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The Existential Chef .

The Existential Chef .
Andre Willers
8 May 2009

For Peet .

Synopsis :
Incorporation and transubstantiation is the primary working mechanism of our energy-transforms .

Discussion :
"Every masterpiece turns into shit." A chef's lament .

Certainly . The meaninglessness of Existentialism .
But it also gets transformed .

Parts get translated into Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" (after a particularly good pub lunch) , but Sartre had a bad chef and a dyspeptic disposition and could only manage "Nausea" .

A good chef is a spin artist . Literally . The chaperone molecule-complex that enabled cells to incorporate spinning flagellates like mitochondria into the cell were chefs . Making it palatable .

By extension , all chefs are immune-system and poison experts (cassava , anybody ?)

Incorporation-by-sharing is deeply fundamental in social religions like Christianity .
What about the chef in the communion wafer ?
The concept of Communion goes way back to the invention of humanity about 72 000 BC during Toba .

Nobody trusts a tame cook
Sharing food from respected chefs meant that you are not eating poor cousin George , but that you are probably not on the menu either .
Note , that nobody would trust the politicians , but would trust the chef , especially if he had a reputation for irascibility .
Can you see how deeply wired cooky's independence is ?
Nobody trusts a tame cook . Very old memes .

Celebrity Chefs
I thought that the macho environment of kitchens was the result of "Roman women shall not cook or grind corn ."
But I had it 180 degrees out of phase (see "Cause and Effect" ) .
The Roman woman were enabled to enforce this because of the kitchen environment in a mainly masculine camp .
The male slaves dragooned into the environment led to the present highly-macho kitchen environments .

Celebrity Chefs thus predates Civilization . Long before cities .

Why have we not heard of them ?
1. Nobody has looked .
2. Helen of Sparta's chef's spare-ribs is just not minstrel-material .But Agamemnon probably considered him as cause juste . There are some puzzling phrases in Homer .

Dentists .
The unsung heroes of Civilization .
Incorporation and Transubstantiation would not be as effective without them . They are a multiplier .
They are paired with chefs .
Any good chef should see that his client has a difficulty masticating his food . The difficulty is usually with teeth .

Any decent restaurant should have a good dentist on call .
Any good dentist should have good restaurants to recommend .

The existential tooth-ache suffererer has difficulty in existing .

Toothily yours

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