Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Suggested reading list

Suggested Reading List .
Andre Willers
22 Apr 2009

Hi David ,
As promised .

Preliminary notes and cautions .
1.An understanding of the basic principles and axioms is essential , but the fields are all open-ended . One can easily get caught up in an attractor basin to the exclusion of all else .
2.Occam's Razor is only useful in Beth(0) systems .
(See "Iterative Systems and Aristotelian logic")
3.These are all Beth(n bigger than 0) systems . The Observer is part of the system .
Do not rush in where angels fear to tread , especially in the more experimental sections .

List .
Unless stated otherwise , use the Internet .
A useful site is . This is where most publishing gets done recently .

1.Meta-systems . How knowledge and theories are organized .
1.1 "The structure of scientific revolutions" by Kuhn .
1.2 Neural networks and how they work .
1.3 Sapolsky's works on learned helplessness and fairness
1.4 The algorithm to increase your understanding : Obtain "New Scientst" and "Scientific American" magazines .
Google on any terms you do not understand .

Numerous books and sources are available .
"Infinity and the mind" by Rudy Rucker gives a good overview of the basics , including Godel .
A basic understanding of fractals and attractors is essential . (Google it)
A basic understanding of probability is essential . (Google it)
A basic understanding of infinite series is essential . (Google it)
It is infinite .

3. Physics .
Since nobody has a basic understanding of physics , do not worry too much . The whole field is in a state of flux
(see Kuhn on the "Structure of Scientific revolutions") . We are close to a paradigm-shift .
Richard Feynman's lectures are very good if you want to understand the present paradigm .

"Engines of creation" by Eric K. Drexler is a must .
Based on Richard Feynman's work ("There is room at the bottom") .
The only known example of an entirely new technology created and the necessary safe-guards installed by the creator . The paradigms are widely followed in the bio-technology sphere .
Essential reading .

Post-humans : google it

4. Biology .
This is such a hot field that most of the new developments only appear in magazines or on the internet .
A basic understanding of evolution , genetics , epi-genetics , stochastic resonance , immune systems , etc is needed .

5. History .
Don't bother . Nobody learns anything from that bunch of professional liars . A bit like Elliot-waves of Fourier-waves . Only interesting in hindsight .
But if you have to , Niall Ferguson's histories from an economics viewpoint might appeal .

6. Bridging esoterica .
"Mind machines you can build" by G. Harry Stine is a collection of machines anybody can build and has repeatable effects on demand . But , Stine had deliberately chosen them because there is no possible explanation for these effects in the present paradigm (He was a professional scientist with NASA) .
There is a lot about these machines on the net . You can buy them . Be careful in using them . Just because some of what I wrote seems to explain some of their workings does not make you an expert .

Bio-feedback machines .The net is full of them .

7. Esoterica .
"Journeys out of the body" et al by Monroe
Once again , they sell machines that can repeatably induce astral traveling on demand . I have not tried them (too scared) , but from what I know now of the structure of the universes , it is possible .
It is what I do not know that scares me .

8.Theology and Philosophy .
Ever see a puppy chasing its tail ?

This should keep you busy for a while .


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