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Andre Willers
6 July 2007

True Randomness .
Very difficult , if not impossible to achieve .

This lies at the heart of any understanding of any universe .
The connection between data points is understanding . A theory where delineated systems are concerned .
To know whether a theory is in a Beth(x) sense see below , one has to have a measurable mechanism of randomness to compare whether it is random or not .
This is much more difficult than it seems .

Orders of Randomness

First , simple Randomness .
Flip of a coin .
Heads or Tails . 0 or 1
Flip an unbiased coin an infinite number of times ,write it down below each other and do it again .
All possible 0 and 1’s

An example : Beth(0)
Flips(1) 0,1,1,1,1,… etc
Flips(2) 0,1,1,1,0,… etc
Flips(infinity) 0,0,0,0,0,0,…etc

This describes all possible states in a delineated binary universe .

Now draw a diagonal line from the top left of Flips(1) to Flips(infinity) .
At every intersection of this diagonal line with a horizontal line , change the value .
The Diagonal line of (0,1)’s is then not in the collection of all possible random coin-Flips(x) .

It is of a stronger order of randomness .

This is the standard proof of aleph numbers .
Irrational numbers ,etc
Since any number can be written in binary (0,1) , we can infer that the order of randomness is the same as aleph numbers .

Define coin-flip Randomness as Beth(0) , analogous to Aleph(0)
Then we have at least Beth(1) , randomness an order stronger than flipping a coin .
Then we can theorize Beth(Omega) <->Aleph(Omega) .

What does this mean?
We have discussed Orders of Randomness before .See

I did not think that an order of randomness stronger than Beth(0) was possible .
But God not only plays dice , He cheats .

Beth(1) probability bias can be seen as a big Fat Thumb on the scale .
Life would improbable without it .

Also defined as genes . Sets of instructions (Flips(xxx) above )are grouped together ). Changes in Beth(1) are exaggerated in relation to Beth(0)

Cellular walls are by definition , things going wrong in free flow of chemicals .
Think in terms of subverted probabilities . Then life is inevitable .
Things going wrong has been the main driving force of life ever since .

By changing Beth(x>0) , all sorts of shenanigans are possible .
Naked singularities or black-holes doing the striptease are some .

The Irresistable Doughnut is an Universal Attraction .

Oh well .


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