Wednesday, May 06, 2009

New Pyramid at Cape Town .

New Pyramid at Cape Town .

Andre Willers

6 May 2009


A proposal :

That the human race construct a Pyramid at the southern tip of Africa to match the Pyramid at the northern tip of Africa .

Using the same tools .

Sol Kerschner (like Amenhotep) springs to mind as the person to get it done . For the same reasons .

For the usual reasons .

1.A pleasing symmetry . (Gizeh-to-CapeTown)

2.To immortalize a politician .

3.To immortalize the guy-who-gets-it-done . . (Amenhotep, Kerschner)

4.To provide work for the immediate artisans.

5.To provide work for generations thereafter .

Who pays ?

1.The usual Deep-Time suspects . All the conspiracy creepies .

Amenhotep really made them pay . The Great Pyramids were riddled with Hidden Passages , Secret Messages , Stellar Alignments , faux burial chambers , Secret Libraries , Forbidden Chambers , Dead-Falls , etc , all auctioned to the highest bidder (in a very religious way , of course.)

2.The Tourists .

Tourists in Cape Town will come from all over the world to pay for the privilege of labouring at recreating a Pyramid .

The Overseers will stay at the Cape Grace or One-and-Only . You can guess where the rest comes from .Not that much has changed . Most of the grunt-work on the original pyramids were done by tourists .

This was the basic groundwork from StoneHenge to Cathedrals .

3. The Government .

Like the original Pyramids , it is a social works project .

See "Room at the top"

A modest investment during the off-season secures a long-term return even during major down-turns .

The Gizeh pyramids are still returning an investment after 5 000 years .

What is often lost out of view , is that that the pyramids returned an immediate income , even while building .

4. A Pilgrimage .

This was not an afterthought , but an inherent part of the design .

And the religious could participate (for a small fee , of course) . To the Glory of the Pharaoh .

(Their residences should be found diametrically opposite the remains of the residences of the workers . That much has not changed.)

5. The Business Plan .

This is positive cash-flow from day one . (Which is why you see so many of these megalithic monuments littering the planet . )

No start-up capital is required . Just a bunch of suckers and an open piece of ground .

The Greenpoint Stadium .

This would make a nice starting point for a Pyramid .

A few rumors would not be amiss :

THEY created it to hide :

The Rhodes golden hoard , the Barnato diamonds , Princess Radziwell's Diamond Necklace ,

Nonqwasi's water bowl , Chaka's Spear ,

The Kruger Millions , the Solid Gold Ford Fairlane of Vorster (courtesy of Anglo American).

FIFA hid a 100 kg golden ingot at the base as a prize for the winners .

Great fun and games can be had by all for many centuries .

Construction :

The blocks could be quarried anywhere , then transported however (like the original pyramidal blocks were floated down the Nile) . But the last few hundred yards has to be done the old-fashioned way . By tourist muscle .

The tourists paid to immortalize themselves by inscriptions on the insides of the blocks and cladding material .

Has anyone actually looked carefully at the inscriptions on the insides of the white marmer cladding of the Egyptian pyramids ?

Now mainly only found as remnants in Cairo buildings .

Oh well . A nice holiday .

At least the South Africans have not had 5 000 years of accumulated history in ripping off tourists . (And believe me , a Hyksos or Roman does not rip off easily .)

But give the South Africans a chance .

In another 3000 years tourists might come to see the pyramid built by the great Architect Kerschner and get gently relieved of their ill-gotten gains .

Not much different from the present .


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