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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Tuberculosis(TB)

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Tuberculosis(TB)
Andre Willers
26 Oct 2011

“Bright star , would I were as steadfast as thou art” John Keats (died of TB)

Synopsis :
This is not medical advice . Consult your doctor .
ADD and TB are linked by a deficit in Vitamin D , with very important threshold effects .
UV blockers , clothing and buildings have cleverly created whole populations of ADD and TB susceptible children . Not to mention other lurking nasties .

Discussion :
Melanin concentration :
The color of the skin .Usually erroneously associated with race . Evolved as a balance at any particular latititude between the VitD production from UV and Folic acid destruction .

This has been unbalanced mainly by Fashion .
Clothes and cosmetics .
Cosmetics are the oldest (cf Blombos caves in South Africa) .
Skin paint would reduce folic acid destruction , leading to higher viable fetus survival .
A literal matter of life-or-death to a small community .
Clothes ditto .

Ironically , clothes then evolved not to keep warm , but as shielding from too great Folic Acid destruction . This enabled the paleolithic Volkewanderung .

The women could match their fertility to the latitude . Remarkable .
The reason for Homo's great colonization success .

Flux :
The essence of the system was flux , as , indeed , it still is today .

Fashion goes too far , disturbing everything , necessitating everybody to run around like like mad to keep up , never mind get ahead .

Isn't Culture wonderful ?

Especially when this happens at genetic and epigenetic level .

What does this mean ?
This post was triggered by the finding that All Coloured TB sufferers in the Western Cape of SA had a deficiency of VitD . They had the correct skin color for the latitude , but too much clothing
This led to ADD. Which led to Gangs and Tik (Methamphetamine) , both concentration enhancers .
What a terrible trap .

Giving them Vit D supplements might help prevent future recruits , but the the present momentum remains .

The same is true for the ADD epidemic in the far northern or southern latitudes where they wear a lot of clothes and live in buildings .

Sports :
I really don't want to do this , but the evidence compels me .
Sporting activity in open sunshine with exposure to UVB is essential to physical and mental development of Homo Sapiens . There are also certain thresholds of UVB that must be exceeded .
If not , VitD below certain thresholds lead to Seasonal Affectional Disorder (SAD) which leads to ADD , which leads to cognitive concentrators like Methamphetamines(Tik , Ritalin) , too much alcohol, too much anything .

Riches , Fashion and Disease :
“Even the peasants wear clothes !”
Sigh . This simply means that their immune system's balance are disturbed . They are are more prone to diseases , unless supplements are given .
The balance is irrevocably disturbed . There can be no going back .But the bad effects can be ameliorated . There will be no New Balance .

But we all knew that when Fashion was invented .

Toujours , mes enfants .

And give a helping hand to the small ones .



Appendix A
TB and Vitamin D .
Google “vitamin d tb” for latest findings .

The crucial point is that a certain threshold of Vitamin D concentration is necessary to trigger innate and learned immune system responses against TB and other nasties .
Thresholds , not just presence .This is why further studies are necessary to determine the critical levels .


Appendix B
Andre Willers
24 Nov 2007
Key Concepts:
MkIII and MkIV humans
Four states are possible:
1.NoAttentionDeficitDisorder and NoHyperActivity
-> MkIII human -> desultory concentration -> lack of long-term application.
2.NoAttentionDeficitDisorder and HyperActivity
-> MkIV human -> obsessive concentration .
3.AttentionDeficitDisorder and NoHyperActivity
-> Learned helplessness -> neural weights are randomized ->apathy
4.AttentionDeficitDisorder and HyperActivity
-> HyperActiveFlea -> hop around ->fads utilized by state 1 and 2 humans .
Problem states:
State 3 is pathological , while State 4 is generally associated with children and juveniles of various ages .
State 4 to State 2.
Note that it is easier to shift State 4 to State 2 . This is one of the major driving forces in the epigenetic explosion of MkIV humans . HyperActivity can be left intact , while AttentionFocussing is conditioned .
The conditioning is social (schools , etc) and chemical (Ritalin , etc) .
A less problematic way would be to increase interest at a neurological level .
CamelType is one such way . (“The humps , the humps in the walls” a-la-HPLovecraft)
Originally evolved as adspeak , it is a way of increasing attention at a basic neurological way by alternating lower and upper cases in a pseudo-random way . This can be done dynamically on-screen , or better , on smart paper .
For example :
I TalK SenSe
i taLK sEnSe
i tAlk seNsE
There are 2^n ways of CamelTyping n letters in a sentence .
If in groups of three , a sense of order is engendered .
A neural-network mind looking at a screen where the upper and lower cases change pseudo-randomly is seduced into trying to deduce the rule .
Even if there is no rule , partial sequences of threes will be used and defended as rules
The neural-network cannot help it  . It HAS to try and find correlations .
This is a well-known mechanism in horse-races , casinos and lotteries .
See also Sudoku , Chess , Go , Bridge , History , Science , etc .
State 3 to State 4.
State 3 is learned helplessness . This is  Extremely difficult to work with , as there is no handle . The line of least energy is to convert State 3 into state 4 (AttentionDeficit stays the same , but induce hyperactivity) , then convert State 4 into State 1 or 2 .
State 4 seems to be a way-station for juveniles and other emotional cripples .
This is a favourite pathway for religious systems or armies .
Note that the most difficult pathway is from State 4 to State 1 . This can be observed in history .
This translates into “The weirdos seem to control all the committees.”
Where does  , Melatonin , Serotonin , VitD fit in ?
VitD (or to be more exact , one and only one metabolic breakdown product (1,25D) is essential to trigger the expression of a large number of genes . Literally thousands of proteins cannot be formed without the intervention of this chemical . It is generally systemic . This means that you need it all the time . Gross shortages lead to things like rickets , but long before that metabolic abnormalities like auto-immune diseases strike , as juvenile immune responses are prolonged . The body cannot mature .
The genes expressing serotonin require VitD (hence Winter Sadness) .
Surface animals like humans have retained the capability of manufacturing VitD in their skins . Subsurface animals like fish (cod) have retained the necessary genes without solar input . Refer Esquimeaux.
The dosages : where the ping hits the plenum .
One healthy bikini clad girl needs about ½ hour of sunlight at median latitudes to get enough VitD (about 10 000 units) . A tbs of cod liver oil will give her about 1 000 units . Wearing clothes just leaving the face exposed is insufficient to generate enough VitD for procreation .
What a beautiful trap .
Humans in the high latitudes either have to migrate once in a lifetime to an latitude where there is enough sunshine (UVB) for enough VitD for essential gene-triggering to ensure fertility , or they had to eat fish products like codliver , caviar , salmon , etc to ensure the maturity of their own cell-cycles .
When neither is possible , human fertility rates fall . As what happened in the last century . What this stirs is ur-volkewanderung . All to be prevented by a VitD supplement .
The turnaround in Russian birthrates can be ascribed to the re-establishing of the Black-Sea holiday resorts .
And so it goes .

Appendix C
AttentionDeficitDisorder 2
Andre Willers
8 Dec 2007
Key Concepts:
AttentionDeficitDisorder (see previous post)
Biologically active sulfur for the skin
Essential Fatty Acids
I hereby give the overview and sources not mentioned in the previous post on AttentionDeficitDisorder .
Vitamin D
An excellent overview given in November 2007 issue of Scientific American “ Cell Defenses : Sunshine Vitamin”
“1,25 diHydroxyvitaminD3 is a direct inducer ofAntimicrobial Peptide Gene Expression”  by Wang et al Journal of Immunology vol 173 p2909-2913,2004
“The Pleiotropic actions of vitaminD” Lin BioEssays Vol26 .p649 March 2004
“Vitamin deficiency” by Holick “New England Journal of Medicine , Vol357,no3,p266-281.july 19,2007.
Biologically active sulphur .
I have discussed this before . It is sufficient to note that animals whose skins we want to use for things like shoes and furs , need additional supplements of sulphur to be usable . (Google “MSM animal feeds”)
This means that humans are also deficient in biologically active sulphur .
Sulphur is essential in the normal deployment of skin organelles .There is a synergistic effect  .
The less sulphur , the less Vit D.
Cheap clothing and urbanization means that most humans only expose a small part of their body for small periods to UVB . A general shortage of sulphur exacerbates the effect , as the skin cannot function optimally .
The net effect is a chronic shortage of Vitamin D .
In Utero effects:
Switching on and off of genes are especially important during gestation . If there is general shortage of 1,25D during this period , the available supplies are switched to the most important systems . (This is a very ancient system) . Certain later genes do not get switched on . This leads to immune problems . Notice the dominant effect of VitD vs Folic Acid .
Can this be rectified?
Yes . During growth spurts . The puberty+ stage is important .
As discussed before , AttentionDeficitDisorder and HyperActivity is not only normal in the spurt of growth in neuromass after puberty , but essential . Every human goes through this stage .
Intervention :
Northern latitude Europeans used to have a cheap source of VitD and Essential Fatty Acids in oily fish . They have destroyed these fish stocks and are now paying the price .
The problem is not only an on-going shortage of 1,25D , but an accumulated shortage of gene switches which did not happen .
Which is why there is an upper limit to VitD dosages . Too much , and the accumulated by-products of long-delayed gene-switch-on’s poisens the organism .
Why do these delays build up ? Because these steps are essential in maturing sperm and ova cells . The corrollary is , of course , that fertility rates in far northern latitudes are very low . This is borne out by evidence (Laps , Mongols , Esquimeaux,etc)
Actual Case study:
A male youth entering puberty with symptoms of chronic VitD deficiency .
Certain gene-sets do not switch on (extended neotony) . This is observed as babylike behaviour: hyperactivity and inability to concentrate for long periods .
Puberty makes this much worse .
Available resources of VitD , Essential fatty acids and Sulphur are stretched to breaking point by development imperatives .
Intervention is simply making these building blocks available.
The dosages :
Sulphur is critical . Cells divide ,especially brain and muscle-cells .
Give a lot of MSM : 10 gm /day
VitD uptake will be enhanced , if sunshine exposure of about ½ hr per day is followed . You will tan rapidly and skin will be smooth .
 If this is not possible , supplementations should be done . But note upper limit .
Essential fatty acids : the building blocks of the brain . Two tablespoons of flaxseedoil and codliveroil a day
If you plan lots of MSM and sunshine , be sure to include antioxidants .Make sure the exposure is logarithmic : a little at the start , then increasing rapidly . You will notice that you tan more rapidly (1/2 hr instead of days) . You are also more sane . (Less unstable)
Pak protector .
A theoretical construct by Larry Niven . Also known as grandmothers .The genetic effect is real .
Surviving Grandmothers are all Pak protectors  to some degree .
Grandmothers like fish (all the ones I know) . Essential fatty acids etc .
Adding megadoses should be interesting .
Pak protectors on the female line are well known and real . But are there male Pak protectors ? We know that it would be an ancient system . The females groom the male into being the Pak protector . The effect is real . The male lives longer and is dominant . But the females are also caught in the same trap .The planet might have only one male Pak protector , and millions of female Pak protectors . Yet the females cannot co-ordinate without a nominal hierarchical head .
Any male can declare himself Pak protector . This has not been done for about 4 000 years . Interesting times indeed .
The Grandmother Party can indeed sweep the planet .
Who , after all , keeps the whole shebang together?
A toast to the Pak Party .

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