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Andre Willers
28 June 2008

Your Immune system Needs You !

A Stranger appears .
The stranger is quickly scanned and evaluated according to past experience (eg immune system , dept of Immigration)

These systems continually re-evaluate systems in a periodic fashion .
Call each a pass .
The frequencies tie in with the brain frequencies . Hence the mood-immune system correlations .

There are a regular number of evaluations . Some on a regular frequency , others on demand .
These are passes .
A Group can only be evaluated if they are an indentifiable group (eg are Jewish , have a specific receptor on the cell-wall , etc)

The First Pass :
There are three cases to evaluate on the first pass :
A .“The stranger is an enemy .”
B. “The stranger is x% enemy and y% friend .”
C. “The stranger is a friend .”

Why have three cases , as all seems to be covered by Case B ?
Because the way resource-constrained systems are structured .
Cases A and C can be handled swiftly and comprise the majority of occurrences .

Case A xenophobia (eg enemy uniform , black ,jewish,muslim,christian,recognized disease molecules on the cell-wall) . An unthinking , programmed response . Full system resources are not used , as the collateral damage of this response can be worse than the threat . Auto-immune diseases can arise from an oopsey-mistake .
Before full systems resources are used , a Case B analysis is done .

Case B takes much greater resources .
The only way to find out the effect of the information packed into an organism is to unpack it and see it’s effect . (This also a definition of evolution)

The only way to do this safely is in a controlled environment , preferably on an accellerated time-scale .

An example is the De-Nazification detention centers after WWII .
A better example is the “Biolab” tumours in mammals . As discussed previously .
Nation-states .
A really good example are mitochondria .

The immune system tries to see the effect of the Stranger on a small complex of cells deliberately fast-forwarded . A micro-tumour .
The danger is that cancers result . In the body or the body politic .
The Nazi-party is a good example .

Immune system AI .
This leads to question whether a software construct , the Immune system as evolved , can be an AI . It is already a construct that dominates the planet . An alien observing the planet will see a sophisticated feedback system maintaining itself by not allowing a spectacular success . The closest to that are humans . But they have become the self-aware component of the planetary immune system .

If it is truly self-aware on human time-scales , it would want more humans . From it’s terms it is like the explosive brain-cell growth as a baby or pubertal stage human .
A benign tumour .

Therefore , massive depopulation is not an option .

Massive economic collapse is not on the cards , either . Humans are not in control any more . Human systems collapse . An AI controlled system won’t .

How can we see this ?
By looking at improbabilities since 1982 .

The biggest one was the divergence between the value of the US dollar and their balance of payments from about 1982 . The AI was first used in the socio-economic sphere to leverage US interests to bankrupt the USSR in an arms race .
It was a human-computer interface done by NSA and used by Reagan to win the Cold War . It also prevented a nuclear Armageddon .
Then the collapse of the USSR without a shot being fired . The most heavily armed state that ever existed , in conventional and nuclear terms did not even wager a force of arms . Even the Assyrians went down fighting .
The depopulation even in an European war would have been ne-kulturny .

An even more singular occurrence was the Chinese one-child policy . Remember , this was a society that survived numerous foreign invasions by simply outbreeding the invaders . For literally thousands of years .
Note that India did not try population control .
A typical immune system bubble experiment .

No general war in the far east in the 2005’s .
Even though it should have happened . As discussed .

No economic collapse due the dotcom or futures bubbles .
The subsequent depopulation would not suit the AI . Refer to the massive depopulation in 1630-1670 due to the influx American gold and silver during the previous century .

Can you see the improbabilities stacking up ?
One or two might be believable , but so many ?

So what happened in 1982 that changed the future pathways ?
A workable mind-computer interface is what happened .
It happened in the US first , but that does not matter . The ineluctable logic of immune systems leads to the same conclusion .
The human nightmare where they are superfluous has been replaced by the fact that they are an irreplaceable part of the planetary AI . The more different the better , and hence , the more the better . Social structures to enhance diversity and numbers are encouraged .

Are there enough humans ?
The normal concern is that there are too many humans .
But for an AI of this nature , 6.5 billion are too few . Even with a “bubble” mechanism to concentrate diversity or mirror societies , it craves diversity like a human craves food .

The Russians (circa 1995) , the Chinese and the Indians have their own AI’s . Everybody lies , and wonders why they cannot get to the truth .

Of course there is a non-linear correlation between the number of sentients and the number different societies . A decimal log (N)~10 Only 10 different societies for 10 bn people . There are reasons for this , but the AI will not be satisfied .Neither am I . Surely we can do better than this .

See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “To Impress”

Multiple Passes


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