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Corkscrew Faults .

Corkscrew Faults .
Andre Willers
1 May 2009

Synopsis :
The Corkscrew Fault is a missing component in the theoretical description of earth-faults and earthquakes .
Not only is the behaviour of the whole Corkscrew system difficult to derive from the usual three primary faults (reverse , transform and normal) , but chaotic attractor basins are involved .
Incorporation of these attractor basins is essential to any understanding sufficient for prediction .

Discussion :
Imagine a semi-molten ball revolving in a perfectly circular orbit around the sun . Any cubic cm of its interior wants to orbit the sun in its own great-circle . Examine any two hoops of them . They must intersect at least two spots . These initial intersections represent initial conditions , and we immediately suspect chaotic feedback basins .

The cubic cm cannot escape the boundary conditions of the planetary surface or orbit . They begin a corkscrew motion in a torus envelope .

Now add radioactivity (differential heat from the interior) , cooling at the exterior , make the orbit slightly elliptical , add a large moon , add volcanic activity (slingshot effects) , add Solar pressures on the magnetosphere . And don't forget spin .

The relative motion of elements in the interior torus volumes create faults , which have phase changes near the surface as heat is lost . Corkscrew Faults .

The major qualitative change is the attractor basin effect . The coiled faults also have different effects than the standard Slider-Spring model .

It is not even hard . The Mk I human brain can handle a prediction of this sort . The data is there (layered data of the interior of the earth . It only has to be assembled in a proper format .)

The joker is the attractor basins . Data-mining beloved by the present generations of scientists will not tease out the basins .

We know that life-forms thrive on surfing the boundaries of attractor basins . But such a fecundity as on earth means that the basins are close together . Very difficult to track separately .

Because of the sensitivity of the attractor basins , the sling-shot effects of volcano's are underrated . Two volcano's erupting at different phases of the Earth-Moon-Sun system can place an enormous torque on the underlying magma , resulting in the system shifting from one attractor basin to another . And the two eruptions are probably related .

Evidence :
1.Look for geological layers on top that could only have formed at higher temperatures than those below them . An inversion . Track it in three dimensions and see if it forms a spiraling toroid .
2.Model earthquakes using a "toroidal-spring around the planet" model . It would go far to explain the puzzling lags in present predictions .

Why has it not been seen before ? :
Two essential elements are needed : Chaos theory and seeing orbits as great circles .
Samuel R Delany (in "Babel-17") did the great circles bit , and attractor basins only became viable with computers .

Completeness .
Only a general theory of the Corkscrew Faults is needed , since any of the others can be described as special cases .

And how does this help us ?
Using the corkscrew model of springs , we can predict that the maximum stresses would be transmitted in a pole-to-pole direction , because of the rotation of earth and the slight inclination of rotation to the elliptical orbit .

The effects of the three massive 3+ Richter quakes in 2004 are slowly working their way , lagging the rotation . The earthquake in Italy (Loma Priete) should have been predicted .

Expect activation of the Atlantic Ridge volcano's and faults .
Time estimate : 2- 3 years from Italian earthquake . 2011- 2012 .
The Diego Verde landslide is almost certain to go .

I expect the USA or EU countries to rather blow it into orbit (an artificial volcano) than let the tsunami drown the Eastern Seaboard of the US and the Western Seaboards of the EU .
The present civilization has the energy resources to prevent such a catastrophe

Markers :
Watch for fish shoal movements of mass-feeders like sardines or pilchards . They have shifted from the east coast of South Africa to the West Coast , their old haunts they had forsaken just before the massive quakes in the east .
This means food is more available . Heat and seismic disturbances have increased nutrient flow to the surface .

Shit . Time seems to be even shorter than I thought . The South Atlantic ridge has already started activating . This will spread rapidly northwards (like a zipper) . And Diego Verde is right on the zipper .
I have had guys telling me how warm the water is on the west coast .
And I wondered how global warming can work so fast .
It doesn't . This is magma-warming .

If Diego Verde goes , the wave-front at Cape town is estimated at least 25 feet (7 meters) .
Northern American coast about 200 ft (70 m) , European coast about 40 ft (6m)

At least the fishing will be good .


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