Saturday, May 14, 2011

Barycenters III : Spindizzy Theory

Barycenters III : Spindizzy Theory
Andre Willers
14 May 2011

Synopsis :
Asymmetric orbitals around barycenters leads to lags between magnetic momentum and angular momentum of mass . This generates fluctuations in G . The effect gets very pronounced if the barycenter is inside the definition horizon one of the particles involved .
Macro-asymmetric effects can be engineered (ie a space-drive)

Discussion :
The relevant equation is the Locke derivation of the Dirac-Brackett equation :
G = (2*c/b) ^2 * (P/U)^2
G=Gravitational Interaction between particles
C is lightspeed , b~0.25 , P is magnetic moment , U is Angular Momentum .

The Trick :
1.P and U are divorced (lagged) in Barycenter descriptions .
The centers do not coincide .
2.G then varies . This averages out unless some rectifying element is applied .
Usually , this is simply dipping the barycenter below the definition horizon of a particle .
3.But you can apply precise EM lasers at beat frequencies to increase the lag .
This will biase G in the direction of the lasers .
In other words , a reactionless mass space drive .

Testing :
This can be tested on university desk-top systems .

Tribute to James Blish .
We don't need a Bridge on Jupiter .
But he was the Bridge .

May we see Cities in Flight .


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