Sunday, May 10, 2009

Magma Plumes .

Magma Plumes .
Andre Willers
10 May 2009

How to survive a honeymoon in Istanbul ,

The North Anatolian Fault has been producing a series of large earthquakes
See wiki or google . The time sequence is

It is moving from east to west . The next hit is Istanbul . This is well known to the authorities . Most new structures (bridges , subways,hotels) are built to withstand a moderate earthquake .

When the earth moves under you , your partner might not be responsible .

You will hear a very loud noise , then complete darkness as electrical power cuts off and dense clouds of dust and snoke envelops you . Lots of screaming and shouting .

The Emergency Exit .
You must ascertain this on checking in . Your chances of survival is significantly reduced without it (80%)

An emergency LED light would help if you had the faintest idea of where you wanted to go . See above .
Your probabilities of survival is not significantly affected by any other factors .

Where to go .
A tectonically stable site over the last 5 000 years .
North-west from Istanbul on the Western side seems to have been remarkably stable tectonically over the last 5 000 years . Head there .

And after that ?

Forget home .
Tectonic plumes expected from corkscrew faults (see "Corkscrew faults" )
will surface in East Africa , Middle-south America , Yellowstone to Missouri in the USA ., North-Eastern Asia and North-Eastern Australia . The mid-Atlantic Ridge will become active . The Corkscrew surface encompassing the Western sea-board of the South-American continent will become active .
The Magma plumes .

Sutherland will become very attractive .
Eastern Siberia equally .

Can humans do anything ?
Of course . The system is a simple Beth(0) one . If the planet threatens with a pave-over like Venus , or the Deccan Traps or Siberian traps , just squeeze the extra mass into orbit . Can always do with a bit more mass in orbit .

Fifteen 50 megaton nukes even sloppily placed will stop the process in its tracks and squeeze the pimple into orbit ,
For a time .

The initial destabilizing effect is interesting . It was the usage of chaotic mechanisms to launch probes to the near planets . Even that small imbalance was sufficient to destabilize the planetary crust and magma . It was a non-zero sum game . In an Attractor Basin .

To reverse it or use it , we have to do consciously what Beth(0) natural law does , well, naturally .

Whatever you do , do not use luminescent condoms .
Previous experiences have not been happy ones .

Andre .

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