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Arthritis and g-forces.

Arthritis and g-Forces

Andre Willers
26 Sep 2013
Synopsis :
High g’s (~10g)  are hazardous to your health .
Discussion :
1.Life is full of high-g impact events . Typing , sports , sitting down , walking , running , etc

2. Why it matters :
High-g impacts loosens the strands of cytochrome around the histone , causing gene expression out of sequence .
This is seen by the immune system as an enemy and treated accordingly . See Appendix B .
3.The impact event can be translated into heat , and the related relaxation of cytochrome can be calculated exactly . Hence the sequence of DNA expression after that . And the immune system response if it is out of sequence .

3. Sitting down g’s
About 8 g. (Google it) (Without cushions except your fat behind)
Tolerance to g from below : 15g (See Appendix A)
A narrow window .
If you type while in the process of sitting down , you will get Repetitive Stress Injury .
And it is non-linear .
4.Heat shock training .
Heat shock proteins.
These can be trained to lessen arthritis .
Heat shock proteins (HSP) are a group of proteins induced by heat shock, the most prominent members of this group are a class of functionally related proteins involved in the folding and unfolding of other proteins. Their expression is increased when cells are exposed to elevated temperatures or other stress.[1] This increase in expression is transcriptionally regulated. The dramatic upregulation of the heat shock proteins is a key part of the heat shock response and is induced primarily by heat shock factor (HSF).[2] HSPs are found in virtually all living organisms, from bacteria to humans
5.Rocket Jockeys :
Shock them with heat .
They can then take much higher g-forces .

6.For convalescents :
Heatpacks at the elbows , back of the knees , fingers  and neck.
7. Why neck ?
In human anatomy, the left and right common carotid arteries (English pronunciation: /kəˈrɒtɪd/[1][2]) are arteries that supply the head and neck withoxygenated blood; they divide in the neck to form the external and internal carotid arteries.[3] 
At the junction , two rice-sized organs monitor O2 , CO2 and bloodpressure . (Some surgical procedures now remove one , to reduce chronic high-bloodpressure)
A hotpack on one side and a coldpack on the other ,alternating every 5 minutes , should have profound effects on the brain’s effect on the body . And arthritis .

8.And capability to withstand high-g impacts , like American Football or Basketball players.
9.A hot curry will do the same .
If you can’t take it easy , take it hot .

Appendix A
Accelleration limits (NATO)
Front to back tolerance 45 g
Tailward  15 g

Appendix B
Heat-shock mechanisms are associated with g-tolerance .


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