open/closed .

Be careful of hypotension of the cardiovascular system . The stress relief is very pronounced . Especially around the neck and upper shoulder muscles .

Teeth-grinding should cease .

But why ?
I did not expect this . But the effect is so pronounced that I cannot ignore it .
The neck and shoulder muscles do not relax through an effort of will or exercise . They just relax . (Sort of melt) .

Maybe a double bite-bite on empty air signals the end of an aggressive episode , and for expensive fight-or-flight mechanisms to stand down .

This would make this fairly deep-wired , certainly deeper than psychological stress .

Phene effects .
The stand-down is an immediate stand-down , regardless of the number previous stress-generating events . This must be true , since this is the epigenetic programming system . There is no other memory system .

Phene programming of immune-systems , bone-growth , digestion , neural growth etc ,are immediately affected . Genes are switched from crisis to maintenance . Using the carbohydrate-energy mechanism is a short-term crisis mechanism .

Standing down the mechanism should ameliorate conditions like Diabetes II .

Or getting fat .

Want to get thin ?
The algorithm :
Double-teeth click , followed by a double tongue-click with the mouth open . The process then repeats , varying the teeth , tongue and mouth open/closed .
Repeat at least ten times a month .
That’s it .

Can it be this simple?
Yes .

Why has nobody thought of it before ?
As far as I am aware , nobody in our recorded history has thought that the click of teeth together can have physiological effects . Prehistoric societies were probably aware of the effect .

Yet it does , as you can find out for yourself .
The same for the simplicity . Simple causes has wide effects , because they are so basic . You must look at the whole argument .

In any case , there is hardly any risk .
I am doing it . Tojours!

Hasta la vista !
Coming or going .

Andre .

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