Sunday, November 01, 2009

Click , Heart and Biceps .

Click , Heart and Biceps .

Andre Willers

1 Nov 2009

Heart stemcells can be activatated via Click via biceps and triceps .

Discussion :

I am a wee pissed off at the lack of appreciation . I will give the algorithms , but you lot can work out why they work .

Bicep growth Algorithm :

1.Clamp upper arms tightly as possible to side of body .

2.Double click tongue to suitable music for at least five minutes .

3.Thats it .

You will feel as if you just had a weight workout .

The biceps and triceps and torso next to the arms will feel swollen. (This is actually true.)

Pressure sensitive nerves between the arm and torso connect to the lungs and heart , to activate some genes via the synapse system .

Heart algorithm .

The heart stemcells are governed by click feedback from the biceps through the chest cavity . You figure out the proof (though it is obvious : phases of phases of time-delays ).

Heart phene programming is rather a ho-hum .

Just repeat the above .

That’s it .


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