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Hairlessness , Fat and Fire

Hairlessness , Fat and Fire
Andre Willers

14 Nov 2009


Human hairlessness , subcutaneous fat and fire are linked .

Discussion .

See NewScientist 19 Sep 2009 p28 .

Humans have not lost their hair . It just became finer (down) . This happened about 3.3 MYA (million years ago) .

About the time fire was mastered .

The skin coloring (melacortinon 1 receptor) happened about 1.2 MYA .

Anyone who has spent a cold night next to a wood fire knows exactly what happened

1.Hair :

You smell of smoke , especially your hair . The woodsmoke particles lodge in the stiff hairs . All predators around (especially leopards , and especially Felis Dino) smell breakfast bells ringing . There is heavy selection against hairiness

Basically , the hairy ones got eaten first .

But the advantages of fire outweighed the disadvantages . So body hair had to go . Patches remained for other reasons as previously discussed .

This is very elementary selection pressure .

By the time clothing was invented (weaving circa 200 000 YA) , humans had mostly exterminated the leopards . The selection pressure against hairiness lessened , but females still selected for it . Except in some cold climates .

Nothing turns a human female off more than a hairy male smelling of woodsmoke after a braai . It is deeply wired in . He is not reliable mating material . Liable to get eaten .

But notice that nostril hairs evolved during this period , to filter woodsmoke particles .

2.Subcutaneous Fat .

You will notice that no matter which way you organize it , some people end up being roasted on the side next to the fire and freezing on the side away from it (especially 3MYA) . So , obviously they rotated their bodies .

Even a small measure of heat-retention will have dramatic effects (it is non-linear) . A thin fat layer under the skin has effects on the order of r^3 . Especially in babies and children .

Subcutaneous fat is quite extraordinary in that it is both an insulator and a heat storage unit . A nifty piece of biological evolutionary engineering .

This came in quite handy for fishing . Semi-aquatic episodes (like shore-dwellers) could tolerate cold and hypothermia better , not just because they had a subcutaneous fat layer , but mainly because they had a big fire going on the beach to warm up afterward .

Food was not used for heating the body . The human subcutaneous fat layer is not sufficient to provide protection against prolonged immersion . Something everybody who has done any swimming knows . The fire afterwards is essential .

The aquatic episode (Hardy and Morgan) probably did happen , but after fire was harnessed .

An easy living enabled by fire and fat .

See "Makgadigadi Sea" et al .

Relevance today :

Scare the hair and fat off you .

1.Have a hyperimage of Felis Dino .

As discussed previously , the trigger is that the teeth are wider than the eyes . The Old Greeks simplified it to the Cyclops , a man-eating ogre with wide teeth and one eye .

An image that still resonates after 3000 years .

This triggers deep-wired reduction in fat-layers .

The Image :


. O .

. .

. V V .



The O is the eye , the V's the teeth and the dots the outline . Better if drawn . But even a sketch like this will trigger fat reduction and deep anxiety . Note the similarity to Chinese and Western Dragons . Note the similarity to the Freemason symbology (eg US dollar bill) , Sphinxes , Babylonian winged lions , Assyrian reliefs , Aztec, Mayan Jaguars .

Hairloss will follow . (Why Americans have no hair.)

A temperature-differential (fold one blanket up) or have a heater only on one side in an air-conditioned room will cause a drastic fat-loss .

But also see all the posts on Click languages , evolved to beat this .

Note that central-heating will make you fat .

Humans evolved over 3 million years to rotate in one place in the presence of a single radiant heat source. Any omni-directional heating makes the body think that this is surplus energy that can be squirreled away as fat .

See "Escalators make you fat."

If this image makes you uncomfortable , or exacerbates learned-helplessness , (as it will tend to do) , use the double-click of teeth and tongue method as described in previous posts to relieve stress of this nature . It should relieve some symptoms .

The image has the propensity of sneaking up on you , since it triggers hard-wired responses .

Anorexics , catatonics and paranoics take note .

It will eat you .

Unless you eat it first .

Bon appetit .


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