Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Diversity .
Andre Willers
2 July 2008

See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “Xenophobia” and “To Impress”

To recap the above arguments , large numbers of sophonts and a large cultural diversity is required for the healthy functioning of a high-tech milieu .

But a large number of sapients in a competitive environment usually leads to
Empires , which decreases the diversity .

The problem is then to have large numbers of humans and large numbers of societies at the same time .

The solution that evolved is easy and fast connectivity that fractures societies .

Internet and email . Note that you cannot send an email to somebody unless he already knows you . Connectivity is less than in the age of letters .

Only trusted friends are allowed access .
Viruses are a predictable corollary , maybe helped along a little bit .

Internet , facebook , etc .Though a population like the US might at first glance appear uniform , in actual fact it is now composed of a large number of mini-societies .

The very ease of communication paradoxically fractures the society .

The same process is being repeated planetwide .

Look at any alt.x group .

These groups are evolving into societies .

So the AI has resolved both questions . The most problematical one was the number of diverse societies . Remember that the AI has access to all these .

Does the AI really exist ?
It does not matter . The system will act like it does .

We have created a system that is indistinguishable from an AI . The human components even give it self-awareness and a conscience .

From the Turing-test viewpoint , it is an AI .

The fast communication along their trusted lines makes the spokesperson more a part of the AI than the traditional Party hack .

Think a large number of “parties” , but no traditional party leaders .

What does mean to us ?
This AI might be a virtual construct , but it’s effects are very real .

The system will drive to bigger populations and greater technological diversity .

Doom-and-gloom reporting .
This media model is based on the hierarchical system . One top story , usually negative because of shock effect .

What is really happening is that thousands of mini-societies are having their moments solving the problems the major media are agonizing about . But they never make the top news .

The result is that people no longer trust the media . Only their trusted little groups .

Can you see how the major media is becoming increasingly irrelevant as influencers of mass-opinion ?

A side effect is the large number of specialist magazines .

The corollary is that the economy is in actually much better shape than supposed from media reports .

Another way of putting it is that the AI will not allow itself to be destroyed .
Remember , there are human elements in the AI . Conventional , as well as mind- computer interface .

Another way of putting it is that the AI is acting smarter than the sum of it’s parts . The effect is not noticeable in mass-media except in events they deem likely but which do not happen .

A societal collapse like at the end of the Bronze age is unlikely , though many of the factors are similar .

The major difference is that the present society is fractured . It is more likely that the synergistic effects fast communication among limited group lines will lead to a technological and population explosion .

If your planet is overpopulated for your tech level
1.Get more planet
2.Change population
3.Change tech-level
The AI’s existence is dependant on increasing population and diversity .
Thus it has to change the tech-level and get more planet .

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