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Campo Flegrei Supervolcano.

Campo Flegrei Supervolcano.

Andre willers

2 Dec 2009

Synopsis :

An eruption is likely , especially given ill-advised human intervention .


Back we are with the Northern-Anatolian fault , and the 2004 9-Richter event ,

The super-volcano at Campo Flegrei can be described as a three-dimensional series of magma bubbles above a plume . The plume can be described as a resonant system around 30 degrees longitude .

See "Earthquakes and Volcanoes"

Note that Naples is exactly 90 degrees longitude from Southern Sumatra .

Naples is nearly exactly 15 degrees longitude from Istanbul .

The super-volcano at Campo Flegrei (near Naples)

This last erupted circa 39 000 YA . One of the factors that led to the isolation and eventual extinction of the Neanderthals . See "Death of the Neanderthals"

See NewScientist 7 Nov 2009 p18 " Piercing the heart of a fiery colossus"

Starting in Jan 2010 they will be drilling short , weakening holes in the pressure-containment vessels . But the squeezing effect of plate-movements caused by the really massive Sumatra-quakes in 2004 are still working through . Furthermore , the Nothern-Anatolian fault and the super-volcano at Campo Flegrei are linked . If one goes , the other one will go as well .

Think "Squeezing a pimple" . The plates are squeezing the magma-pockets . Any weakening of the pressure-containment will have major positive-feedback effects .

A really dumb idea , especially taking in consideration other deep-drilling experiments that had to be halted because experienced energy releases that exceeded predicted parameters . (Spin for "They did not know what they were doing , and it blew up .")

What to do ?

Most of the planetary and ecological damage is done by high-pressure spurts from the magma-chambers . Ripping them open with nuclear explosives to allow a magma flow instead of a spurt will save most of Europe . This need not be catastrophic .

Line-patterns of multiple 5 kiloton explosions should be sufficient for a small supervolcano like Campo Flegrei . Could even be done with TNT .

See Naples and die .


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