Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tornadoes and V1 .

Tornadoes and V1 .
Andre Willers
16 Mar 2010

A tornado is a vertical pulse jet , like the WWII V1

Discussion :
This is a freebie .
Ever wonder why the V1 motor was mounted on those ridiculous struts?
Because the jet engine generated an enormous torque around the motor . This could only be offset by mounting it off the airfoil controls . See original V1 test-flight data .

But why ?
Examine the V1 design : a valve regulating air intake and chamber explosions , combined with a venturi exhaust .
The valve has to be partly open during most of the intake . This introduces a sideways component to the momentum of the molecules . (a swirl) .
Partly due to gravitational effects and earth-rotational effects , which get amplified .

The added energy of the ignition of the fuel adds to the momentum in all directions . The swirl gets amplified .
The most energetic molecules get to the walls of the reaction chamber first and imparts a torque in abreaction to the bounce . This gets squeezed down in the venture nozzle .

The result is that any pulse-jet engine has a really big torque . A bit counter-intuitive .

The valves and fuel of tornado's are the same : the phase change of water vapour into liquid and water liquid into ice , each releasing a lot of energy , equivalent to the fuel pulses of the V1 . The physical obstruction of water droplets and ice particles act as valves .

The vertical has lots of valves and energy pulses .

The torque translates into the well-known tornado vortex once the contraption gets going .

The exhaust has to go somewhere . It falls down the trailing side of the storm , in pulses . Also called pulsing rear flank downdraft .
See NewScientist 27 Feb 2010 " Storm Chaser" , p40 .

There is not an easy intervention on the energy front , but the system is extraordinarily sensitive on the valve front . Anything making bigger raindrops or bigger haildrops will scale down the tornado effect in a non-linear way .

Hence the use of supersonic shockwaves by Mach 1+ aircraft to sculpt tornado's and hurricanes .

Though barrage of supersonic artillery projectiles fired with a trajectory in the same direction of rotation outside the storm could be used to steer it .

A freebie from Big Windy .

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