Monday, September 22, 2008

Social-Capitalism and Farming Hurricanes.

Social-Capitalism and Farming Hurricanes.
Andre Willers
22 Sept 2008

Desirable features of a hurricane .
1. Lots of fresh water .
2. Lots of power .
3. Mobility .
4. Insurance (Damage prevention)
5. Global heat pump.
6. Fertilizes shallow seas .

A hurricane is simply a large , open-air Stirling engine .

Heat+water ->water vapour(low pressure steam)
->Condensation ->
( rain +wind + lightning ) = fresh water and power

The engineering is known (if necessarily robust) .

Steering a hurricane is already possible using present computers and ground-based hardware .

With space-based hardware like solar-powered microwave emitters or hyperbolic orbit shades utilizing lunar mass-drivers using lunar dust as reflectors it will be easier.

The advantage of hurricane mobility becomes obvious : we do not need expensive pumps , pipes and irrigation . Just steer the hurricane after we have milked it of its energy to reduction of a tropical rainstorm .

With a moderate expenditure of capital , knowledge and co-operation , a semi-open sea like the Mexico-Caribbean can generate more power and fresh water than the surrounding populace can use for at least two hundred years (and renawable , too).
(See Stationary Hurricanes below).

The kicker is the insurance (prevention of hurricane damage : soak Swiss Re) , and Carbon Credits . Stirring up the Carribbean sea bottom will dramatically increase sea-life , hence carbon sequestration . Sea food production will explode .

Stationary Hurricanes and a new breed of Cowboy .
Once we can steer hurricanes , we can keep them in one spot .
Exactly like a cow .
Ownership of sea-meadow and a tethered hurricane is extremely profitable .
All the continental shelves will become profit centers far outstripping the present oil-fields . The factors are 100 to 1000 times more profitable . (Based on insolation : watts per square meter) .

Social - Capitalism
The self-destruction of unregulated Reagan Capitalism (see previous posts) , culminating in fall of Lehman Bros and the slightly previous fall of Communism has left the theoretical groundwork of capitalism-socialism at a bit of impasse .

There is so much money nobody really knows what to do with it .
This is a major problem in South Africa , where social spending is around 30% of budget .

Neither the Capitalist or Socialist systems alone can soak up the surplus .
There is enough surplus wealth for a synthesis .

Exercise for the reader : If (A plus non-A) < Universum , calculate the minimum values necessary for a synthesis , where the values obey conservation laws according to Beth(0) . Dollars are allowed , but joules are easier , since they are, after all , a girl’s best friend .

This enables blue-sky capitalism in its essence : utilizing concentrations of capital built up from many sources to do really necessary things for long-term survival , but not disdaining profits either ,and streaming profits from the future to the present .

The way to tie long-term and short term profits together :
Large scale capital projects with large profits but with wide social benefits .
This can be done by properly regulated futures . A very powerful tool to identify and exploit the maximal gradients of profit generation .

Sell Futures in Blue sky projects (like Hurricane farming , carbon farming , etc)
Universities used to be like this .

And so it goes .
Hopefully better than last time .


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