Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's stupid at the top

It’s stupid at the top.
Andre Willers
8 Oct 2008

Why do the top bosses seem so stupid ?
(This has been demonstrated over and over again in history and the present .)

The answer is that they become stupider as they move up the ladder .

The argument :
Humans are the artificial intelligences created by information flows via language , text and computers .
See “Artificial Intelligence”

But hierarchical systems , by definition , limit information flows .

The inference is inescapable : the closer an individual gets to the top of a hierarchical system , the smaller the information flow and the stupider the individual gets .
(“The Big Picture ! “ Instant stupidity .)

It is stupid at the top .

The present financial crisis :
It is much more than finances .
The entire hierarchical way of doing things is about to get trashed .
The system has been proved to be insufficient for a highly-connected society .

Stupid top-dog CEO’s dictating the course of highly complex endeavours have led to a massive realignment ( crash in old terms .)
The present credit freeze(as at 19h20 , Oct 8 2008) is caused by directors and boards too scared to lend money even to no-risk clients . Their technical subordinates know exactly the degrees of risk , but they are ignored by the stupid top hierarchs who do not know what is going on and understand less .
This will lead to

Social-Capitalism .
1. Social – flat hierarchies , to limit the stupidity effect and enhance human caring .
2. Capitalism – to utilize greed .
3. Futures – use the technology to stitch short and long term interests together .

Futures .
The critical new technology .
This started with Napier’s tables of logarithms . This made calculation of exponential interest viable on a mass scale . The insurance industry followed .

The Black-Scholes equations enabled the use of options in a beth(0) environment .
Beth(x) calculations will enable random risk calculations down to the genome and sub-atomic particle level .

What about Free-Will ?

If you understand (A+nonA is less than Universum) , the problem is too little stability and too much free will .

An interesting exercise for the reader :
Calculate the optimum free-will as a function of beth(n) ,
(a) For the dominant society .
(b) For all connected sapients .

Human Laziness .
Humans have gotten awfully lazy and hubristic by doing the same things over and over again and fondly imagining it as progress .

Try to answer the exercise above and you will see the levels of your ignorance and understanding .

God expects every sapient to do better .


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