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Electromagnetic-wave Black Holes : a critical new technology .

Electromagnetic-wave Black Holes : a critical new technology .
Andre Willers
15 Feb 2010

Synopsis :
Actual microwave EM blackholes have been created , using metamaterials . These metamaterials can be easily and cheaply replicated using 3D printers .
This enables cheap Maxwell's Demons .

Newscientist 24 Oct 2009 p15 "Table-top black holes made on Earth"
Applied Physics Letters vol95 , pp041106 by Narimanov and Kildishev. by Tie and Qiang of the Southeastern University , Nanjing . They built the actual device .

The Device:
Call it a Naktiq device after the inventors .
A metamaterial is manufactured that fairly smoothly increases the electric-permittivity from the outer skin to the core of a cylinder . This bends the electrical component of the Electro-magnetic Wave to spiral into the core .
This material is of a fine structure , hence very amenable to 3D printing .
Already done for microwaves , which are fairly long wave-length and where a fairly coarse physical structure is sufficient .

Maxwell's Daemons :
Originally postulated as a method of separating high-temperature molecules from lower temperature molecules .

Passing an ionized particle stream through a matrix of these Naktiq Devices will separate high-energy and low-energy EM waves precisely according to the design of the metamaterial .

Can useful Work be done ?
Yes . As long as there is a large heat-pool as external source .

The existence proof :
Create vertical cylinders of the Naktiq Device , in a large pool with no pumping .
Random particle movement would lead to entrapment of the lower energy bands , which will be cooler and sink . The outer remainders , being hotter by definition , will rise .
This can be exploited without any operating energy expenditure .
Hence , useful work can be extracted by the Naktiq Device from a large heat pool .

Ram-Jets without fuel .

A Ram-jet based on this Naktiq Device will eject two differentiated gas-streams :
1. The high-temperature exhaust can be configured by engine design to impart thrust to the motor . Simple jet-thrust .
2.The low-temperature exhaust can be channeled to flow above the wings . This will give amazing lift (VTOL due to pressure differentials caused by temperature differentials) or far behind the plane (at high speed)

Conservation of Energy:
The kinetic energy/time of the plane and air-resistence balances the work performed .
Over a certain critical speed , a Plane and Naktiq Device of this nature will be self-sustaining while it is in an atmospheric pool of heat .

But the atmospheric pool of heat will slowly decrease as energy is used by all the planes .
In the present Terra case (2010) , this is desirable to decrease global warming .
(You can work out for yourself where all the energy of each flight goes .
Hint : the planet itself will act as buffer of kinetic energies . When the energy discrepancies between planes landing and taking off from Los Angeles airport threatens to destabilize the San Andreas Fault , reconsider and replan.)

We can simply put a Naktiq Device at the end of a helicopter-like rotor and turn an electric generator .

Cheap copters.
Or we can put them at the end of copter rotors .

Biologics .
Micro-and nano-structures of this sort are to be expected in biological structures .
An actual rotating structure that uses Naktiq Devices for energy pumping and differentiation .

2.Folded proteins :
Quantum energy levels are biased according to sheets of materials biasedly emitting and absorbing EM energies at close range . To make it more interesting , the critical values change after each energy-packet interchange . You need at least Beth(1) to understand what is going on . and there is a strong suspicion that the system is upwardly-generating . The levels of Beth increase without limit .

Cellular systems use infrared for a large range of housekeeping communication tasks .
Infrared Naktiq Devices can be used to exactly interrupt or reprogram certain processes .
Eg : simply flooding the surrounding spaces of a tumour with Infrared Naktiq Devices will stop it dead in it's tracks .

Femto , Pico etc scales .
The same principle can be used . For human use , we would use the "cooler" exhaust and the "metamaterial" would be Beth patterns in the space-time structure , created by particle exchanges in certain specific patterns . The heat-pool would be the quantum particle foam . Cf cosmic radiation .

Very Large Scale :
Imagine a dust cloud in a Galactic swirl . Naktiq Devices will definitely form , since they are a simple geometric form of molecules .
A certain percentage of Naktiq Devices will clump together because of the energy differentiation .
The process is iterated .The remainder after a few billion years is low-energy matter and anemic energy , with large gulfs separating much higher energy systems expanding at much higher pseudo-speeds .
Something like the observable universe today .

Is even one instance of Naktiq Devices replicable ? I have to say yes , because of prions . Simple molecular foldings are replicable .
In the totality of billions of galaxies and trillions of gas clouds , there would be a massive increase in replicable Naktiq Devices

Replicable devices inevitably lead to escalation on the Beth axis : ie intelligence .

So we have the delicious conclusion that the effects ascribed to Dark Mass and Dark Energy are actually a measure of the Intelligence in a galaxy .

Something a student of history has long suspected : human intelligence can only be measured in cosmological terms .

But an Intelligence Naktiq Device , self-replicating . Roll on the Singularity !

Smartly yours

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