Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Faster than Light

Faster than Light (FTL)
Andre Willers
10 Jul 2012
Synopsis :
Quantal structures underlies a spread of information transfers , of which Relativity is a special case .
Discussion :
I am going to keep this brutally simple :
Let space and time have quanta X and T .
The general definition of speed v=[n(x)*X] / [ n(t)*T] … where n(x) and n(t) are the number of integer quanta of space and time bigger than zero .
The Field Assumption is that a test-particle can be found at every space-point . Then , there must always be a n(x) =1 and n(t) must be >=1 .
This gives a maximum of c=X/T , normally seen as lightspeed , because of the field-definitions of the electro-magnetic fields .

Faster Than Light .
In relativity , this gives rise to problems in causality because the assumption is that the information-transmission speed is then infinite . It is not . But remember , it works both ways .
v=n(x)/n(t)*c .
Things get deliciously complicated as signals wash backwards and forwards , giving rise to a system that can be expressed in terms of mathematical waves .
The Wave-part of particles can then be seen as the net effect of FTL information transmission .

Assymmetry :
As long as things are symmetrical , we have our nice , normal universe . But it is never symmetrical . This is inherent in the quantal nature . FTL structures will tend to be asymmetrical . This can easily be proven by looking at the interference patterns resulting from superposing multiple slit-matter patterns . A cool FTL mass-detector .

FTL Travel :
In our terms , getting a clump of slower-than-light charges to cohere in an asymmetrical direction . There will be an unavoidable uncertainty in the vector , but you certainly will be going somewhere in a hurry .

Branes :
As discussed previously , the quantal system is not very complex , but the overlying crumpled brane structure gives the necessary complexity for sapient mentalities .
I have a sneaking suspicion that the crumpled complexity across the Universes is fairly constant (like the number of lightning storms on a Terra-class planet .)

Sapients reflect the cosmos .
They don’t know where they are going , but gidyup!
Andre .

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