Wednesday, July 09, 2008

SA Scorpions

The South African Scorpions .
Andre Willers
9 June 2008

Why give this name to an organization that exactly fits the parameters of the Roman Empire Praetorian Guard ?

Quote from
“The scorpion was the natal emblem of the Praetorian Guard, representing Scorpio, the astrological symbol under which the Emperor Tiberius was born. Although the Praetorians were formally organized by Augustus, his successor Tiberius was called the - second founder - of the Guard.
Tiberius, at the urging of his calculating Prefect Sejanus, recalled all the Praetorian cohorts from their dispersed postings throughout Italy. On the outskirts of Rome, Tiberius ordered the construction of a great walled camp, the Castra Praetoria, where the entire Guard would be billeted. These major changes greatly concentrated the power of the Praetorian Guard, a fact that did not long escape their notice.
In gratitude to Tiberius, the Guard adopted his birth-sign, Scorpio, as their own emblem since they were 'reborn' under his rule. The scorpion seems to have been the most distinguishing mark of the Praetorians upon the field of battle, for it decorated their standards, shields, and even appeared on helmets and other privately procured equipment. A scorpion symbol is also found on a coin minted by Caligula to honor his Praetorians.
Ironically, the Praetorians lived up to their birth-sign’s vicious reputation, delivering a treacherous sting to an unwary or incompetent Emperor.”
The Praetorians were a destabilizing influence because they were outside the civilian checks-and-controls , especially at times of regime-change .
They played a large role in destroying the Roman Empire .
The establishment of the Second Western Roman Empire (Also known the Roman Catholic Church) dates from their military and political destruction at the Battle of Milvian Bridge , where Constantine the Great conquered “In Hoc signe” .

Establishing a Praetorian Guard in the roots of the South African Constitution cannot be considered a friendly act .

Whoever sneaked this into the South African constitution had a deep and smooth understanding of classical history , as well as colossal ego and contempt .
“Whitehall” springs to mind .

Mbeki and the Scorpions are toast , and rightly so . They are after all charged to protect the body politic against exactly this type of subversion .
Instead , they are the subversion .

Ordinary corruptions we can deal with . Zuma with all his faults , is preferable to a Praetorian Guard . He can be handled by due process of law , as is happening now .

Our only requirement of a Political Chief is that he not be caught out .
Political chiefs are chosen to lie and cheat on our behalf in a dangerous and competitive world where everybody lies for an advantage .

We expect that he is at least competent enough not to be caught out by his own side .
The whole election process is to find the best liar and cheat .

Do you want a honest lawayer defending you ?

Especially in the plea-bargain ?

Note that evolutionary armistices between multicellular and uni-cellular organisms all can be described as plea-bargaining . So can the existence of an individual in a society
But that is another story .

Are the Mitochondria in a witness protection progam ?


You might find “ Petroleum Price” rewarding .

Andre Willers

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