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Click and Ears

Click and Ears
Andre Willers
16 Feb 2011

Synopsis :
Ear-lobe formation denoted descent from click-capable nobility , especially in the degenerate phases .

Discussion :
After seeing the adaptation to click in the left earlobe in the "Mask of Agamemnon" , I had a look at Egyptian portraits .

The general pattern :

The sphinx
The sphinx's left earlobe has a distinct double whorl . This cannot be an accident .
How can this have been missed in at least 5 000 years without somebody wondering why ? (Measure it for yourself) .
The mind not only boggles , but also despairs .

Nobility are shown with bare ears . Real nobility with bare left ears , showing some sign of a double whorl (or double earlobe) .
One is reminded of the Cretan double-axe . It looks like it . The ancients were quite capable of such symbolism .And the maze of the Minotaur would be the whorls of the ear .

Commoners have the typical Egyptian hairstyle with the hair covering both ears .

Gods or goddesses are shown with double earlobes on the left side .

Tutankhamun's funerary mask shows distinct differences between the left and right ear . But one of the reasons he was rejected was that he did not have enough of a difference . Also , his funerary mask was not done by click-speaker .

How can we tell ?

Look at the "Mask of Agamemnon" . Sound waves bend around the head . A click-speaker would "see" the sides of the head from the frontal position . Rendering this in visual terms would look like flanges sticking out around the head , including ears . Exactly like the "Mask of Agamemnon" .

This is not seen in Tutankhamun's funerary mask .This was not done by a click speaker . There must have still been some around .But nobody wanted to do it .

Tutankhamun was not seen as noble , not because of his parentage (this did not play a major role) , but because he was not a click-speaker .

Interesting on p197 of "Hidden treasures of antiquity" , it shows a number of party –girls with tantalizing hints of earlobes sticking out from very carefull hairdressings , (teasers) as well as a harpist with the distinct double-earlobe on his right ear !

The harpist is bald (ie a priest) , a real , full-blooded click speaker .(about the time of Thutmosis IV) . It was a funeral , and he was fat and old . The caption describes him as blind , since his eyes are closed while playing . This would have made no difference to a click-speaker . Showing such a high-caste person in the company of good-time girls says a lot about him .
Go for it , whoever you were , are or will be .
I bet he did not worry about life-everlasting .

Note that priests had to shave all head-ear off to make click easier to hear , especially as the gene-structure got diluted . (See ben Cohen)

The mummies of Baharyia Oasis all had markedly double left-earlobes .Probably by training and stimulation . Poor slobs (something like foot-binding in China) .

Not to mention Easter Island and the Americas .

Notice the lack of upward earlobe extension . Humans deformed skulls , noses , and ears in all directions with gay abandon , but upward elongation of the earlobes (ie mimicking a double earlobe) is conspicuous by it's absence .
The rulers would have zapped any such forwardness . And the habit persisted .
We still do not find it today .

I wonder what would happen if somebody did that now ?
I think the old memes are still alive . It would be judged ne-kulturny .
Ideal Goth
The nearest humans got was elf-ears .

And Vulcans , of course .

Logically yours



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