Friday, January 06, 2012

Make your own MetaMaterial .

Make your own MetaMaterial
Andre Willers
8 Jan 2012

Design and make your own metamaterials using off-the-shelf nano-particles and DNA bonding ,
some knowledge of chaos-theory will be handy .

Discussion :
See :
1.“DNA bonded crystals herald new chemistry” , NewScientist 22 Oct 2011 p20]

This is test-tube stuff , and can be done in any home or school lab .

The Algorithm:
1.Nano-particles are substituted for atoms . Gold , silver , platinum , buckyballs ,etc
2.Attach them to DNA with single-strand DNA strings sticking out . These substitute for normal hydrogen , covalent etc bonds .
3.Mix and match . Complementary single-strand DNA's will bind , resulting in a metamaterial compounds in a chaotic fashion .
4.Treat this like any normal compound in analysis and refinement .

Exotic compounds on which the whole armoury of conventional chemistry can be focussed .

Some possibilities :
1.Proper high energy batteries .
2.Invisibility cloaks at EM and chemical level .
3.High temperature superconductors .(Doping!)
4.Bio-electronic interfaces at molecular and cellular level .
Real-time programmable hormones .
5.Real-time programmable catalysts .
6.Real-time programmable immune-system interfaces .
7.Real-time progammable epigenetic interfaces .Practical immortality .
8.A simple , pre-programmed telomere extender is theoretically possible .
A Longevity Elixir can thus be be developed with even simple tools .

The list is literally endless . It has no upper bound on the number of existing “atomic” elements .

Automated systems :
This would be ideal for already developed automated invention systems .
“Adam-and-Eve” setups , labs on a chip , etc .

Existing quantum theory is simply not up to handling calculations of this complexity in real-time .
Designer systems are quite a bit further down the line .

Back to the test-tube .
The good old days , when a lucky discovery can make you a billionaire .

Happy hunting !

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