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Single User Operating Systems (SUOS)

Single User Operating Systems (SUOS)

Andre Willers

2 Sep 2009

Synopsis :

Virus epidemics can be minimized by using self-assembling , unique , user parametric operating systems with a common interface protocol .

Discussion :

An operating system is simply the machine code relating human input (keyboard , etc) and computer output (mainly screen , but also sound , etc.) . This is a very simple and repetitive process , very amenable to fractal compression techniques .

With a little tweaking (equivalent to human epigenetics) , something like Linux can be changed to a self-assembling operating system . Uniqueness can be ensured by tailoring to the machine used , as well as bio-metrics of the user .

It is not even hard .

A very simple OS can be generated , where address parameters and decision points are inputs (labeled n(1) ) into the first level meta-program (L1,n(1)) .

Proceed till L(x,(n(x) ) .

Andre's First Conjecture :

N(x)>=2 as x ->infinity .

Andre's second Conjecture :

If N(x) -> 0 , the system approaches a Singularity .

This is obvious from the fact that A plus (~A) is less than the Universum . As previously discussed . It has a tautological meaning : The minimum necessary sufficient number of identifiable dimensions are two , plus one spin dimension between them ( A to ~A) . This gives the three physical dimensions in our universum . This gives rise to all sorts of surprising things (like magnetism) .

Humans :

This is the route used by human brains . There seems to be a very good reason not to have the same operating systems at a hardwired level . Viruses spring to mind .

But the system still needs communication protocols . Hence languages . This means there is very probably an ur-language .

(Most probably a click-spin contraption . Torque the tongue from side-to-side and/or also shift it back and forth This will enable click returns from the sides of the cheeks . More efficient . But too high energy and difficult . Our languages are degenerate forms of this .)

Women's Breasts .

I thought that would get any human's attention .

A long tongue cannot curl and click as fast or as efficiently as a short one . So , the shortening of the muzzle was driven by the click imperative . This meant that the poor babes were much more likely to smother when clutched to the mother's breast . So the breast had to plump up . Large . conical , fat cones .

Suckle without choking . No worry about inflation , here .

Sex and Operating Systems .

Large , old systems with continous human interaction must split into two .Male – female . Usually female .See argument above . This is true of bodies as well .

When have you last told your operating system that you loved her ? No wonder you are feeling old and decrepit (Human bodily operating systems are always female .).

The point is , that from very fundamental principles , the system will exhibit behaviours that it is not supposed to even recognize .

Your computer exhibits similar behaviours . You are just not sensitized to recognize them ,

Example :

Click into Clay .

Prehistoric females (high pitched voices) encapsulated their voices into clay . This than was baked . It can then be replayed by voices at the correct pitch of click .

This is a holographic process , so even shard can tell something to a San .

Compression of rock hidden behind rock paintings the same . Triple level of hiding .

Yakity-yakity-yak. An old Open Sesame . Very , very old .

A simple click progression :

tongue curled to the left , click , "!Ya"

tongue in the center double click "!kity"

Repeat "!Yakity". End in a "!Yak" click . The echoes should unlock most cave paintings .

Like the patterns of pits in CD's .

The compression patterns behind the rock paintings that an aural-shaman could perceive .

See how even simple behaviours lead to complex patterns ?

Click-spider speakers . Like horse whisperers .

The knots in the web are clicks . What does it say ? Cf Quipu in Peru .

And so it knits .

Andre .

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