Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mexican Flu – 0 .

Mexican Flu – 0 .
Andre Willers
26 Apr 2009

Synopsis :
Here we go again .
The danger is high (80%+) that the Big One has arrived .
A genetic combination of human , swine and avian flu .
Still called Swine Flu . Google it . (There is a good map on Google . CDC and WHO are of no use .

Discussion :

Like all big disasters , it blew up suddenly on Thu , 23 Apr 2009 from inception at 13 Apr 2009 (date Zero)
I became consciously aware of it on the morning of 26 Apr 2009 . What a birthday present !

Status as at 22h00 on Sun 26 Apr 2009 is:
Mexico alone : 81 dead out of 1324 possibles (8% mortality) .
But it is spreading with terrifying rapidity from human to human .
Cases from California , Texas , New York , New Zealand , Spain , Israel , France have been reported .

The bad news is that the dead thus far has been between ages 3 to 60 .
The healthy immune systems are being targeted . This is similar to Spanish Flu (mortality rate 5% , eventual dead about 100 million) and SARS (mortality rate 50% , eventual dead about 1000)
But containment seems to have already been breached .
If we are lucky , mortality will not exceed 10% (500 million) .

This situation has been exhaustively discussed in the "Birdflu"+"xxxxx" posts from 3/10/2006 to 27/2/2006
During the last warning up-flare .
See my files in

See also "Hadrian and Critical Plague Mass" . This was written before I became aware of this plague outbreak , but the arguments remain valid . The outbreak occurred where one would have expected it , namely at the gates of the Mexican-USA wall .

When reading the Birdflu arguments , please note the case for a mechanism limiting population numbers via an evolutionary mechanism of poorly guarding a portal like CCR5 .

There is a high probability of a massive drop in human fertility after this flu .

The survivors would be very sensitive to environmental pollution .
If humans want to procreate , certainly . But in an unpolluted environment .
See "Birdflu Survival Update-7" of 27/02/2006

This type of priming occurred before with the Spanish Flu (March-May 1918) before the actual onslaught during Aug-Dec 1918 .

Remember what Nietsche's sister said :
"It is megalomania only if you are not a goddess ."

Andre .

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