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Atlantis Colonies III

Atlantis Colonies III
Andre Willers
9 Nov 2011

Synopsis :
Look at Portmao just south of Cape St Vincent and north of Tartessos .


Possible sites for Atlantis colonies in south-western Spain .

Let us sneak up on them by looking at submarine trenches at the edge of the continental shelf .
Carved by river outflows , mostly .

We immediately notice that there are pronounced trenches opposite Cadiz , the Guadalquivir river ,
Huelva , Guadiana river and opposite today's town of Portmao .

Extensive ruins have been found in all four shore-sites , except Portmao .
They have been picked over by thousands of years' civilizations .
Portmao is where you should look for new finds .

It would probably have been an outpost , overlooked for millennia . The trench is actually quite extensive , so there should have been extensive scouring at some stage . A large river or a big tsunami . If a tsunami , there should be large undisturbed artifacts deposited in and near the trench .
Gold and silver artifacts would have dropped down fairly near the shore .

Otherwise , there should be traces of large river and a marshy area .

Look at the shorelines about 10 000 years ago . There were extensive hinterlands at Portmao .

Ears :
The alert reader would have noticed that about 10 000 years ago there would still have been a large proportion of click-speakers around . See my previous posts .
This would show in how they handle their ears , especially the left ear .
Notice that all old South American heads show the ears bare , even in very cold climate areas .

See the Lady of Elche .
A bust of the Tartessos period .
This poor lady seemed quite unhealthy . Notice the pronounced asymmetry between the left and right hand sides of her face .
The left eye is smaller , and the left corner of the mouth droops slightly . Indicative of a mild stroke . But note the left ear compared to the right ear . The right ear is completely exposed , while the left ear seems muffled , but part of an elongated earlobe peeks out below .
Remember , this would be a formal portrait , so nothing appears by chance .
Note the elaborate sound-amplifiers over each ear .
I cannot see whether her skull has been deformed .
(Do some metric tests.)

This indicates a Click-speaker , with small talent and at the end of her life .
But still extremely Royal .

Fascinating !
I can only speculate that the skull-deformations practised extensively in many cultures were attempts to compensate for the progressive loss of Click-speaking genes .

Looking at some images on Google , one can see that the earhole in the skull migrates extensively , leading to some rewiring , especially in Broca's area .

An elongated skull would lead to skull-hollows with longer wavelength resonances . Ie , amplify small Click-speaker talents .

Social selection would then take over . Long after the Click-speaker talent have been washed away , social systems would still prize it .

Note Egyptian elongated skulls . Compare to South American ones .

Dolphins :
A dolphin should be able to immediately identify a potential click-speaker from skull-resonances .
Conversely , a click-speaker should get on much better with dolphins .

Hint : use human echo-locators on underwater dives . See what dolphins make of them .
(I can't find any reference on google .
Or for pointy-head , except that it dates at least from 1640 AD)

Old South American ruins will look completely different to a Click-speaker .

Take an echo-locator to the Nasca-lines . What would he perceive ?

High-altitude adaptation :
Sigh .
High-altitude and desert adaptation would select against Click-speakers . Denser blood vessels and closer packing of alveoli would shorten vocal wavelengths (ie higher frequencies )
(Click is at low frequencies)
As Homo colonised , dryness and height selected against click-speaking , until it vanished .

This is actually noticeable in present day CEO's . They normally have light-tenor voices , not deep baritones as would be expected . The suspicion is that this is because they all jog and work out .
It is delicious to note female reactions to the Boss who sounds like a boy .

To attract a female Homo , make your voice deep and go Click-click .
You think I am joking ?
Why do you think Africans with Clicks in their language still have the highest fertility rates .
Or why the Click sound survived at all .

Clicks are aprodisiacs .
Oh well .
You have horse whisperers , elephant whisperers , though no surviving rhino- or buffalo whisperers .

All use click sounds .

So , there are women whisperers .
You know the type . Oiling their way around .
Note the aphrodisiac effects of old-style trains .
Clickety-Clack .
It would be amusing to correlate birthrates against railroad-usage .
Even more amusing if there is a direct relationship .

Chattanooga express , anyone ?
She knew what it meant , but still she went .

Have a nice trip .

Andre .


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