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Moire Patterns and Click .

Moire Patterns and Click .
Andre Willers
3 Nov 2009

Synopsis :
Moire patterns created by tongue-click or artificial clicks create virtual Moire patterns in the body that programs phenes . Especially phases of phases of the virtual patterns .

Discussion :

See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com "Moire Patterns " , " Counting sheep" , "Click , heart and biceps" and other related posts .

See again the
Windows Media Player . Right-Click on the black and goto , This gives an analogue of Itarin or visual training systems slaved to sound .
The picture is the sound with a simple transform into 3-dimensions . Watching it for about 5 minutes triggers major transform-correlations in the visual-auditory system .

The Moire patterns on the square changes with the rotational angle of the square (the phase) , but this square's phase changes according to a pattern (the music) .

Phases of phases .
This is a pictorial representation of how synapse systems learn . Especially in the visual system , but generally true .

The synapse systems can program the phene system using phases of phases .
The proof is either immediately obvious or too long for this article .

An example :
Finger-clicking with both hands .
Most humans can only fingerclick with the dominant hand .
It takes about 4 minutes to train the other hand to fingerclick using this method .

1.Start musical Moire patterns using chosen tool (eg Windows Media Player as described above) .
2.Stretch fingers of both hands backwards as far as possible (see http://andreswhy.blogspot.com "Human Nails" 23 Aug 2007 ) why this works . It puts the stress on the nerve-centres under the nail-beds equivalent to tapping .
3.Fingerclick both hands in time to the music while double-tongue clicking .
4.You will find that there will be no problem with double-or single tongueclicking as long as the fingers are stretched or clicking .
5.The nerve-muscle systems take about 5 minutes to train .
6.It is actually quite exciting when you hear the left-hand clicking sound starting to happen . It actually works . (I have done it)
7.Doing it with the left hand on its own takes a bit of more training . (a few more minutes)
8. The change is permanent , because of phene programming .

What is happening ?
The backwards-stretching of the fingers and the tongue-clicking facilitates information transfer between the left-and right hand hemispheres of the brain . Fingerclicking with both hands enables a fast skill-transfer .
The synapse system transfers the skill via the phene system . A permanent change .

Guitar and the Heart :
You will note that playing instruments like the guitar that uses only the right-hand to feed-back percussion through the fingertips while the elbows are usually tightly clasped to the torso creates unbalanced effects on the heart-stemcells , and even on rhythm producing cells .
Note the short lifetimes of good guitar-players .
(Usually attributed to drugs , but they just felt bad and took drugs to alleviate it , while their shamans went "hugga-bugga" .)
It was the guitar that killed them , your honor .
Would Jimi Hendrix have minded ?

Double-tongue click to any rhythm .
This is difficult unless the finger-stretch method is used .This is not exactly the same as the finger-tapping method . The finger-tapping is more circumscribed , but more emphatic . Don't worry , if you do it according to the music , your body will automatically co-ordinate finger-stretching , finger-tapping and tongue clicking .

I told you it was hard-wired in .

An improved Heart-phene Algorithm :
1.Clamp upper arms tightly as possible to side of body .
2.Stretch palms and fingers as far as possible , bending at the wrists .
3.Double click tongue to suitable music for at least five minutes .(Mouth open and closed)
4.Wriggle fingers in time to the music . Tap fingers if you feel like it .
5. Watch Moire patterns at the same time .
6.Unfortunately , about 5 minutes are needed .
7.Thats it .

This should improve heart , eye and auditory systems .
Be careful of becoming a raving sex lunatic . See below .

Note the elbow-tuck , wrist-bend , finger-stretching .
This is found in many Tantric dances . Phene programming can affect NO systems , but I think more input is required for the pattern-programming . The music ? Intensional clenching ? The food ?
Does the MSG(umami) receptor make a human more receptive to low-pressure programming ? The mind boggles .

But note nitro-glycerine tablets and mirror-neurons .
Watching another person performing certain actions fires equivalent neurons in the mirror-system . Phene programming can be activated . And the tablets work better if sucked .
An interesting speculation .

And what do you do if you get the finger ?

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