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Sessile Women .

Sessile Women .

Andre Willers

5 Dec 2009

Synopsis :

Increasing head-sizes in babies is leading to a post-pubertal human female population unable to walk .

Discussion :

This is already happening . Compare pre-pubertal female running ability with post-pubertal locomotive capability . The growing bones in the pubic area is shifting the load-bearing pivots of the leg-joints so far apart that walking is becoming a pain .

Tractor-thighs and big behinds sneak into the gaps left by the expanding bone-structures .

Males find the wiggle attractive , since it signifies a wide enough opening for easy child-birth and higher child-survival rates . Ditto for surplus-storage .

The male sexual response is split between pre-pubertal or in-between forms and adult forms . One for fun and the other for children . Does this sound familiar ?

Extrapolate this further .

Females differentiate into three types :

1.Pre-pubertal motile form .

2.In-between . It takes time for the bones to widen . Semi-sessile . Or semi-motile , as you prefer . Presently about 6 years , but later probably about 10-12 years .

3.Adult female , sessile form . She cannot walk .The sessile form .

The social and psychological adaptations are fascinating . I use "are" deliberately , since these are already happening .

Civilization .

The teensy-weensy problem is that this sessility is only possible in a civilized society , where movement is not essential to survival . Sessile or semi-sessile women then have a vested interest in civilization (the status quo) . Since these are the mothers and grandmothers you can see why civilization and technology is so enduring.

Most technology is sessile . Metallurgy , bowayering , agriculture etc.

Cities .Writing .

Elderly human females running for their lives is not conducive to civilization .

Get married and settle down . With a vengeance .

Andre .

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