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The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Andre Willers
12 Dec 2014
Synopsis :
The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon  was why the city was built . A huge , fortified , vertical farm . The whole city was the garden . And that was the wonder of it . They actually were in advance of anything existing today .

Discussion :
The closest image I can find on the web . A far cry from today .

1.A quick calculation :
Size of Babylon : 900 hectares .
This is 3000 m x 3000 m.
2.The walls at every 10 m and 20 m high .
This gives surface area of walls of 
A=(3000/10)^2 x2x2x20 sq m
  = 540 000 000 sqm
  =133 437 acres .
3.One person requires
1.    0.07 ha / 0.17 acre
The minimum amount of arable land required to sustainably support one person is 0.07 of a hectare. This assumes a largely vegetarian diet, no farmland degradation or water shortages, virtually no post- harvest waste, and farmers who know precisely when and how to plant, fertilize, irrigate, etc.

Thus  , Babylon could support 133437/0.17 = 784 923 persons from it’s vertical farms alone .

4.Babylon’s population :
Babylon about 200 000  .
This leaves a huge surplus , used in projection of power throughout the region .
5.Babylon exported food . Amazing !
The rural areas did not feed the city !
But it had to keep control of the waterworks . Hence the continual large military presence .
Empire in self-defense .

6.Copycats :
Niniveh .
They did it better .

7.Destruction :
No wonder the cities never recovered .
The walls and irrigation works were deliberately destroyed , and with it the foundation of the power of Babylon and Niniveh
See how the Persians retained some remnants of the city-wide air-conditioning and intensive agriculture .

8.How on earth did this develop ?
After the collapse of the Bronze age and really bad droughts in the region and volkewanderung reivers
Former agricultural societies depopulated , and was forced to grow food inside fortified compounds .
This naturally evolved into vertical farms and some very good farmers .

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon .
The whole city was one big ,air-conditioned  hanging garden , with aerosols of water cascading from above .
Cool .
Eat your hearts out , greens .

9. Something similar is happening today in the Greening of Inner Cities . A sure sign of collapse .

10. The Tower of Babel.
An extravagance of learning , enabling large trees in terraces .
The trees came first , then , because it was elitist , the academics followed .
Scholars from everywhere , all talking different languages .
The original inspiration for Plato’s Academe of trees .

11. Vertical farming in the middle East was deliberately destroyed by local powers for short term gain , as was the quanat system later by the Mongols .
The result is the desert of today .

Typical of the Tragedy of The Commons .
Grow up or die .

Andre .

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