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Anorexia .
Andre Willers .
6 Nov 2009

Synopsis :
A learned-helplessness response from prolonged stress , involving some deeply-hardwired fight-or-flight and energy systems .

Discussion :

Normal :
The body prefers energy supplies as alcohols , fats/oils , then carbohydrates in that order .

Alcohols , then carbohydrates then fats/oils .

The reason alcohols are first have been discussed before . (It is to mop up alcohol produced in the bloodstream by yeasts) .

Carbs like sugar are second simply because they can be made available more quickly . They are simpler to digest . Faster .

Emergencies involve fight-or-flight mechanisms .
Time matters .
Emergencies are signaled by the stress-responses.

For small arboreal animals this means ejecting surplus weight and also not taking on too much mass (eating too much) . This has been hard-coded into the ghrelin feedback systems through evolution .

Hence the violent , instantaneous nausea the idea of food invokes over a certain threshold .

This is quite normal in low-carb , high-fat diets (like Atkins) . The alcohol intake has no influence .

A combination of continued stress , low-carb and low-fat dieting will send the organism into an attractor basin of violently rejecting any food . The body thinks it is protecting itself .
There is no psychology of self-image involved .
I do not know if diarrhea is associated with it , but I strongly suspect it .

The continued stress is associated with the learned-helplessness . This is a neural-network response to no positive feedback .

The organism feels cornered . It curls into a little ball and waits to be eaten . (See Sapolsky : this is actually the response . )

Hand-grip :
Anorexia learned-helplessness at least has an attack-point :
The Strength of the Hand .
The bottom of the attractor-basin is the knowledge that the hand-grip is not strong enough to grasp the far-off branch to survive .

So , hand exercises are called for .

A plain , ordinary spring exerciser will do .

A fancy one can have vibrators built in , powered by piezoelectrics , playing your favourite tunes . A vibrating branch in your hand .
By gad ! A new gadget !

See previous posts on human evolution and tree-branches .

Please note that all the big things around us has been built by two hands . Strong hands (ever seen a brickie's fingers ?) . This is one of those not-mentioned sexual selection criteria amongst humans . (Writers don't have big , fat fingers , only big , fat heads .)

Women are turned on by thick , muscular , banana fingers . This is a very old system .
And deservedly so .

The mirror neurons in females feel this lack and interpret it as weakness . This easily segues into learned-helplessness .

Teeth-click :
See "Phene Systems"
Double-click teeth and tongue (with mouth open) to reset stress mechanisms .
I am not going to re-discuss this .

Combined with the hand-grip strengthening , this is particularly targeted at anorexia .

When appetite returns :
A high-fat , medium carb diet is recommended . Alcohol is immaterial .

The algorithm :
1.Strengthen hand-grip by exercise .
2.Double-click teeth and tongue (with open mouth) at least once a day .
3.Eat a high-fat diet when appetite returns .
4.That’s it .

Bon Appetit !


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