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Sign Language and Mental Stability.

Sign Language and Mental Stability.

Andre Willers

9 Dec 2009


Sign language by-passes the amygdala because of muscle memory . Traumatic memories are not triggered . This happens at synapse level . Feedback from sign-level mentation bypasses and even moderates amygdala responses.

Discussion :

Amygdala memories can be edited via processes like Propranolol + good therapist .

But they can be simply bypassed .

Internal mental dialogue between mirror-neuron networks normally include the amygdala , and give rise to PTSD responses . A totally unrelated language like sign-language or Click bypasses the amygdala and can actually be used to reprogram some amygdala memories .

This means greatly enhanced stability, as the system learns to use systems not involving the amygdala .

Why ?

The amygdala has a ferocious memory system evolved to trigger on even one repeat of a previous traumatic episode . Note auto-immune responses , which fall in the same class .

(Hint : treat auto-immune with propanolol and edit immune system via amygdala )

In typical synaptic fashion it is of the nature

IF x(1),x(2),x(3),…,x(n) THEN Response . Every time .

The Response feedbacks into the amygdala , initiating the well-known stress-responses .

Such a system is difficult to retrain .(To put it mildly)

There are hardwired trapdoor functions which seem to have no reverses (except propanolol and it’s like)

Bypassing it is easier , then modify Response .

The system will then modify eventual response , but not amygdala memory .

Bypassing the Amygdala:

Muscle-memory is classified as part of Response . If it was a part of the Input in amygdala memory structures intolerable feedback-loops would lead to uncontrollable spasms (some diseases) .

Sign-language (body language)

This is then independent of the amygdala .

This is partially independent , because any initial trauma has first to be translated into Click , then passed through amygdala TraumaCentral .

Few natural sounds are Clicks .

Differentiation is an essential requirement for a signal .

This also bypasses the amygdala , but extreme caution is advised .

Keep your fat fingers out of the gears unless you really know what you are doing .

The mental stability bit :

You can see where that comes from . Having a feedback loop not involving the amygdala damps down the uncontrolled feedback loops from the amygdala . It would be interesting to see the stats on psychotics in sign-language populations . My guess is that it will be very low .


Music is like Click . It normally bypasses the amygdala , but can be written to initiate partial feedback loops .

Hence compulsive bestselling tunes , the Suicide Walz , Wagner , etc.

Used by humans in the twentieth and twentyfirst centuries as counter-propaganda mechanisms . For every ad there are twenty ipods .

A mechanism for mental stability .

Dancing and Muscle Memory , mit music and all .

See previous posts on fingertapping and fundamental local computing networks for rapid muscle reaction .

Singing .

Does this bypass the amygdala ?

No . But you can load any number of extras on to have a partial stimulation and moderate via dancing or sign-language .

Note that musical instruments and singing techniques were the only elements that were never lost over the ages . Civilizations may come and go , but the musicians and singers remain .


The amygdala mechanism exists to prevent physiological lying . The lockout-mechanism prevents extreme events except if warranted . By bypassing them , we sign mother natures little warranty . You have been warned .

Summary :

If you want a second handle on life , learn sign language and take up dancing

I could have danced all night .

Andre .

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