Monday, August 30, 2010

Home .

Home .
Andre Willers
30 Aug 2010

For Pax on her birthday .
Home is where the heart is .

The City-Nomad meme conflict has to be resolved before Singularity .

Discussion :

Humans have territorial instincts hardwired in .

In City (plot,village,town) memes : these are standard for holding and handing down actual pieces of ground . Home for the tiller of the ground .

In Nomads , there is no ground . Instead , the genome is substituted .
The women and inheritance become the territory .
Hence the fierce penalties for female adultery in nomad societies like Old Hebrew , Islam . The woman is seen as the guardian of the genome , which translates as the honour of the clan , gens ,tribe , ben , etc .
Adultery is seen in the same way as in a City-meme where the person sells the ancestral home , treacherously opens the gates to the invader , collaborates , etc .
The penalties are about the same .

Hence the problems with honour-crimes , where the two meme-systems clash .

These are not culture systems , but Meme systems . Rooted in deeper mechanisms than mere language or belief .

Essentially , nomads are matriarchal societies , since women control the genome . See previous posts . Regardless of superficial appearances .

Cities and Demi-Nomads :
The success of the city-model necessitates the growth of nomads inside the city-structure . Call them the Demi-Nomads .
Known as gangs , Hells-Angels , Mafia , Triads , etc .
Notice the attempt to fuse family(ie genome) and territory .

But remember that most of the inhabitants of the planet now are demi-nomads . City dwellers that rent accommodation and work for a corporation , with seldom long-range network ties to family . A classical destabilized system , hunting for a stabler platform (ie ready for revolution) . This nearly happened in 2007 (food price explosion)

The planet can easily support about 40 billion humans (at 2010 tech levels) , with even moderately good management . Global warming and various environmental insults are mere hiccups .

The Singularity :
The run-up is now so deep that even normal humans can see it .

The problem is not material resources , but human perceptions in how to distribute it .

And distributed it will be . Pax will help you .


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