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Salute to a Hero : George Herbert Walter Bush

Salute to a Hero : George Herbert Walter Bush
Andre Willers
1 Feb 2010

Synopsis :
Bush Snr saved hundreds of millions of lives by deciding to intervene in the Russian succession struggle in 1992 , against the advice of his generals .
A nuclear replay of WWI was avoided .

Discussion :

Ever wonder why the most heavily armed nation in history collapsed without even a token defence ?

The NSA of the US had decisively subverted the Command-and-Control structures of the Russian and Warsaw-pact countries through electronic means . See "Time" magazine articles at the time .

But it was a once-off .

Using it meant that countermeasures can (and was taken)

A crushing military victory could be obtained . But at the cost of literally hundreds of millions of casualties and slagged countries .

And there was no guarantee that the USSR's Strategic Rocket Forces will not become involved .

Then the casualties would have been in the billions , all over the world .

The Kicker (why he got the big bucks)
George Herbert Walter Bush (b1941) overruled his General Staff and ordered that full covert and overt support be given to the legitimate Russian Government .

The attempted coup by Spetznaz armoured forces around Moscow ended up being steered in circles , after electronic commands being subverted by NSA .

The Warsaw-Pact troops had always been on 72-hour standby .
The actual order to mobilize and attack had been given .
They were mobilizing in their usual slapdash fashion , but no Weapons of Mass Destruction had been released to forward troops .

The Warsaw-Pact order of battle is now available on the Internet .
It always involved the early release of ABC(Atomic,Bacteriological,Chemical) weapons within the first 48 hours .

Shevardnadze flew down Warsaw-pact headquarters . Between his political bludgeoning and the US subversion of commands , the attack never got started .

But it was a close-run thing .

Once the control of ABC weapons were released , a rerun of WWI (only more terrible) was unavoidable .

Europe would be a wasteland today .
The bacteriological weapons for livestock and plants would also have spread planetwide . Tactical nukes would have obliterated transport systems (especially airports) . This means that no help would have been available .

What do you know !
The systems actually learned something .
It did not happen .

Regardless of what else he did or did not do , for this George Herbert Walter Bush will be considered a Hero in future .
For saving lives in the hundreds of millions and green treasure in billions of plants .

The Oath :
Note that US soldiers swear to
"Life , Liberty , the Pursuit of Happiness and the Constitution of the United States "
One of the reasons for the success of the USA is that it is a principle , not a country .
Saving other people's lives is fit , good and proper .

This is exactly what George Herbert Walter Bush did .

He upheld honor
He is also one of the few moderns that can say with some justification :
"Si monumentes requires , circumspice ."

Look at what is not there . The wastelands and blasted inhabitants .
Cf Mandela and De Klerk , much as it pains me to admit it .

PS . I don't do panegyrics .
Bush deserves his kudo's .

Andre .

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