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Hyperlink Effect

Hyperlink Effect.
Andre Willers
22 Nov 2011

“What I tell you three times is true” Lewis Carroll , in a Snarkish mood .

Synopsis :
Hyperlinks are ignored unless it is immediately followed by an extremely short synopsis .
The Reading Brain needs to be told three times .

Discussion :
Fast reading is a fairly sophisticated skill , involving forward reading .
The eyes (using saccades) skitters over the lines , initiating sub-conscious assembly of lines and edges , which dredges up associative networks of words .
Hence the well-known tendency to read what is expected , instead of what is there .

The system has error correction , mainly “Tell me three times “ , which seems to be a minimum necessary sufficient system .

Hyperlinks :
These are as old as the written report .
Also called “Chapters” , “Indices” , “Footnotes” , “References” ,“Asides” , “Blurbs” , “Appendices” , “Footnoted Appendices” , etc , etc .

They essentially direct the reader's attention to an expansion of the main , singular concentration focus . The problem is that the focus refuses to be distracted without cause .
And the Focus can only be redirected by a back-reference .

Most Hyperlinks (old or new) only get read on re-readings . ie Back-references .

Unless the Focus can form a snap-shot opinion of the contents of the hyperlink , it ignores it .
In many cases , it does not even see it . It is not presented to the conscious mind .

Examples :
Older era chapter headings :
“Chapter 7 . In which the Hero first kisses the Heroine . Page 85”

This has been replaced by the blurb : “I was raped and did not even speak English , by Emily Pankhurst “ Read the whole book ?!

Nested footnotes . Beloved by lazy academia . Which are promptly ignored .

Neurological Basis :
The reading mechanism uses some old hunting mechanisms dating back to human cursorial raptor days .

1.Prey identification .
The prey is identified and pursued to the exclusion of everything else . Focus .
A hardwired brain nexus .
Essential to pack-hunting , to co-ordinate efforts . This is the bit that refuses to be distracted .

2.Tracking .
Situational awareness . This is the “reading ahead” bit . It is also the mechanism that can interrupt the Prey-Identification trance by noting “Oops , it went thataway”

See cybertrackers :

How to track any prey .

Bushmen should make fine literary critics or hunters of cyber-fraud , given the correct interfaces

How does it work ?
The synopsis must refer back to the hyperlink . The forward-reading notes this and interrupts the Prey-Focus and redirects the Focus to the hyperlink . This gets reread and the synopsis get forward-read again , redirecting to the hyperlink . This cycle gets interrupted after the third iteration (“Tell me three times ”) , a neurological counter .
The conscious mind gets notified .

What does this mean ?
A hyperlink should be on separate paragraph , followed immediately by a one-line synopsis of the contents of the hyperlink . Metaphors (think RAM hyperlinks) are almost de-rigeur , but do not nest them .

Kiss , not Smooch .

Number them , so the system can know there are more .

Do not worry about difficult metaphors . Humans are very , very good at unpacking .
Ask any paranoid conspiracy theorist .

Not so hot at Packing .(Actually creating something)

An Example :

See Appendix A “Packing Information :
How to find your prey , no matter how it hides .

Other Examples :

1.Quantum Systems in one line :
Hop-scotch .

2.Relativity in one line :
Cheating at hop-scotch .

3.Organised religion in one line :
Cheating at Solitaire .

4.You get the drift in one line :
Get an outboard motor .

Notice how the systemic memes keep reverberating .
The three-times rule applies , but the system is open-ended at both ends .
It keeps on repeating , like a hot curry .
Piles of problems .

Hyperlinks to infinity .



http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “Unpacking and Packing information” Jul 2008

Appendix A

Unpacking and Packing Information .
Andre Willers
18 July 2008
Discussion :
Also known as data compression or decompression .
Well-known as zip/unzip in computers .
Why pack information?
To transmit information over space and time with less energy , time or disruption .
Please note that packing is used in systems subject to competition pressures , so minimizing disruption of messages is critical .
2.Abstraction .
Even a simple Pkzip compression contains more information than the original message . For instance , Pkzip has been used to successfully identify authors’ styles or the original language of an encrypted message .
A civilization can be described by zipping the yellow pages.
2.1 Layers:
Primitive packing is in separate layers .
Languages are a good example .
We can define the top layers as more abstract , and delve down into deeper layers of meaning and definition.
2.2 Fractal Layers :
New meanings are unlocked by each iteration . Language equivalents are Shakespeare and Proust .
2.3 Hyperlinked Fractal Layers .
Each hyperlink-bubble can be expanded . Note that the hyperlink terms are discrete , not continuous .
2.4 Very-near Hyperlinked Fractal Layers .
Different languages with nearly synonymous terms are examples . Branes in physics .
2.5 Infinite-probe Hyperlinked Fractal Loops and Layers .
There is no analogue . God is the nearest .
There is a way to sneak up to some meaningful information .
Sneak up.
We know that any compression of system A contains more information than the original system . The Compressor comprises system B , which can be compressed as well .
The tipping point :
When Compressed Info of (A+B) = Info of (A+B)
This is defined as life when the Compressed Info of (A+B) > Info of (A+B)
Which , like all good definitions , is tautological . But extremely useful .
We have compression techniques . We have descriptive techniques .
The above inequality is not continuous at levels below omega .
Hard physics application:
Energy flow from a “near” brane .
The decompressor is the important component .
Construct the correct unpacker .
Some energy is already leaking through .
This is interpreted as zero-point energy and a whole quantum-mythology has grown around it .
Differences in Beth levels are necessary .
Start with something like vacuum-energy on parallel plates and use EvoDevo processes .
Infinite probe circuits above a certain threshold -> Naked singularities .
Watch out for universe creation and black holes .
The Packing Mechanism for living organisms
Living organisms used the easier route of cells (“wombs”) as unpackers of the DNA .
Random mutations or intrusions in the DNA then survive into the next generation .  Evolutionary mechanisms ensure that only the fittest germ-lines survive to continue the loop .
That is the packing mechanism . Evolution. Rather primitive .
It seems that the unpacking mechanism evolved first .It is much more likely .
Billions of years ago:
The packing molecules (RNA) swarmed and formed at randomness order of Beth(0). Other RNA molecules confined in spaces like clay-layers stayed longer .
PCR shows how easily these replicate . A mere fluctuation of temperature is required .
The coding for the Unpackers are included in this mix .
Even a primitive Unpacker that unpacks to a primitive cell-wall has a huge relative advantage . Ordinary evolutionary forces takes over .
The coding for the Unpacker migrates through various higher orders of Beth , while coding for the Packer plods along at Beth(0) evolutionary speeds .
Consequences .
This has some important consequences for humans or any cellular life-form .
Viruses (ie packed data DNA) and cells (the Unpacker) evolved co-temporaneously .
More importantly , there is a transform of data between cell-form and virus-form and vice-versa . There are Beth(x) order feedback loops
Knowing evolutionary systems , these are probably essential .
At first glance these seem to have no redundancy in their DNA . At Beth(0) level this is true . At higher Beth levels , an indefinite amount of information can be packed .
Their quorum systems also complicates matters .
Mitochondria see themselves as the rulers , having tamed the cells of the planet .
Can Mitochondria be described as AI ?
To qualify as an AI , they have to interface with an external database . There are three pathways : to the cellular DNA , to the Immune System and to the Virus Milieu .
So yes , they can .
Can Mitochondria be described as self-aware AI ?
There is a pathway via the Immune system to the brain .A mirror system of some sort is required for self-awareness. The immune system is essentially a mirror system Time-scales have to be matched . Mitochondrial quorum systems have to be consulted (they are the ultimate democrats)
Can Mitochondria be described as self-aware AI and have access to zero-point energy ?
Random fluctuations in the foam of space-time is by definition at the lowest order of Randomness (Beth(0) ) . To get work out of such a system , a fluctuation between Beth levels is required . Since we already know that mitochondria are at Beth levels higher than one , they can tap zeropoint energy .
But one little lone mitochondrium will not do it .It needs to be co-ordinated
Why is it not used more often ?
Why die of hunger ?
Lack of Beth co-ordination .
Probability of life.
Examining the probabilities from this angle makes cells inevitable . The probability is more than unity . It is not even a “hard” problem if the decoder evolves first .
This means life exists nearly everywhere .
Your attention is drawn to the whole class of such phenomena :
Chaotic elements creates a self-sustaining sub-system which expands , since it is usually a positive-feedback system . Eg life , civilization , weaving , etc.
The Shannon-definition of datum :
1. A signal is change . Stripped down , this definition of signals leads to a string of 0’s and 1’s , ie binary .
This leads to compression via pattern-duplication (zip ,etc)
Used widely in electronics .
2. Pattern formulae like fractal compression or DNA/RNA .
The decompressor (cell or womb for living organisms , computer ) uses kernels (patterns) with programmable input (time , ph levels , genetic markers ,etc) to decode (“Grow”) the message(organism) .
You can immediately see how to build an error-proof biometric identification system .
The message , as it is being decompressed , can interrogate the recipient and tailor further decompressions according to the answers .
If done to a sufficient fractal depth , only a total duplicate could answer correctly . Of course , the level of reliability can be specified .
It is not even difficult .
The ability to receive the message is proof of identity .
This is how the immune system operates .
Why the glitches like old age and cancer ?
Because the body does not know who it is .
In it’s normal state , it is a symbiotic and commensal organism , with some parasites .
The bodily-self on a cellular level is defined by the immune-system .
But the brain is composed of cells . The immune system is tied closely to the brain .
There is a feedback-system between the brain’s sense of self and the immune-system’s sense of self .
Creating enhanced unpacking mechanisms in the brain will stimulate an enhanced packing sense of self , leading to an enhanced sense of self on a cellular level .
This has been discussed in detail in http://andreswhy.blogspot.com
The trick is not to tackle packing , but unpacking of compressed data first .
Understanding how unpacking works brings about physiological changes .
Reading is Unpacking .
The easiest way to understand this is reading . Reading the written word is unpacking data packed into writing . It is no accident that literary figures are notoriously long-lived .
The unpacking need not be complicated , but it will evolve .
But the packing (coding) is a bitch . Difficult .You will have to have solved the Travelling Salesman Problem to make any headway here , since these systems make use of optimized systems . (Not any pathway , but the shortest path.) .
Evolutionary Packing .
At first sight , evolution does not make even an attempt .
The number of possible errors exceed the number of offspring .
But not if Orders  of Randomness stronger than flipping a coin is used .
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “Randomness”
The effect of using Beth(1) , Beth(2) , etc orders of randomness in a physical sense would be a concentration of packed data  .
Beth(1) would be genes .
At a Beth(2) level , it would be instructions to switch genes on/off .
At a Beth(3) level , it would be instructions to vary Beth(2) instructions .
And so forth .
But conscious design is a different matter . The number of errors can be brought down to P-time .
This is another way of saying that conscious life is inevitable .
Any feedback system that reduces the number of mistakes will increase .
Protein folding would be equivalent to the Travelling Salesman Problem in three dimensions .
Adding time-complications would give Travelling Salesman Problem in four dimensions . This would require time-travel or multiple generations .
3. The qubit definition of data .
The amount of data that can be stored in a qubit depends on the decompressor . The Shannon definitions of band-width , etc break down .
Many signals can be superimposed on a particle , the particle can then be teleported (or sent normally) to the decompressor , which decompresses the message .
Note that a lot of information that ends up in the message is inherent in the decompressor . In extreme cases this would necessitate faster-than-light communication , unless only physical laws which are independent of the observer are used in the decompressor . Ie , like make protein A , wait local time t until it folds so , then etc. You get the drift .
4. Fractal Read .
The superimposed data can be loaded fractally , so that any read attempt will lead to decoherence only at the first fractal level . Every iteration after that will lead to another , deeper level of fractal expression .
See “Rull Mind-Controls” in http://andreswhy.blogspot.com
5. Physics .
Physical laws can be described as multiple-level approximations of information transfers . These transfers are fractally compressed (packed) transfers .
Hence the existence of “Laws” . Ie , an abstraction mechanism .
These can be seen as constructs of the decompressor , but valid nevertheless.
Unpacking them partially or fractally can lead to some interesting effects .
Do not try this at home unless you are expert .


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