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Risk of pregnant flying .

Risk of pregnant flying

Andre Willers
3 Dec 2014
Synopsis :
Do not put your unborn daughter on a plane , Mrs Worthington . This is an avoidable risk .
Discussion :
1.A family history of pre-eclampsia . Ask Ermeine .
A sudden decompression / compression  like the air pressure in an aircraft will set you up for more serious complications later .
2.The gunk they now pump into the air without telling the passengers . Especially after Ebola .
The health effects of pyrethroids include dermal paresthesia, exacerbation of pre-existing asthma and, at high doses, excitatory neurotoxicity (2). Airline passengers may not associate the adverse effects they experience with pesticide exposure aboard aircraft because they are unaware of the exposure and do not recognize the signs and symptoms of pesticide-related illness, and several hours may elapse before the onset of symptoms (3). Children may be especially susceptible to such adverse effects.
3. Genetic influence .
Summary. Familial predisposition and patterns of genetic inheritance of eclampsia and pre-eclampsia were investigated through three or four generations in 94 families from the homogenous island population of Iceland. The families descended from index women delivered in the years 1931–47 and who had either eclampsia (n = 38) or severe preeclampsia (n = 69). Inheritance was followed both through sons and daughters. The prevalence of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia in daughters was significantly higher (23%) than that in daughters-in-law (10%). No difference was noted in the prevalence of these diseases by whether the daughter was born of an eclamptic or pre-eclamptic mother or whether she was a first or later born daughter. There was a non-significantly higher occurrence of pre-eclampsia among grand-daughters than in grand-daughters-in-law. No difference was seen by whether granddaughters descended through sons or daughters. With increasing numbers of affected daughters or grand-daughters the probability rose of finding more affected women in a family. Hypotheses of single recessive and dominant gene inheritance were compared and maximum likelihood estimates for gene frequency obtained. For a single recessive gene model this was 0.31 reflecting a population prevalence of 9.6%, whereas a dominant model with incomplete penetrance gave 0.14 at 48% gene penetrance, corresponding to a population prevalence of 0.9% homozygous expression of severe disease and 11% heterozygous expression of milder disease. Either genetic model could fit the data.

If you are on beta blockers or serotonin re-uptake blockers , do not fly . The reduced air pressure will harm your baby .

5.Temporal stress
Jet lag on the fetus .
Timing is critical during most of gestation .
Development  has to follow critical pathways .
Do you really want to mess around with this ?
The “experts”  have no better idea than you , because nobody ever bothered to research it .
The whole nine-months is inked in . Messing around with the timing causes cascading problems .

You can always travel later with your daughter .

Avoid unnecessary risks .



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