Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Superfast athletes

Superfast Athletes -The Chirp Effect .
Andre Willers
25 Oct 2011

“We can do it , because it has been done.”

Synopsis :
The terminal buzz .
Chirp Focus .
A peak of up to 200 contractions and relaxations per second of the bat's sonic muscles vs 40 Hz for hummingbird wings . It has been done with mammalian muscles .

Discussion :
All mammals can sense this crescendo (ie chirp)
The muscle cycles is timed to the sensory system .
The boundaries for sustained activity is not energy supply (this is more than sufficient – see previous posts on mitochondria) , but the removal of wastes , particularly those that govern the fat storage mechanism (ie the garbage system)

This means that a good athlete will be fatter after strenuous exercise .

Let's go batshit .
Guano , to be more precise .
This contains some genes , amino acids , what you will , that breaks down fat cells (ie takes out the garbage) better than anything we have at present . Probably a symbiote in the guano .
Bats need a closed space like a cave to accumulate a sufficient density of the symbiote to generate high enough muscle contractions (200 Hz) to hunt .

Dinosaurs and bats
Finding this x-factor seems difficult , until we remember that dinosaurs could not afford to get tired . A requirement for being large , Inversely , dinosaurs did not get tired . This is a plus in an energy rich environment , but a minus in an energy poor environment

See http://andreswhy.blogspot/com “The Flower , the Dinosaur and Puff” Dec 2008

Bats utilized some genes from the skin ecology of dinosaurs to get these high frequencies .

A Fat cure for Humans
This is trivial . Trawl through the guano and find DNA sequences not common to bats .
Chirp in from there . Craig Venter could do it an afternoon . But the consequences ….

Fungi death of bats , bees , etc
This is trivial . You have been warned against this in previous posts . Disturbance of Gaia's Reserves on non-angiosperm systems have been noted . Mammals, never mind Humans , are an amusing experiment on Gaia's part . If core reserves are touched , swift consequences follow .

Kindly look at planetary biomasses , especially the inversions in the ocean systems .
Humans might think they are the cat's whiskers , but they are actually teetering on the edge of extinction at the present moment .

Never mind .As a mammal you are entitled to get tired of this crap .
Andre .

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