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The Unfairness of Betrayal .

The Unfairness of Betrayal
Andre Willers
3 Nov 2011

Synopsis :
Betrayal is the greatest unfairness of them all .

Discussion :
Fairness can be seen as the homeostasis of social systems .
In social animals , this arises from neurological effects .
From experimental evidence , all social animals will punish behaviour deemed unfair , even at a cost to themselves .

In Humans , the major agencies are the mirror-neuron networks .
Any disturbance provokes countermeasures at a neurological level .

This almost always involves serotonin-cascades , especially if reproduction is involved .
See “Post Coital Depression Syndrome” Sep 2003

The system has mechanisms to handle competition .It has to , in order to survive .
It has to have ways to handle defeat . The subsequent result of the conditioning process is an homeostasis experienced as “Fairness” .

The Betrayer bypasses the competition handling mechanisms . Gains Trust .
The Betrayer then uses this to gain an advantage that is seen as unfair .

If offspring , actual or potential (ie sex) , is involved , some very deep serotonin cascades and instantaneous rage (adrenalin surges) episodes are initiated
See “Post Coital Depression Syndrome” Sep 2003

There is no thinking . The levels are too deep . It is a wonder that there are not more murderous divorces .

The serotonin cascades means that the Betrayee feels joy in the rage . Some get addicted to it .
You know the type . Eternal victims , getting joy out of raging at their Betrayers .

Trust is abused by betrayal .
This gives rise to a partial activation of the system . The absence of sex means serotonin- cascades are not initiated , but adrenalin-surges (rages) are .
It is never forgiven . It is fixated in the amygdala .

Note your reaction to two notorious betrayers :
Judas Iscariot and Benedict Arnold .

Now note your reaction to the following statements :
Judas Iscariot was a secret agent following orders from his Maccabean commanders in the struggle against Roman tyranny.
Benedict Arnold was a British secret agent that infiltrated the American Rebellion .

You see ?
James Bond falls within an acceptable competition paradigm .

So , whistle-blowers can be protected by a cover story that they had been undercover agents all along . Even if it is suspected that it is not true , the deep reaction will not be invoked .
Remember , this is well below conscious level .

But that won't help if sex is involved .
Mirror-neuron networks will activate the serotonin cascades even on known fictional betrayals .
The whole Romance-novel formula is based on this . And it works every time , regardless of conscious knowledge .

Female secret agents that use sex are never forgiven by men or women .
There is an out : sex here means potential children . If it is made clear that there is no possibility of children (hysterectomy , etc) , the serotonin cascades do not get switched on .

Feel your reaction to the statement “Delilah could not have children after she had
been raped . She then worked for her country.”

Forgiveness :
A full activation of the Betrayal system gets written to the amygdala . This is evolutionary driven .
Even partial repetitions only reinforces it .
People get more-and-more bitter and enraged until they die .
Or they can reprogram the amygdala .
Also known as real forgiveness .

This can be done .
Usually done for Post Traumatic Stress syndrome .
I am surprised that cosmetic Amygdala Virtual Surgery has not been thought of .
It should be very lucrative .

How much will you pay to get rid of the rage about an ex ?

Betrayal Addiction :
Betrayal is addictive . A good betrayer has to have a sensitive mirror-neuron network . This activates the same serotonin cascades and rage surges as the betrayees .
But he can do it again and again .
It follows the standard addiction patterns.
“Why is that politician so pale and shaky ? Because he has not betrayed anybody for at least a month .”

Fairness , Justice and Betrayal
Fairness is the deepest . Justice is seen as an expression of fairness in (admittedly imperfect) human terms .
If the Judicial System disagrees with Fairness , this is seen as Betrayal . The King , nobles ,etc has betrayed the People , the people being fairness nowadays . Previously the Will Of Heaven , the Favour of the Gods , etc .
Heads then roll and dynasties fall .

Note the activation of ecstatic rage in revolutions . Individuals literally do not care what happens to themselves .

Expect to see a lot more of it than the present luke-warm Arab Spring and OccupyWallStreet .

Things are unfair .
A revolution , any revolution .

Andre .


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