Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Mucal Acoustics.

Mucal Acoustics
Andre Willers
3 Mar 2010

The Lung Flute .
A really elegant solution to Obstructive Pulmonary phlegm .
A special flute vibrating at 16 Hz dissolves phlegm to be removed by cilia or easy coughing .
Useful for flu , colds , emphysema or chronic bronchitis .

PopularScience Dec 2009 p32 "The pied piper of mucus" by the inventor Sandy Hawkins .

Cost US$40 .
In use in Japan , Europe , Canada . US FDA approval pending (or already done)
Time needed : time for 20 puffs of air.

Any body who has seen any family member die of emphysema will want one . (Emphysema has inheritable components) .

But it will work just as well for ordinary colds and flu's , instead of expectorants , and cost less . Hypertension patients note .

Expansion :
The principle can be easily expanded into a bio-feedback device that diagnosis and treats at the same time by blowing into the Flute .
Any level of Lab-on-a-chip and electronic diagnostics can be loaded as per price .

Smokers .
Slightly varying resonant frequencies should be able to break up phlegm caused by smoking or pollutant particles (eg diesel) .

Pan and his pipes are usually assiociated with drinking . It seems somehow fitting that smoking should be included .
Really large market .

In heavily polluted areas , it would be more profitable to play the Lung Flute and hydrate heavily than wear ineffective masks .

Sigh .
A sign of the times , when the Lung Flute makes it into the top twenty .

Hats off to Sandy Hawkins .
A really , really elegant solution .

I wish I had thought of it .


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