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Barycenters , Stellar- and Proton stability

Barycenters , Stellar- and Proton Stability
Andre Willers
7 May 2011

Synopsis :
A Barycenter inside an object's defined delineation radius destabilizes it .

Discussion :
See for definitions of barycenters .
See " Slingshots , Dark Matter and Dark Energy."17 Apr 2011 .

Suns :
Our sun has a barycenter just outside it's surface , mainly due to Jupiter .

What does this mean ?
It means that Sol is not prone to massive eruptions that will sterilize the planets .
The same will be true for other Solar systems .

A barycenter inside the Sun will impart massive momentum surges to the normal stellar processes , resulting in large EMP and particulate fluxes due to fusion in extra-solar environments (loops) . This would sterilize any life processes on planets .

Earth-Moon has a barycenter inside the earth . This means very large tides as well as active tectonics .Basically , the generation of life . Just enough destabilization .

Protons :
Proton size has to be smaller than the barycenter distance from the proton's center .
If it is greater , it will decay .
If it doesn't , it's boundary is forever teasing the edges of instability . The half-life of protons can be calculated from this .
Substituting muons for electrons (see "NewScientist" 26 Mar 2011 p50 "Nuclear bad boys" ) led to a factor of about 4% reduction in the size of the proton .As expected . They did not mention decay products from proton breakdown .

This is actually a planar explosive
(energy release along general proton spin axes) .
About 4% conversion of mass into energy .
It also means that a chain reaction is possible .
A really large bomb .

But , also , a space drive .
Spindizzy . Dirac equations apply .

What will Humans choose ?


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