Thursday, February 25, 2010

AntiGravity .

AntiGravity .
Andre Willers
26 Feb 2010

A simple spin antigravity is adduced.

Discussion :
Erik Verlinde has shown that one theory of Gravity involves information in holographic shells around the center of gravity .

The Argument:

1.We can shine a light in plane around a mass . This should "push" away holographs of other particles , leading to the perception of reduced gravity . This is very small (if anybody has ever bothered to measure it)
2.We can spin the light , leading to a doubling of the effect .
3..We can put many lights on the rim of a wheel shining outwards , and rotating .
This will give a half-dome of reduced gravity .
4.We can make the freq of light shined of the order Beth(1) . This means it will not be absorbed by any material , and all the energy of the light goes into reducing the gravity .
5.But how to produce Beth(1) radiation ?
This is equivalent to a disequilibrium in the Beth(0) system . We can approximate it with at least five randomly(Beth(0) ) varying freq , combined .. At least some will be Beth(1) . In other words in disequilibrium . )
There are aleph(0) disequilibrium points .
As a first approximation , we can say that 1/5 energy efficiency is true .
This is true , but the proof is rather difficult . See previous posts , or 3Dim for the easy bits. Their thrust against surrounding space-time structures will be unbalanced .
6. This will actually be an inertialess drive , not just antigravity .
Oh Well .

7.Lasers :
They make the process more efficient , by making it crisper .
But you will still have to pump in at least 5 times the energy to get anywhere .

8. To make an AntiGravity Device .
Put at least 5 laser lights of differing freq on the outward rim of a wheel perpendicular to a gravity field .
Fire them up and spin them .

9.Will more laser lights make the algorithm more efficient?
I do not know, and I have doubts that it can be known in a general sense . It will depend on particular instances of geometry .

I will leave the energy calculations to you .

Lightly yours


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