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Metamaterial Fertilizer

Metamaterial Fertilizer.
Andre Willers
12 Jan 2012

Metamaterial fertilizers can increase yield per acre at least eightfold in one season .
Also make better humans .

Precisely targeted things can have extraordinary effects .
See Appendix A for the effect of planting seeds in a precise way .

Precisely targeting fertilizer and water will have even a larger effect .

See “Make your own metamaterial” Jan 2012
How to make a metamaterial . See Appendix II , repeated for your convenience .

SuperSeed :
The seed is embedded in DNA matrix of fertilizers and water optimizers .

Nature has already attempted this , but resultants like fruits and wombs were limited by resource scarcity , notably rare elements .

We can do better .

Precisely metered nutrients can be incorporated into the metamaterial superseed . If a SmartBuckyball is incorporated , activity per seed can be monitored and controlled in real time.

Even a primitive version will increase yields by an order of 3 . (ie 8 times per acre)
Why ?
The old 3-dim cubic problem . The plant only has to look in the close metamaterial region for nutrients , not in in the cubic surrounding it .

This also gets rid of the pesky problem of too much nutrients poisoning the oceans .

And it can be manufactured cheaply on a large scale .

Vacuum Flowers :
Incorporating Deinococcus Radiorans inside a nutritional metamaterial matrix and broadcasting it all over the Solar system should have some interesting results .
The metamaterial not only speeds things up , but also has some marked channeling effects .
Ie , vacuum mining bugs on the asteroids for precisely desired elements .

Venus :
This atmosphere seems to be a high-energy supersaturated system waiting for a seed . The seed being a correctly formulated SuperSeed . So , terraforming Venus might be much quicker than supposed .

Subterranean oceans of super-concentrated solutions lends themselves to metamaterial seeds .
Testing can be done in fumaroles on Earth .

Jupiter sneezes :
SuperSeeds to create very strong , light materials and a “sneeze” environment that ejects them outside the atmosphere , where they can be harvested .

Human SuperSeeds :
Mammalian wombs make an attempt at this , but is hampered by environmental shortages of critical elements and other epigenetic stresses . Indeed , epigenetic systems have evolved to compensate for the lack of crucial nutrients .

These systems are buffered .
Difficult to change . A promising drug is Imipramine
See ScientificAmerican , Dec 2011 , “Hidden switches in the mind” p58
You might really need these epigenetic switches to survive .
Just wiping them all to “Default” after millions of years of evolution seems rash , if not fatal .

Cancers and Immortality :
The same thing . See “Inverted Pyramids and Green Goo” Nov 2011

Travel and trade will increase cancers .
Shortage of certain elements very quickly get elided from the cancer-checking epigenetic mechanisms . If they subsequently become available , there is a pulse of cancers that subsides as old memory systems kick in .

A human SuperSeed then will check if all nutrients are there , then reset epigenetic markers and desires for precursors of these markers .

Smart Histones :
Histones are swaddled by the DNA strands . The histone itself swells or shrinks according to quantum-mechanical influences , giving another dimension to epigenetics . Not to mention that the histone is strongly suspected of being a powerful neutrino capturer . Pulses .

And you thought Life was simple ?


Appendix I
See “Jethro Tull-Super Hero” Dec 2005
Jethro Tull – Super Hero
 Andre willers
24 Dec 2005
In 1701 an Englishman called Jethro Tull invented the seed drill . By quickly and reliably planting seeds at the optimal spacing and depth , this invention enabled about a fourfold increase in yield within one season .
This invention created the largest pulse of wealth in history . Bigger than the invention of fire . Bigger than the invention of agriculture . Bigger than the invention of the internal combustion engine or transistor .
It kick-started the Industrial Revolution .
The reasons:
Most wealth was agricultural.
The increase in wealth was within one season . Malthusian population growth would take about 2 to 3 generations to catch up . Imagine getting a 400% raise in your salary in one year without inflation . This was the effect . This pulse of wealth propagated onwards , giving leisure and incentive to inventors . (ref Baby Boomer Pulse)
The result was a pulse of wealth stimulating other individuals to make similar inventions . The Age of Reason was born . The problem was the massive increase in population made possible by the efficient mechanized systems .
The large number of surplus males and the means to support large armies led to the First Large War (Napoleontic) . This gave the Age of Reason a knock (Nationalism), but you could still state unpopular beliefs without being killed for it . The Second Large War (WWI) destroyed the Age of Reason and ushered in the ideologies (Communism , Marxism , Fascism , Capitalism ). If you stated an unpopular belief , you stood a good chance of being heavily penalized for it . The demise of ideologies collapsed the system back to Religious Fundamentalism , where you can be killed for stating an unpopular belief . The Age of Reason is finally dead . This is the state at circa 2006 AD .
The Age of Reason only lasted a century , but gave rise to our present wealth .
When evaluating ideas like that of Huebner ( see “Waiting for the lights to go out” in Sunday Times of Oct 16 2005 ) , it is important to remember that changes come in pulses .  Things might seem to be going to hell in a hand-basket (cf horse-poop in New York circa 1890’s) , but discontinuities generate pulses of change and wealth . You might as well try to explain a transistor using Newtonian mechanics . In other words , analyzing pulses of change as simple statistics of numbers of people over time is garbage .
Is Reason a Good Thing ?
The human race is trembling on the brink of extinction because of the inability of reason to resolve the problem  of population and competition .
Example: China
Twice China has limited expansion:
1 Destruction of exploration fleets in 15 th century : the result was Western domination 200 years later (not very long) .
2  One child families in the 20 th century . The Result was a pulse of wealth (as more resources was devoted to education of the lone children) , but their main competitor India is exceeding their population .
Reason (ie logic) has two major drawbacks :
1    The Universum (Venn)  is unbounded . This has been proven rigorously in 1906 (Principia Mathematica by Whitehead and Russell) . This means that no theory of everything is possible . ( If you think you have a TOE , you can always define items outside the delineated boundary which , by definition , do not fit inside TOE.)
 2    Chaos Theory shows that that even inside a deterministic system , time-sequence predictions are only possible with varying degrees of error (cf weather) . The number of near equipotential branches grow exponentially after a finite number of time units .
This means that the End Does Not Justify The Means .
At best , a prediction must have some sort of probability margins .
This argument is only valid if no time-travel is possible .
Is there hope?
Our present locale (the sidereal Universe) can be expressed as Locale I , defined by the principle that conservation laws are possible There are rules !. Seeing Locale I as delineated , means pockets of being (particles) , space , time  and curvaceous space-time. But it is unstable iro non-conservation systems (defined as Locale II). Locale I is maintained artificially by Locale II .
Locale I is maintained primarily as a nursery (try bringing up kids where there are no rules!) , but also as a holiday (going primitive) and trading/warfare locale . This is because interactions can be enforced in Locale I (ie the rules:conservation of something) , whereas in Locale II you cannot force an interaction .
The above reasons work better if there is a lot of variety .Also , the usual reasons of humanity , looking after the planet , etc , etc do not apply except as insofar they illustrate a lesson . In other words , nobody is innocent except the children , and they get the lessons they need .
What does this mean ?
There will be a variety increase soon .
This can be
1. Massive depopulation (plague , eco)
2. Aliens in space
3. Aliens in time
4. Both (most likely : there is only one singularity per universe : the first contacts from the local viewpoint will be on most similar interfaces.)
Merry Christmas
The Alien.

Appendix II
Make your own MetaMaterial
Andre Willers
8 Jan 2012

Design and make your own metamaterials using off-the-shelf nano-particles and DNA bonding ,
some knowledge of chaos-theory will be handy .

Discussion :
See :
1.“DNA bonded crystals herald new chemistry” , NewScientist 22 Oct 2011 p20]

This is test-tube stuff , and can be done in any home or school lab .

The Algorithm:
1.Nano-particles are substituted for atoms . Gold , silver , platinum , buckyballs ,etc
2.Attach them to DNA with single-strand DNA strings sticking out . These substitute for normal hydrogen , covalent etc bonds .
3.Mix and match . Complementary single-strand DNA's will bind , resulting in a metamaterial compounds in a chaotic fashion .
4.Treat this like any normal compound in analysis and refinement .

Exotic compounds on which the whole armoury of conventional chemistry can be focussed .

Some possibilities :
1.Proper high energy batteries .
2.Invisibility cloaks at EM and chemical level .
3.High temperature superconductors .(Doping!)
4.Bio-electronic interfaces at molecular and cellular level .
Real-time programmable hormones .
5.Real-time programmable catalysts .
6.Real-time programmable immune-system interfaces .
7.Real-time progammable epigenetic interfaces .Practical immortality .
8.A simple , pre-programmed telomere extender is theoretically possible .
A Longevity Elixir can thus be be developed with even simple tools .

The list is literally endless . It has no upper bound on the number of existing “atomic” elements .

Automated systems :
This would be ideal for already developed automated invention systems .
“Adam-and-Eve” setups , labs on a chip , etc .

Existing quantum theory is simply not up to handling calculations of this complexity in real-time .
Designer systems are quite a bit further down the line .

Back to the test-tube .
The good old days , when a lucky discovery can make you a billionaire .

Happy hunting !
Annexure III
Epigenetics and PTSD
Andre Willers
13 Dec 2010
Important , but transient , events are tacked onto DNA , but not into DNA .
These lessons are expressed through logic gates formed by activation/repression of genes :This forms the Histone Code . It also regulates transcription of short-term memory into long-term memory .
Methylation is only one of these  methods. (See Annexure A)
A traumatic memory (like Famine) for an individual can then be transcribed into a PTSD memory , but also into an Epigenetic memory affecting later generations of cells and children  .
Ordinary memory works the same way , but with less emphasis .
Note the beautiful elegance of multiple usages for the same mechanism .
The switch and intensity for different usages is encoded into the same structure .
The Histone Code has 10 known modifications (see Addendum A) . From basic principles , only 4 are needed for primary data storage . The others are usage switches and intensity gauges . (Note the correlation with number of dimensions needed in String Theory – for the same reason)
Medium-term Structure , continuity and memory is conferred on the DNA by the Histone Code , which itself is of a different transience (time-span) than DNA . This makes the whole complex more stable , since mutual error-repair is (in theory) possible .
The DNA Code and the Histone Code are in mutual symbiosis .
Truly elegant .
Attack Points :
1 Coding
For this type of compression
See   "Unpacking and Packing Information" 19 Jul 2008
See para 3.1 and 3.2 below .
2 Methylation reduction :
See   "BetaBlockers and Trauma memory" 30 Apr 2010
Extensively used .
2.2Comfort foods : theobromine (Chocolate)
Recent studies have indicated that about 6 gm of cacao mass per day reduces blood overpressure by about 46% . The indications are that it clears blood-vessel memory of stressor events (ie wiping an epigenetic memory) . De-methylation . .
Had a scare ?
Take two squares (about 7 gm) of 85% Cacao chocolate .
Maybe more is better ? Be a devil and take another two .
2.3 Alcohol
A proven method , with some undesirable side-effects .
Chocolate liqueurs , anyone ?
2.4 Other drugs work to some extent (see Wiki) , but without at least an outline of the function of the Histone Code , intervention has to proceed with some trepidation .
3 Bacteria
From Wiki :
"Histones are found in the nuclei of eukaryotic cells, and in certain Archaea, namely Euryarchaea, but not in bacteria. Archaeal histones may well resemble the evolutionary precursors to eukaryotic histones. Histone proteins are among the most highly conserved proteins in eukaryotes, emphasizing their important role in the biology of the nucleus"
Note that the above implies that bacteria can have no sense of identity , but swap genetic (ie DNA) material in all directions . As is observed . An offshoot expressing all the possibilities of life .
3.1 Thus , we can use the techniques discussed in
See   "The Beauty of the Genetic Code" 22 Feb 2010
3.2 These have been refined for use in the Gulf Oil Spill .
See   "Mexican Gulf Oils Spill" 10 Sep 2010
Archaea bacteria can be used to probe the Histone Code , then usable bits can be stitched or expressed .
Some intriguing corollaries :
1. Humans with no diabetesII and very good natural long-term memories should patent their skin bacteria and sell them .
2. Proven and benchmarked  PTSD individuals will have a marketable commodity .
3. Genealogy will become really important . Many mental problems (like schizophrenia ) can be reclassified as Epigenetic disorders . It has been shown that the methylation can come equally from the male or female for at least three generations. Thus the patients can now blame their Great-grand parents , grand parents or parents . This should ease the load on the parents , as most of the others should be safely dead .
4. Future Genealogy : Equally , present living progenitors would be anxious to avoid future blame and law-suits that they are not the source of the epigenetic handicap . A lawyer's paradise . Contracts do not void gross negligence . An interesting time for large , inherited estates . And the State will want it's share of health costs , as well . The mind boggles .
5. Class Action Suits by victims of wars , famines and other mass-traumatic events will become commonplace . See Tobacco . This should be extremely interesting in the case of Global Warming .Eg :The descendants of the victims of the Ethiopia Famine (caused by European atmospheric pollution) will have a class-action against the EU for damages suffered due to epigenetic factors .
6. Very good long-term memories will become commonplace .
7. And so forth
If this is too big a shock to your system , take this chocolate pill .
Dr Gaia will see you soon .
Andre .
Annexure A
From Wikipedia
Compacting DNA strands
Histones act as spools around which DNA winds. This enables the compaction necessary to fit the large genomes of eukaryotes inside cell nuclei: the compacted molecule is 40,000 times shorter than an unpacked molecule.
Chromatin regulation
Histones undergo posttranslational modifications which alter their interaction with DNA and nuclear proteins. The H3 and H4 histones have long tails protruding from the nucleosome which can be covalently modified at several places. Modifications of the tail include methylation,acetylation, phosphorylation, ubiquitination, SUMOylation, citrullination and ADP-ribosylation. The core of the histones H2A, H2B and H3 can also be modified. Combinations of modifications are thought to constitute a code, the so-called "histone code".[9][10] Histone modifications act in diverse biological processes such as gene regulation, DNA repair and chromosome condensation (mitosis).[citation needed]
The common nomenclature of histone modifications is:
§                     The name of the histone (e.g. H3)
§                     The single letter amino acid abbreviation (e.g. K for Lysine) and the amino acid position in the protein
§                     The type of modification (Me: methyl, P: phosphate, Ac: acetyl, Ub: ubiquitin)
So H3K4me1 denotes the monomethylation of the 4th residue (a lysine) from the start (i.e., theN-terminal) of the H3 protein.
Annexure B
From Wikipedia
Histone methylation
Histone methylation is the modification of certain amino acids in a histone protein by the addition of one, two, or three methyl groups. In the cell nucleus, DNA is wound around histones. Methylation and demethylation of histones turns the genes in DNA "on" and "off", respectively, either by loosening their tails, thus, allowing transcription factors and other proteins to access the DNA or by encompassing their tails around the DNA, thus, restricting access to the DNA.
This modification alters the properties of the nucleosome and affects its interactions with other proteins.
§                     Histone methylation is generally associated with transcriptional repression.
§                     However, methylation of some lysine and arginine residues of histones results in transcriptional activation. Examples include methylation of lysine 4 of histone 3 (H3K4), and arginine (R) residues on H3 and H4.
For many years histone methylation was thought to be a permanent modification. Very recently two families of histone demethylating enzymes were discovered.
§                     The first was Lysine Specific Demethylase 1 (LSD1) which is an flavin-dependentmonoamine oxidase which can demethylate mono- and di-methylated lysines, specifically histone 3, lysines 4 and 9 (H3K4 and H3K9). This enzyme cannot demethylate tri-methylated lysines and for a short while it was thought that tri-methylated lysines may indeed be permanent modifications.
§                     In late 2005 the Jumonji domain-containing (JmjC) histone demethylases were discovered which are able to demethylate mono-, di-, or tri-methylated lysines thereby disproving the theory that histone methylation is permanent once and for all. Although this conclusion has since come into question.[1] Two specific JmjC histone demethylases are PHF8 andKIAA1718.

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