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Why radiation nauseates.

Why Radiation Nauseates .
Andre Willers
27 Jan 2012

Nausea tries to minimize the number of opportunistic gut-bacteria .

Discussion :
Ever wonder why nausea is the first symptom of a hefty radiation dose ?

Emergency Radiation dose therapy when nothing else is available :
1.Empty the gut . Vomit and emetics .
2.Kill gut bacteria . (vit C , alcohol , antibiotics)
3.Wash outer skin , but no soaps .
4.Eat about 10 mg honey , preferably from a young hive .
5.Put about one drop of bleach in the water .

There are strong clues in
1.)“Science Translational Medicine” , DOI:10.1126/scitransmed.3003126
2.)”NewScientist” 3Dec 2011 p21 “How to survive a fatal radiation dose”

Pay attention , as this may save your life someday .

Eva Guinan of Harvard Medical School found that boosting levels of a protein involved in immune responses against bacteria , while simultaneously giving an antibiotic helped 80% of rats to survive a lethal radiation exposure . Even after 24 hours .

What gives ?

In normal times:
Most of the Immune System (80%-90%)is clustered around the gastro-intestinal tract , containing foreign incursions , but mainly keeping resident symbiotic and commensal bacteria in check .Quorum systems on both parts play a macro and micro role .
This means all the bacteria have lethality genes , but they are not switched on .

The Border :
The gums , stomach wall , intestinal wall , etc .
This is composed of cells with a much faster rate of duplication . They are where the rubber hits the tar .Lots of wear-and-tear . They can afford higher mutation rates , because this is exactly where 80% of the immune system is resident .

Unfortunately , for evolutionary reasons , this expensive immune response system is optimized .
This means the minimum necessary , plus 1/3 reserve .

Major Damage :
1.Radiation damage scenario.
The gastro-walls , which divide fast , are hit first . DNA damage not only causes apoptosis of new cells , but the burden on the immune system to zap cancerous cells increases significantly .
Gaps in the wall appears . Bleeding occurs .
Opportunistic intestinal bacteria moves past the immune system border barrier and spreads through the bloodstream . Lethality genes gets switched on . In return , the low concentration immune-system in farflung corners switch on drastic measures . The organism goes into shock .

Nausea :
An evolved response to this scenario is to empty the gastro-tube as much as possible .
And keep it empty .
Hence nausea .
The triggers would be fragments of cellular destruction , either by radiation or chemical means .

See “Controlled Death Markers” Nov 2011
Repeated in Appendix I for your convenience .

But what we really need is to zap all bacteria in the gut until the emergency is past , then replenish them .

Zapping gut bacteria :
1.Vitamin C in megadoses : 7-8 gm will kill 99% on a first pass .
2.Combine with alcohol (about 500 ml of 40% alcohol-standard booze)
These are general killers .
3.Antibiotics are specific killers , always leaving some survivors .
4.Stimulated excretion : leaves some survivors .(Cf diarrhea infections : adaptations?)
Especially if appendix veriformis is intact .

Immune system boost :
In this case , a protein . But there is a more potent system
”NewScientist” 3Dec 2011 p8 “HIV out , no immune system required”
Briefly , existing muscle-cells are gene-engineered with viruses to produce specific antibodies , bypassing the immune system completely .(Already been done) .

This means a huge antibody pulse
I would suggest also targeting fat cells . This would be really losing weight fast , while getting healthier .

Eat and Shit :
Toilet training is the first Human Rite of Passage .Pulses of eating and excretion instead of a steady in-out flow .This not only affects the neural systems , but the entire immune and gut bacteria systems . Their interrelationship and pulses .

Since there are multiple inputs (eating) , but one output per day , the output dictates the pace .
At a bacterial level as well . You have to toilet train bacteria , since they influence the muscle-rhythms of the gut .

“Modern” medical birthing techniques do not allow crossover between the mother's faecal matter and the baby . So each baby has to be trained afresh .

Why do you think the cloaca and the vagina are so close together ?
In healthy mammals , it is essential that the bacterial symbiotes are initialized . The intestinal symbiotes are the most important (gotta eat) .

Leakage from the mother's anus during birth will coat the baby in some interesting genetic material
Researchers should concentrate on matter from the mother's anus during birth for some wow! targeted antibiotics .
Pay special attention to bacterial skin penetrations on the baby .

Caesearians :
Use faecal transplants and anal swabs .

But I am wandering .

Massive radiation damage shock :
This seems to have occurred often enough that evolutionary procedures to handle it have evolved .
1.The skin systems ( gastro , surface skin ) are isolated .
2.The immune system is redistributed .
3.Reserves are mobilized .
4.Only innocuous inputs are allowed (sterile water , etc)
5.Heat shock systems are mobilized to edit damaged proteins .
6.Repopulation of bacteria from internal or external reservoirs

Innocuous inputs:
Coarse sea Salt , honey .

Active inputs:
Bleach .
Very,very small concentrations of bleach (one drop per liter) act like wolves on the ecology of bacteria . It puckers up their receptor sites like a camel's asshole in a sandstorm .

The reason is that bleach is the chemical used by the immune system to kill .
There is no immunity (or rather , if they develop immunity , all multi-cellular organisms are dead )

It also resets bacterial quorum mechanisms .

Now you know why we have not had major high-death rate pandemics .
Oh , we have had pandemics . But usually the major killing was done by opportunistic bacteria switching on lethal genes in the gut

And here you thought your dishwashing liquid did nothing for you .

Andre .

Appendix I

Controlled Death Markers .
Andre Willers
21 Nov 2011

Synopsis :
Platelets . Beautiful ! Fragments of Destruction evolved into Fragments of Survival .

Discussion :
When cells are destroyed , fragments remain . Systems that recognise these fragments as warning signals survive better .

Why wait until destruction occurs ?
Systems that deliberately create fragments will survive better . Contingency plans .

Enter platelets , Megakaryocytes and cytokines .
Megakaryocytes create platelets , these platelets being generalised fragments of destruction .
Not all fits , so specialised proteins ( ie C3) have evolved as a next step to tie the platelets to specific bacteria .
Note that C3 evolved as part of the innate immune system .
We therefore strongly suspect that there are chaperones steering C3 and others to mark unknown objects for further attention .

These are then presented to the dentritic immune cells for incorporation into the Learned Immune Response system .

A nifty piece of work .
The innate immune system is incorporated into the learned immune system via the platelets .
The very large search space can be spanned by a small variable space .
The order is of 3 (ie 10^3) . Typical Genetic algorithm .
Complement component 3, often simply calledC3, is a protein of the immune system. It plays a central role in the complement system and contributes to innate immunity. In humans it is encoded on chromosome 19 by a gene calledC3.[1][2]

Instant death :
Looking at the molecular structure of C3 and the clotting factors , we notice an old friend : tell me three times . ( But beware of the Boojum)

There are three locks in the folds of the molecules . Biological systems that utilize only one or two locks will have to be kept in quarantine (ie bi- or tri-poisons in component form .) Not normally found in evolutionary systems .
It would make a nifty exterminator for sexual species . Tie two forms to the X-chromosome and one to the Y-chromosome , and the resultant combination will kill both copulators in an ecstasy of clotting ( literally if we connect an endorphin producing alkaloid) .

Can this evolve ?
Yes , in social species . Already has . See large percentage of neuters in insect species .
This would be driven by overpopulation .
“One Queen in darkness , to rule them all” , with apologies to Tolkien .
This limits population growth to non-exponential terms .

This leads to a delicious anti-bug strategy :
Make them implode .

Hyper Death Markers .
An extremely high concentration of cell-wall fragments .
We have it already in a mild form : petroleum jellies . (Burns)
(Petroleum is formed from destroyed cells)
Low-temperature , low-temperature refined petroleum concentrated in a small volume should trigger cellular implosion (or kill you quickly)

The Spleen :
Unlearning things .
This is where you Unlearn things at a molecular level .
At the stomach level .
Note the tie to the amygdala .
One third of the activated platelets end up in the spleen . As expected . This is the Reserve .
See “New Tools” , Nov 2008
But note the Megakaryocyte's DNA nuclei end up in the lungs .Why ?
Note the hypersensitivity of the lungs to rubbish . They have not unlearned some things .

There seems to be link between the spleen and the lung's immune responses (ie asthma ,etc)
But there is little on the Net about reprogramming the Learned Immune System via the spleen , though it is built-in .

How to Reprogram the Learned Immune Response system :
This is not medical advice . Consult your doctor .

Pulse system :
1.Take about 2000 micrograms of vit B12 . (a hefty dose)
2.Dissolve about 15 gm(3 tsp) of honey (or bee-balm) in a boiling bit of water .
Inhale the fumes after step 3 .
3.Eat about 5 mg (1 tsp) of honey or bee-balm .(1/3)
4.Then continue for at least 5 breaths .

What is supposed to happen : the contrast in the lack of death markers from the honey in the lungs and the spleen , combined with the Vit B12 pulse reprograms the immune responses . If it works , it should help with asthma and diabetes II .

Death and Broadband :
All organisms with telomeres live longer in the presence of pervasive patterned electro-magnetic radiation .

Delicious !
All those radio towers make you live longer . (Unless you are too close) . Correlate it .

The telomere DNA sequence is very specific . Large scale random EM radiation will give rise to stochastic resonance , reinforcing the integrity of the telomere DNA sequence . A longer life .
Feedback systems are involved .

Forced evolution :
This can be done by hiking the patterns to higher Beth(x) levels .

But watch out for the discontinuities in the Fourier series .

Shock systems .
In an emergency , simply use plain dissolved sugar as an inhalant . Does this really work ?
I don't know . Try it .

Diabetics :
1.Three teaspoons of sugar dissolved in a little bit of boiling water
2.One teaspoon of sugar eaten
3.Inhale the fumes from the boiling sugar water .

This should reprogram the spleen to some degree.

Now you know as much as I do.

Unlearning the wrong things is yuck .


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