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Bubble Management

Bubble Management
Andre Willers
3 Oct 2008

We try to find a general algorithm for bubbles .

Delineation .
We know that defining something as delineated enables us to use the fact that the number of permutations of n elements = n!
This enables us to say that e = 1 + 1/1! + 1/2! + 1/3! + …
This enables a number of powerful statements about reserves , etc . See previous posts
Http:// “Infinite Probe” etc
Note that e is not a rational or irrational number . It is an aleph(2) number , and thus can describe beth(2) systems .

Undelineated fuzzies.
I use the term “fuzzies” because
English does not have a term for undelineated existences .
We use this as a term for unknown laws and genuine fuzzies . They are synonymous at any point of ignorance .
This is provable from the proof that (A + Non-A < Universum ) . See previous discussions . (Russell , et al)

How do we handle fuzzies mathematically ?
Well , we know we need at least two dimensions . But we cannot know the exact value of the second dimension , since it probably has no single value . But we can assign values.

Imaginary Numbers are assigned using the i=Square root of (-1) as a designator . This is aptly named . It denotes the collapse of an infinite number of dimensions into one value . This value may take ranges of values .

The usual interpretation is a single value at right angles to the real number subset , but this is but a subset of possible values .

The result is Complex numbers (z=a+ib) . These are fundamentally different from normal numbers , since they take fuzzies into account (depending on the interpretation)

Tying them together
We can take the definition of e and say

e^(f(j) = sigma ( f(j) / j!) , j=0 to infinity . f(j) need not be continous .

For instance , f(j) can be zero for every second term of j , etc .

F(j) can also be a complex number .

Then we can say

= sigma( j^a . j^(ib) )

Interpretation : every term of j jitters around at random . Remember (ib) means fuzzy . This is simply the definition of a random walk , and we know the solution to that .
S=n^(0.5) . It is trivial to show that if every step j decreases by the square root of j , then the sum of such steps to infinity does not go to infinity . They can go to zero , or take up orbitals .

Thus S can only be 0 if a=(-0.5) .

This is the Riemann Theorem .

But S (also called the Zeta function) treats clumps of infinite sequences (like e ) as units .

But an inverse square value to fuzzy measurements show the fundamental difference between beth(0) and beth(1) systems .

Another way of seeing it , is that our physical laws measurements that involves inverse squares measures our ignorance pretty accurately .

Furthermore , we can say that every value in any possible bubble of e can be found in the Zeta function. This is why it is used widely in cryptographics .

What about Beth ?
Can you see that orders of Randomness are built into the uncertainty of the
i-dimension ? . Matter can be seen as beth(2) bubbles .

Therefore , bubble management also means matter management . Whether you do it by hand or by more direct physical means does not matter .

Beth(2+) Systems
Now we get to real bubble management .
There can be no internally stable bubble(x) management if the management is of order (x) .
A static hierarchy would result if not for the fact that ( A + Non-A < Universum ).
What does happen is a pulse-system . Also called life-death . Transition states .

It is a dynamic system . Bubble(x+1) manages bubble(x) states . Your attention is drawn to the definition of human minds in
Http:// “Artificial intelligence”

Smith(“The wealth of nations”) , Marx (“Das Kapital”) etc still manages the bubbles .
But with interpretations .

Physical immortality is immaterial as long as the memory is a traveling wave , dropping things off at the back end . Real immortality means an external database immune to time , as well as interface systems . This is a beth(3)system .

Can you see the relevance to present information storage systems?

Even a nuclear war with EMP weapons will only be a hiccup to systems like the US . They have hardened disaster recovery sites storing everything . Systemic interruptions are catered for . Notice the shorter and shorter recovery times after each market downturn .

The system is heading into a singularity .

The timeline for this is about 2030 . Twenty years away . Do you know what this means ?

The momentum is about unstoppable . It is too late to think that internal dichotomies can tear the system apart . Nothing I can think of (except planetary sterilization) will stop this process .

This is the pulse process I was describing above . The last pulse before the Singularity.

Social-Capitalism will be the governing system as they go into the Singularity .

Can it be otherwise ?
Purely capitalist or socialist systems would not be able to amass the wealth or connectivity for a Singularity .

Green Social Capitalism is not too bad a way to manage the transfiguration of the human race.

They will even let die-hards survive .
Restocking the planet is a given .

The ultimate bubble management .

Buying from Universes-R-Us would have saved a lot of bother .

Have fun


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