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Inverse Anthropomorphism

Andre Willers
6 Feb 2011

Synopsis :
Humans create structures (laws , civilization , culture , art , etc) that flow from their own nature . These are by definition and genesis Anthropomorphic .
But these structures are then modified by procedures outside normal human terms : like logic , mathematics , computer algorithms , formal laws , formal elective procedures , etc .
These changed structures feed back into humans , changing human nature , from their plastic cradle . Children are very susceptible .

This is known as Inverse-Anthropomorphism .

Discussion :

From Wikipedia :
"Anthropomorphism is a term coined in the mid 1700s[1][2] to refer to any attribution of human characteristics (or characteristics assumed or believed by some to belong only to humans) to animals or non-living things, phenomena, material states and objects or abstract concepts."
(My emphasis)

Any religion that has deviated from the Founder's vision is an example . The organised religions (like Christianity , Islam , Science , Communism , etc) shows this clearly . The original concept became Anthropomorphised into an abstract concept . This was then manipulated and changed to a new abstract concept . This was then fed back into the educational establishments . Young children become fanatical Christians , Islamists , Scientists , Communists , Nazis , etc .
Punishment systems ensured adherence to the approved line .

This is Inverse-Anthropomorphism .
Initially the Ideal Anthropomorphism is simply more appealing than the Old Model .
Mostly for the better , I am forced to admit .

But there are always dissenters .
An Ideal Anthropomorphism is then rammed down human throats , changing human nature.
Slavery was the usual mechanism .
(I do not like the way this argument is going .)
This means that very poor societies cannot afford slaves . (Historically supported)
Slavery was then the usual mechanism used for forced Inverse-Anthropomorphism .
Which is why Civilization is usually associated with cities (surplus wealth)
Eventually slavery disappears as wealth increases .

This explains some puzzling problems with the USSR Gulag system . How could a system with 2/3 slaves in the Gulag suddenly become so rich ?

Something similar is happening in the USA with their Gulag of criminalised inner-city dwellers
They created their own barbarians by greedy and stupid educational policies , then very cleverly trained them as military mercenaries .
State loss of control of legal armed forces is the rock that sunk the old Roman Republic , and many others subsequently .
Warlordism is the usual result , with widespread , but spotty slavery .
But , hey , after a century or two the misery smears out .

The Chinese Model :
China has been through this many times . Hence their model of Voluntary Indenture . Also known as Economic Growth Zones . Free enterprise with a vengeance (ie no rules) , but bruised and battered unsuccessful participants can retire with honour to other districts .
This is The Trick !

This is actually cheaper than having the USA model across the whole country . The losers do not have to be sustained by the state through the dole or prison .

This is that extra +6% growth in the Chinese economy They do care for the losers but do not have to support them , and do not criminilize them . A large proportion return to the fray (the Capitilistic Recidivists) . Not only do they not cost the state anything , but a certain percentage have learned something and generate new wealth .
They also do not generate discontent .
(Scheming how to make money is usually fairly harmless to the state.)

Capitalistic Recidivism
Recidivism is then not criminal recidivism , but Capitalistic Recidivism . Try , and try again . The success percentages should make fascinating reading .
I estimate it to be at least 33% , but this contributes a far higher relative percentage to the GDP .
Note that venture capital plays a roughly equivalent role in the US , but not at lower levels .

Looking after the small ones .
Being Kindly to the Small Ones pays on the bottom line .
A strange concept to Western systems .

Human Rights .
Is it a Human Right not to be penalised too much for trying , and failing ?
Real-life experience in large organizations for lower echelons says "Screw up and you are fired and blacklisted"

In China a clerk would be fired , sent home , but can try again .

China is thus more Human Rights friendly than the USA . Especially entrepreneurial rights .
The reason for their relative success .

In this sense , China has learned from experience in a visceral sense . They might lose against the Mongols or the Manchu , but the Ming and Mao are always waiting . At the end , the Mongols and Manchu ended up Chinese .

Adoption as a Dynastic Strategy :
The Chinese dynasty was roughly equivalent to the Roman gens , (or Arabian ibn , or Hebraic ben ) . All used out-adoption to cement alliances . In-adoptions were rarer , but due to low birthrates and a lot of assassinations , they happened .

Intriguing correlation with Eunuchs and medical technology .
Note the dearth of in-adoptions of eunuchs in history . Theoretically , modern democracies can be described as the in-adoptions of eunuchs into the ruling dynasty (since their children are usually irrelevant) . This means that it is theoretically possible that a line of in-adopted eunuch rulers are possible as a dynasty .
But this has never happened openly .
Why ?

A Shadow Dynasty .
Cf Ottoman empire , Roman Catholic Church)
But to have a shadow dynasty , sufficient talented youths must survive the castration . Even with large population resources like China , this did not happen . The same in the Roman Catholic Empire . Eg Few castrati singers for Vienna Boy's choir . The survival rate was low .
Talent is rare , and cutting their balls off does not seem to be a winning strategy .
Even so , it was a bad strategy .
Why ?

It boils down to a showdown between Aristotle's disinterested philosopher-king (eg the eunuch) and his pupil Alexander .We know how that went . Also all other eunuch controlled systems . There was simply not enough commonality between ruler and ruled .

Female Eunuchs .

Post-menopausal women . The Grandmothers . The Real Bosses .

Remember , most of the smart and experienced ones survived , compared to the male eunuchs or males in general
More smart menopausal women survived than smart males , whole or eunuchs . Isn't genetics wonderful ?

Over 70 000 years , they are still the Boss .
See "Peace and War" et al
This is why you sit in the subway eyeing a women's breasts , but not seeing them as nicely browned in the pan with eggs sunny-side up around the nipples .

Your kindly Grannies engineered this , and ruthlessly killed all males who did not agree , to such an extent that it is literally unthinkable today .

In other words , they used Inverse-Anthropomorphism to put some basic epigenetic blocks on the more reprehensible human behaviour patterns (like cannibalism)

A Human fetus slowly broiled in the mother's milk is not on the menu .
Thank your Granny for that .

Veal , anyone ?


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