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Prodigies Update I

Prodigies Update I
Andre Willers
25 Sep 2014

Prodigies , Primitives and Cancers are utilized to learn Acquired Savantism . From Idiot to Savant permanently .

Discussion :
1.See Appendix A below for the basics .

2.Acquired Savantism is usually as result of some brain injury .

etc .
3.This is simply the process analogous to aneuploid cancer (See “Cancer Cells” in Appendix A below) .
The damage removes certain protective inhibitory systems .
4.This can be mimicked by inducing local temporary effects like damage (eg transcranial stimulation) . This then led to Acquired Savant characteristics , but not Prodigy . Once the interference is removed , the Acquired Savant characteristics vanish .

5.Can Acquired Savant characteristics be learned by the “normal” brain ?
The answer is yes , because this is exactly why the system has evolved in the first place .

6.The mechanism is in the bio-hazard labs of the body (see Appendix A below)

7. Resources for learning Savantism .
Present resources are always fully used .
"work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion"
“expenditure rises to meet income”
Entropy .

How to acquire needed resources :
This is obtained by reorganizing previous processes into more efficient ones , freeing up resources (better than mimicking damage for a similar effect) .

Once this preliminary is done , then the Savant effect can be learned

8. See numerous posts on Optimization in

(a fun one!)

(how to learn to play like Pele)

(new unnatural base-pairs recently developed .It took them long enough .See  )

9.How the Universe does it : Entropy sinks .
This can be a molecule (heat-shock proteins , for example .)

10.A Smart Pill is then theoretically possible .

Smartly now !


Appendix A

Prodigies , Primitives and Cancers.
Andre Willers
9 May 2007

Synopsis :
Prodigies do things we can all do  (like calculations , languages , music ) with little seeming effort or tuition , but only much better , faster and at an earlier age .It is often confused with intelligence .

Discussion :

Sources :

“Primitives” (Appendix Alpha at end of article) or

 “Primitives_1” (Appendix Beta at end of article) ,

General sources on prodigies and mind-body interactions .

Dedicated Brain Centers

Two dedicated hardwired neuron complexes are known from experimental evidence :
The language center (usually above the left ear ) and the counting complex . A music complex is very strongly suspected .

Various other emotional centers (amygdala) and memory centers are known . Many others are suspected . (Like eye-body co-ordination )

Please take note of the Neuronal Mirror argument .
These complexes above evolved from primal neuronal mirror set-ups .

A prodigy happens when a hardwired primitive neuronal complex replicates into the neuronal mirror arrangements . Because only non-simple encoding is used , this means a degradation of the functions usually done by these usurped mirror-neurons . This is at the cost of things like modeling other people (ie social skills) . Hence the prevalence of the lower end of the autistic spectrum in prodigies . ( Idiots savant )

As to be expected , there is a link between prodigies in arithmetic , language and music .

Prodigies (like William Hamilton of mathematics fame , or Zerah Colburn )were good at arithmetic and languages . The link between music and arithmetic is well known . Mozart’s linguistic skills are overshadowed by other events .

The problem is that well-known prodigies are the ones that were pushed by their parent(s) into notoriety . The smarter ones like Gauss , Macauly ,Young , etc learned to blend in .

Present day prodigies .
Where are they ?
Why , at the top end of most human endeavours . Top-class tennis players , golfers , chess-players , etc would qualify in earlier times as prodigies . Today they have to train hard 8 hours a day from early youth to be able to compete with the other prodigies . “Ordinary” people do not even get a look in .

Raw Talent .
A lightning calculator , if he survived the school system , might be lucky to get a job as a bookie’s runner or a croupier .

So you learned Greek , Latin , Finnish , Serbo-Croat and Basque at the age of five ? You have an interesting future as an interpreter at the UN .

You have a better chance in music . There are numerous schools for musical prodigies.

Fractal Identity Crises.
The hardwired primitive neuronal complex has an internal coding that is not simple .

It has to compensate for a temporal identity problem .

The complex assembles information very quickly ( some researchers say quantum effects are used , in which case it is instantaneous or from different time-sources ) .

Regardless , this information has to be presented to the rest of the brain in an usable fashion , with sequential markers .

For example , Mozart could comprehend an entire symphony in his overgrown musical complex . This had to be passed to the normal brain with sequential markers , so that he could scribble like mad from his simple memory to get a shadow of it in reproducible form .

Another example is a native speaker of a complicated language like Latin or Finnish . The complicated grammar arrives as an entirety , not worked out piecemeal .

This non-simple coding is very important , since it holds the key to identity markers , not only temporally but over other parameters as well .

As all my gentle readers will know , identity defineability is the key on how we know we are us , how the immune system recognizes our cells , how chromosome clusters are self-recognised , and all those other fractal identity crises .

This begs the question :
If we have identity resolution paradigms good enough to resolve an ID interface between a very fast (or multitemporal) complex , and the normal brain , why is it not used in the immune system ?

The answer is that it is used in this way , but sometimes the controls slip , or is programmed to slip .

The brain evolved from these systems , but we would expect some feedback .

Cancer Cells .
We refer to these bio-hazard labs as cancer cells . It is where evolution is put into fast-forward . ( See Scientific American of May 2007 p35 “ Chromosomal Chaos and Cancer”)

Have you ever wondered how complex organisms can even exist , when there are trillions of tons of bacteria , fungi , viruses ,etc  in the world . By sheer numbers and breeding rate , they must outperform any organism’s defence system .

The Trick :
Any centurion will tell you this trick : discipline .

Aneuploidy is the main mechanism . This is a fancy name for shuffling chromosomes (ie the tried and trusted sexual mixer .) Only this mechanism is on steroids .

An unknown molecule is encountered.
The body does not know how it will affect the organism .
There are two ways to test it :
  1. Live through it (potentially disasterous)
  2. Test it in a fast-forward evolutionary biolab .

The body induces aneuploid cancer in a test  cell .
This cell is nurtured by the body , deliberately bypassing all the evolutionary pressures of the environment or the immune system .
The test cell and its daughters have very rapid and semi-random chromosome shuffling . (This is also where all those null codons come into play.)
This cluster of cells forms a bio-hazard lab .

If they find a solution , it is communicated to the immune system and the lab is liquidated by apoptosis using the identity markers .

Can you see how this is more advantageous than living through it ?

If they do not , the cancer expands , resulting in the non-viability of the organism due to resource constraints .

But surely , an off-switch would have evolved ? If it could not find a solution to an unknown after n tries , it stops . Yes , but if the immune system had not recognised it the molecules will keep on arriving  , triggering new explorations .

To recognize an “END” codon to a particular try to resolve a “new” molecule previously tried would require a memory of this molecule . Yet this is exactly what the immune system does not have , since it passed this molecule on to the cancer test lab . There does not seem to be a memory of previous cancer-lab experiments (understandably , since the resource requirements would overwhelm any finite system with simple coding .)

Is there a general “END” codon ?
The answer must be yes , since it appears in more evolved brain mechanisms . See also the languages of bacteria . (There is an Ur language , and various dialects .)

The particular information is stored epigenetically . The presence of the problem molecules in the mother’s womb gets tagged with a methylization complex , marking it as solved . Each new generation must resolve it anew .

What a horrible trap . Old age must be programmed in , since only by setting the “END” codon in the mothers womb can rubbishy molecules be prevented from triggering cancers . Mothers get partially reset , which is why they live longer .

Well , it helps to know that there is a single switch  that will apoptise some cancer labs . It must be something simple , like the methylization of a geneplex that backpropagates .

Classical music:
Most people who listen to classical music live longer and look younger . This is because of the very recognizable “END” sequence to any symphony . The sequence entrains a neural process in the brain , which generates chemicals which signal  “END ALL” sequences to the internal cancer labs .

This is one of the much threatened feedback from more developed parts of the being .
The storm of feedback from the brain creates a non-linear feedback system , with all that it implies .

The Q Trick

For example , Turing ( from Godel’s work ) proved way back in the 1930’s that a linear logic(computing) process cannot know when to stop if it looks only at internal logic . This is exactly what we said above . However , by using quantum processes  , the system can know when to slam down an “END” .

This has to be communicated to the cell-complexes concerned . It is not sufficient to have a blanket “END” all the time , since the cancer-labs are vital to the health of the organism . Once a week seems sufficient , judging from the religious observances .

So what does this have to do with prodigies ?

Prodigies are the cancers of the body human .

They pretest which behaviours and talents will be acceptable .

Spiderman , Batman , Superman , etc
The same tired old lot :Hercules , Zeus , all the saints . I can’t remember all their names , or want to .

Bah . Do any of them even straddle the space-time crack ?
Ride t’em ,cowboy !


Prodigies II

Andre Willers
11 May 2007

Please reread “Prodigies,Primitives and Cancer” , “Primitives_0”, “Primitives_1”
and “The Origins of War and Peace “  in before continuing .

Powerful analogies and tools are available to analyze human brains .

Discussion :
The discussion in “Prodigies” left us with a model of a brain-body with very fast processors embedded in a network of slow , low-bandwidth communications .

Sounds familiar?
We can form a very good and fruitful analogue here of a LAN or the Internet .

The Primitives (neural complexes like Counting ) are the Pentiums/Parallel chips/Quantum processors . The Neural and Hormonal system is the cabling .

Addressing :
This is vital . From an evolutionary viewpoint and in development order
  1. Dedicated lines . The brain is seen as like a telephone exchange .
  2. Domain addresses . Hormones are a good example . (As Nelson said to Emma Hamilton : “England expects every gland to do its duty .” )
  3. Brain waves . The above processes are asynchronous , but certain assemblies of information (like vision) are dependant on synchronization with previously carried-out processes . This co-ordination is analogeous to clock-speed processes . But beware , as the brain can carry on different processes at different frequencies . This is a method of reducing the redundancy overload in the information packages . Remember that the brain is not designed , but evolved for speed .
  4. Anticipation : eventually some parts of the brain learn to anticipate what other parts will do . This is analogeous to caching and forward-caching . Different sheafs of mirror-neurons have pre- prepared positions . (Cf Socratic internal dialogues) This enables the organism to react very rapidly .This is the origin of the phenomenon of fMRI detecting action decisions before the consciousness is aware of this decision (about 0.5 seconds) . Consciousness can be seen as a mirror-neuron network monitoring the other networks . The degree of feedback is not sufficient to change the decision from the top down (ie the decision is a simple vector summation of forces.) . But information constraints prevents this monitoring network from mirroring every datum . Thus excluding of some data is necessary . This is the definition of concentration .
Concentration : the feedback from the monitoring network(ie consciousness) channels resources into whatever is chosen to be important . Sadly , super-consciousness is not possible , since exclusion (concentration) is the fundamental basis of the system . (See below)
  1. Self-consciousness : eventually the system learns to do the same thing to the consciousness as in para 4 above . The system loops .
Self-consciousness is the termination of this process , since the concentration exclusion process means that only one self-consciousness at a time can exist . Being conscious of being conscious of being conscious etc will just loop you back to para 4 . Note that in Multiple Personalities Disorders there can be many consciousnesses , but they are constrained (ie are subsets) and there is only one in “control” .

Self-consciousness also inhibits optimum resource allocation : an effect well known to anybody on stage or athletes . Hence the unending yak of mystics about letting go of the self .

Yet self-consciousness can override the simple voting system of the conscious systems . This is the basis of human morality . You can always say no , and damn the consequences . Free will does exist .

The End Codon.
From previous arguments we already know that the standard ending of classical symphonies has an actual physiological effect . It tends to force an “All End” on the internal cancer labs in the body . The small ones (responsible for a lot of the ageing processes ) are affected in a major way .

A way to enhance this effect is to engage as many primitives as possible . Music , Mathematics , Language ,Visual , Dancing , etc .

Remember , the ending has to be entrained , but inherent (no fake crashes.) . (The mathematical talent is monitoring .)

I can recommend a sexy soprano singing the 1929 shareprice index  , while watching a screen with the graph and doing freeform dancing .

Not more than once a week .

An unlikely bestseller , but try it .

Is there any way out of this Superconsciousness impasse?
We have to go back to the primary nodes (also called primitives) . As noted , the coding for these cannot be simple . They are twisted , quantal and non-local .

Twisted : screw-shaped electromagnetc waves resonates at specific points on another helical molecule (like , surprise,surprise ,DNA) . Limited to lightspeed , but enormous bandwidth .

Quantal : very close molecules transfers information very rapidly via quantum tunneling .

Non-Local : the joker . Since the whole organism evolved out of a few molecules , and every new molecule incorporated had to be in close proximity of these , it is theoretically possible that they are all entangled . But , as Nelson said to Emma Hamilton , “Some are more entangled than others .”

Can you transcend this way ?
Of course .
But do you really want to?
Flip a mental coin , and when you can hear it ringing on the pavement , then decide .

Ho-Ho-Ho !
I can’t resist this .
The attentive reader will have noticed from the above that water can retain a memory and an influence in at least three different ways .
Yet they discard amniotic fluid .
Typically human .

They throw the water away and keep the baby .



Prodigies III

Andre Willers
26 May 2007

See previous   “Prodigies” , “Dehydration” , Itarin2” , “The Religious Experience and Proximal rewards “etc .

Hierarchies and Fame .

Hierarchies self-assemble out of scale-free networks .
Scale-free networks imply resource constraints , which imply a network-deconstructor (apoptosis) . This implies non-smooth switching between optimization sub-systems .

Discussion :
The discussion in previous “Prodigies” left us with a model of a brain-body with very fast processors embedded in a network of slow , low-bandwidth communications and mirror neuron layers .

The important point is that these elements are not connected in every possible way . Local elements have a large number of local  connections . Distant elements have a few , but they exist . This gives a Scale-Free network (cf Wikkipedia) .

The brain does not have the resources to maintain every possible linkage , so apoptosis removes linkages which are not used . This is a well-documented mechanism .

This means that the communication between Fast Processors , Mirror Layers , the Body , etc , is not unlimited . In other words , they develop degrees of autonomy , especially in the Mirror Layers with feedback mechanisms to give anticipation . (Ie local optimization sub-systems : mini-personalities ).

Mini-Personalities .
This gives rise competing ways of viewing “What must be done” .
This is equivalent to partial personalities .(Mini-personalities)
But survival of the whole organism requires a single response . Hence there are various mechanisms for resolving disputes between mini-personalities .

Regardless of the mechanism used , a certain mini-personality and it’s coterie of close support structures gets control . The Consciousness mirrors this after the fact .
Self-consciousness may be able to modify this .

Sleep and Apoptosis .
You can see the problem if a certain mini-personality is in control for too long . It is simply a connected cluster of mirror-neurons . The mirror-layers not being used for a certain time get marked and apoptised . This impoverishes the total personality .

Connections between mini-personalities get apoptised , leading to psychological problems (ref repression , amygdale programming , PTSD , etc)
Not to mention sleep-deprivation schizophrenia .

Sleep is the protocol for removing the mini-personality in charge .

Note that this is not only a function of complexity , but also of resources . This means that sleep will be necessary for even organisms with relatively few neurons .

Caution :
Drugs   are now available that seems to do away with sleep with few short term effects . The long term effects will get you , unless they can inhibit the apoptosis . Which will cause a new form of schizophrenia .

Continuity : (Putting a new mini-personality in charge)
So your consciousness and dependant self-consciousness vanishes when you go to sleep . The various (thousands , literally uncountable for quantally super-posed mini-personalities ) jockey for top-post .

We would expect a mechanism for continuity in  this succession struggle to have evolved , and so it has . The so-called God-center .
See  http://andreswhy.blogspot,comThe Religious Experience and Proximal rewards”

This is normally operative in the waking stage (ie when consciousness is self-assembling from the winner of the mini-personalities ) , but experimental evidence indicates that strong magnetic fields focussed on the relevant brain locus can force switches between mini-personalities even in an awake system . (It is the same mechanism)

Internal Fame .

At last ! Fame !

All the above arguments sound suspiciously like human politics . And with good reason .
The basic  model is of a brain-body with very fast processors embedded in a network of slow , low-bandwidth communications and mirror neuron layers is just as applicable to humans in a society . Allowances can be made for some cellular and quantal processes .

A powerful analog can be made for various processes:
Going to sleep : voting or removing the ruler from power .
Waking up : establishing a new ruler .
Note that these are two separate processes .

Internal Fame : being known often . This translates to intensity of traffic of signals between various mini-personalities . A simple repeat mechanism , which ties in with the basic neural mechanism of frequency-firing.

This differs from the societal analog in a very important way : Internal Fame can be under the complete control of the self-consciousness . Simply repeating certain thoughts and actions (like Mass in Roman Catholicism , or Muslim Prayer) biases the succession of mini-personalities .

But of course , by equal measure , we can create unbounded equivalents (all the time hoping that we know what we are doing) . The system will process it , regardless .

Dominant societies have evolved two mechanisms :
1.The mini-personalities are correlated with the individual’s value to society (ie a fractal system ) .
2. Resource allocation is done on this basis . This used to be no big problem if there is a big surplus , but human civilizations have evolved a nasty method of allocating negative surpluses . (Ie even if there is more than enough to go around , some groups still starve . )  Hence Communism , Marxism and all the -ism’s to come .

Negative surplus allocation is a pathology .
The analog in human space is sleeplessness . Not enough resources are allocated to mirror networks (ie humans) , so apoptosis happens . Artists , scientists , etc don’t happen .

Do not confuse this with simple allocation of not-enough existing positive resources (ie middle ages) .

Negative surplus allocation is a pathology that targets specific layers in communication networks . This drastically lowers the capability of the system to meet new shocks .

It always ends in tears . It used to end in total destruction of the system , but this has happened so often that ameliorating mechanisms have evolved (mainly organized religions). The equivalent of time-distant communication links .

The question is : why does this pathology recur ?
The sad truth is that it has to do with relative rates of change .
The new generation allocates resources in a different way . The older generation tries to keep it the old way . The relative distortion appears as too much resources to the old way , and too little to the new way . Ie a negative surplus allocation .

Some remedies:
For individuals :
Rapid mini-personality switches . Ie frequent sleeps .
Catnaps . Note that this has been the mechanism used by high-information throughput individuals like Napoleon , Stalin , Churchill , Hitler , business leaders ,etc .
They tailored their personality to the exigencies of the job .

For Societies :
More frequent elections for the top job . Once a year seems ok . This will force a decrease in election cost , as well as greater participation by the Civil Service .

Oops : the Romans tried this , and ended up with emperors . But the problem was the power change .

To switch the analogue back , individuals who are uncomfortable with their personal extinction and successor personalities , would not get much benefit from catnaps .
If you have problems with this , remember how it works : simply an increase in the frequency of nerve-pulses between mirror layers .

Imagine the different states of what you desire  as images in mirror layers . (Do not do small time differences.You need quantal changes , not small creeps . )
Regarding them forces an increased signal traffic between the layers . An Interrupt (like 1,2,3,…,10, 10.5 ) will then force a quietus .

See “Dehydration and Intelligence: Amygdala Interrupt .”


Prodigies IV : Interrupts .
Andre Willers
30 May 2007

See previous   “Prodigies” , “Dehydration” , Itarin2” , “The Religious Experience and Proximal rewards “etc .

Discussion :
The discussion in previous “Prodigies” left us with a model of a brain-body with very fast processors embedded in a network of slow , low-bandwidth communications and mirror neuron layers .

Resultant mini-personalities compete for dominance . Dominance competes better .

The fast-processors evolved out of positive feedback mechanisms .

See “  Prodigies , Primitives and Cancers.”

Positive feedback mechanisms .
A simple Positive feedback mechanism (say A) increases without limit .  It can only be kept in check by another positive feedback system  (say B) . The various systems interact at various levels . The very nature of non-linear feedback systems means that certain nodes in the interaction between A and B are more important than others .

A node like this has a large amplification factor (it is essentially an amplifier in the collision of  A and B ) . With the large number  of factors , sooner or later a Fourier series with sharp boundaries happens . (Cf radar waveforms) . This forms a node with delineated characteristics . In other words , an Interrupt .

What does an Interrupt do ?

As it prevents runaway positive feedback systems , it makes all of what we describe as life possible .

Indeed , the Human species can be seen as a specific Interrupt in Gaia .

Speciation is a form of Interrupt formation . ( When Species A can only breed with species A , an interrupt is formed . )

Bacteria do not worry about speciation , and consider it déclassé .

Yet the Interrupts keep forming ( courtesy of Fourier) , leading to multicellular organisms and other monstrosities . A bacterium views the body like you view the Civil Service .

Interrupt Formation .
As can be seen from the above , all Interrupts are formed from dynamic systems  .
Either from inherited systems (genetics) , epigenetics or culture .
This also means that you can change it .

Let us give some examples :
  1. Amygdala Interrupt .
Count aloud or subliminally 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,  10.5
The sequence 1- 10  entrains the calculating nexus . The next term  10.5  forces the nexus to use more of the mirror-neurons to do inverse calculations . This causes an interrupt (a discontinuity )  . You can feel it . Just count .

Why can the counting mechanism have interrupts into the amygdala , which is the mechanism for assigning threat/promise to the organism ?

Because any threat assessment involves counting .
One wolf , two wolves , etc . One bad molecule , two etc .

At the start of the counting process a marker molecule (probably sulfur derived – see  sulfur hibernation) puts the amygdala into an inactive state . It cannot form an opinion until all the counting data is in .  It needs an End Codon . End Codons are perceived as the end of sequences . Start Codons likewise . At least three terms of sequences for each are needed .

There are two fundamentally different ways of counting .
1.      Sequential independent of the term before last (ie 1,2.3,4., etc)
2.      Sequential dependant on the last two terms (Fibonacci) (1,1,2,3,5,8,13 , etc)
3.      Counting in more than the sum of two terms can be written as a two term  Fibonacci series (ie a Fibonacci series is sufficient  . (Ref Arith I and Arith II))

This sequence incorporates both  .
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ,  10.5, 20.5 , 31.0, 51.5 , 82.5
Sequence                                               Fibonacci

This forces your brain to do all sorts of fancy tricks .

Prodigies V : Speed and Paradoxes .
Andre Willers
31 May 2007

See previous   “Prodigies” I to IV , “Dehydration” , Itarin2” , “The Religious Experience and Proximal rewards “etc .

Discussion :
The discussion in previous “Prodigies” left us with a model of a brain-body with very fast processors embedded in a network of slow , low-bandwidth communications and mirror neuron layers .

Resultant mini-personalities compete for dominance . Dominance competes better .

The fast-processors evolved out of positive feedback mechanisms .

Interrupt mechanisms evolved to keep positive feedback mechanisms under control .

Speed .

“Ask anything of me except time”  Napoleon .

Why is speed so important ? The obvious answer is that it is important to physical survival .

Yet humans are faster than a striking mamba .
Thousands of humans routinely catch striking snakes by the neck for a few rupees . Scientific measurements of trained martial arts experts give their response times as between 3 to 5 as fast as snakes or crocodiles .

There is a perception that martial arts training only enables the human mind to tap into the reptilian brain reflexes .

But if the human (or weasel) responses are better by a significant margin , this argument does not hold . How can they be faster than the basal reptilian reflexes ?

Why has this speed evolved ?

Fast processor-nodes send information via scale-free neural-networks to close mirror-networks , as well as to distant fast-processor complexes .

The speed of the transmission of signals in the scale-free network is much , much lower than transmission speeds inside the fast processors .

Thus , a  later processing result in a nearby mirror-network ( or inside the fast processor) can be sent via the long-neuron of the scale-free network and arrive at the target before the initial signal from the nearby-mirror network .

This appears as an inversion of cause-effect to the target .

This appears as a Paradox .
(The alert leader will notice the analogue with light-speed and non-locality)

There is a mechanism to resolve the paradox .
It surfaces as a sense of humour . But is very old and basic . All organisms with more than one neuron will have such a mechanism (ie a sense of humour) . (Given the complexity of neurons , even one might be sufficient.)

  1. Obviously the simplest way simply is that the latest signal is it . The time-marker must then correspond to 1/ (the alpha-wave frequency) ~ 0.1 to 0.05 of a second . The observed normal mammalian reaction . Yet faster reactions are observed.
  2. A faster way is phase differences between various brain waves .
  3. Another way of seeing it is that one entangled particle (or system of particles) is isolated by a glove of proteins and water , while the other is non-local . Something like the immune system . Note that a lot of quantum computation can take place inside such an enclosure .
            See “  Prodigies , Primitives and Cancers.”
It is amusing to note that a quantum life-form will see immune systems and the effects of nervous systems as the major life-forms on the planet . They will have to deduce the existence of the creature from second and third order effects .

In other words , life is essentially the immune system and paradox resolution in the brain-body .

The essential point is that assembling a meaningful output from many different inputs with different time-sources requires non-simple coding . 
This coding exists , but needs some work to understand or use .

Existing coding structures can be used .

Language . The language center assembles sentences faster than can be processed by the slower centers . Hence Puns or grammar .

Reading a book of puns should boost your immune system . Any humour as well . This is at basic quantum and physiological level , not just psychological .

If reading a book of grammar generates risibility , you are indeed an advanced lifeform .

Music : Ending Codons have been discussed .

Most basic . The easiest .
Mathematics cannot be described unless language is used !

Ho-ho-ho again !
The two most basic elements of any mathematical system is that
  1. Something is delineated (ie an entity apart from anything else)
  2. Repetition (ie some operator)

Yet even the definition of number (the set of all sets that is similar to the given set) requires a language , that is meta to the underlying concepts . This surfaces as quantum systems in the real world . The observer is part of the system , in other words.

Primitive counting has been discussed , even the iterative cascade . An iterative cascade must generate the concept of number , but the interface between the fast computation complex and the rest of the personality evolves .

If you can look at a graph of a Fourier series showing a square waveform , and feel a risibility impulse , then you are getting there .

In other words , why are not all our brains super?
Why do we have slower mirror-networks , and scale-free-neural  networks ?

Answer :
It will end that way . The teensy , weensy problem is any evolutionary system has to grow . Present human brains are on the cusp of expanding into totally fast-processors .
The greatest number of humans will exist just before the system enfolds into a few hyper-personalities .

Can this be done without hardware rewiring ?
Yes . There is a complex feedback system between simple and non-simple coding . Mirror neurons can be converted to fast processors (there is evolutionary predecessors) . Stem cells are available . Only the coding is needed .

The End is Nigh!



Appendix Alpha
Primitives _0

Dated 7/06/2006

Quantity has a quality of its own (Stalin)


An example illustrates  :
The visual system works well by having multiple small , very rapid recognition centers that recognise edges , corners , curves , etc . These are then assembled into further complex images further up the line to the brain .

A single neuron one or two layers away from this first primitive can handle surprisingly sophisticated pattern recognition ( eg bees trained to recognise human faces , only one neuron activating on fMRI scan on recognising a face)

The Advantages:
  1. Speed . This is all-important in a survival driven organism .
It is more important to have a 80% picture of the environment in half a second than a 98% picture in 2 seconds . By moving the eye , the recognition system is also tweaked . In other words , you get as good or even better picture of the environment by the assembly of rapid exposures at a lower definition at different viewpoints than a long exposure at a single viewpoint .

Note that the latest findings indicate that the only difference between animals and humans is the speed and capacity at which we perform tasks like planning , memory , tool usage , etc .

Also note that there is a fundamental correlation on neural-network level between speed and capacity . ( Hence the time-constraints in exams , IQ tests , sports ,ets)

  1. Reduction in complexity . You need fewer neurons to do the same task . Most of the number of input data are used in the first primitive layer , which is usually hardwired (ie retina) to be very fast . The subsequent neural-network layers need orders of magnitude fewer nodes . The assembly over time of different viewpoints in these primitive snapshots ( ie the differences) will pick up the elements missing in each snapshot due to poor resolution .

Since we know that the minimum necessary sufficient number of dimensions in an Euclidean space is three , we can say that any visual system would work which has three layers . The more data is processed in each succeeding layer , the better , as long as there is a time-difference between viewpoints .

The Disadvantage

Definition :
A system lacking a primitive needed to recognise a new factor in the environment might not pick it up . Most primitives are learned in very early childhood and fixated by paring of neural connections on a hardware level . Eg Chinese “r” and “l” problems .

In other words , it is difficult for an adult to learn new languages , accents or to correct faulty visual systems .

Examples of Human Primitives:

Existing primitives:
1.Visual ( Retina-brain)
1.1  Pattern recognition (lines , edges curves,etc)
1.2  Peripheral movement (snapshot differences )
1.3  Linear Trajectory (integration of eye and body movement in snapshot differences. Very high speed required . ) This is the ur time-binding primitive . How the past and the projected future connect .

This ability would normally evolve into intelligent planning capability if there is sufficient number of neurons . Birds were first , but are constrained by a terrible evolutionary trap : in a low density atmosphere like Earth , their maximum weight ,and hence cranial capacity , is limited . They have a ceiling . If they go flightless , without hands they will lose the trajectory primitive , since the ability to compute trajectories will have no survival value . They optimise (like smart crows ) , but generalization is constrained by cranial size .

Start Speculation
The KT impact would have made no difference in Terran civilization , except that the civilized species would have descended from tree-dwelling dinosaurs . (See argument about insolation fibrillations and Gaia driving intelligence development. ) . Alien intelligent avians would possible if the atmospheric density is high enough to support birds with big brains . An estimate would be 6 to 8 times Terran densities at the moment . A planet like Venus would always have a denser atmosphere ( no large moon) . If there is life in a solar system , it would be seeded on all the planets by meteor impacts . Hence we can speculate that intelligent life on Venus evolved first from an avian base . Since the insolation fibrillations would have hit Venus first (because of its thicker atmosphere) , intelligence would have evolved there first in the solar system . Estimated time about 600 – 1000 million years before present . So where are they now ?
They are either extinct (most likely) , or the planet-bound ones are on Saturn . The clouds of Saturn would be very attractive to an avian species .
End Speculation

Apes coming out of the trees already had hands that could throw projectiles and had to have the trajectory primitive .

Hence , the evolution of upright stance ( to keep the hands free for throwing stones ) and stone using ( leading to neolithic technology ) came first and then led to further time-binding developments like planning , language and intelligence .

Notice that any human society , present and historical , spent an inordinate percentage of resources on trajectory games ( basically ball games) . It is pure Darwinnian statistics : good ballplayers have better time-binding primitives and are better at estimating future effects .

A good ball-player is not more successful because he is a team-player . He is a better team-player because he binds time better  . Competition within co-operative boundaries .


See Itarin for the nerd’s revenge .

2.Language : the primitives ( Broca’s area) are well established .
3.Fairness : Hardwired even into monkeys .
4.Math : count to 3 , rapidly and iteratively .
5.Threat avoidance : Hippocampus (Stress syndromes)
6.Balance (walking . ref vibrating soles.)
7.Creativity (not just LH/RH brain : it is a true primitive)
8.Music (inherent)
9.Risk/Reward : Profit . Making money (there has been heavy selection for this since the invention of agriculture ( ie surpluses)
10.Shapes (female hip , breast .Male buttocks , legs)
11. Pheromones
12. Immune system.
13. Religion

I’m sure there are more , but we know that these true primitives . Small , fast  , multiple (mostly hardwired) data-handling nodes feeding into more sophisticated feedback systems.

2. Primitives we would like to have .

A wish list.
Note that we might have the sensors for the desired characteristic , but not the primitive . The primitive would only evolve if there was an evolutionary pressure for it .

2.1  Spin
Computing the flight of a ball due to aerodynamic factors . Trainable (See Itarin)
2.2  Controlling the potentiating of hippocampus , immune system or any other primitive . A meta-primitive .
2.3  Recognising and controlling quantum events .
2.4  Recognising and controlling disequilibrium events
2.5  Recognise and predict chaotic attractors.
2.6  Sense and manipulate magnetic fields .
2.7  Sense and manipulate nuclear fields .
2.8  Sense and manipulate gravitational fields .

The general principle is that , if a primitive has not evolved , it can be created by using some existing structure and building on that .


Appendix Beta

Metamaterials in human beings.

Andre Willers
4 Mar 2007
See    “Primitives_0”  ,  as well as “Itarin”

Background :

Metamaterials are groups of atoms or molecules that act like single atoms or molecules with properties which are novel . (Google , wikipedia , Scientific American , etc)

The best known are the microwave metamaterials which have a negative refractive index (the first ones theorized and constructed) .

This enables definition at a measure smaller than the wavelength of the infalling radiation . This was long considered theoretically impossible . Now they are demonstrating invisibility suits (at least at the microwave level ) , and other goodies based on this principle .

In other words , its hot and sexy !

But needless to say , mother Nature got there first .

The economy of fine definition at minimum cost is an extremely strong attractor to evolutionary systems .

All metamaterials are virtual by definition .
ie Ten atoms of carbon in a specific configuration act like one atom of imaginium .
The information being processed is real , the rest is virtual . Of course , if the imaginium’s components are real , then speeds are much higher , and quantum effects are possible .

But the essence is:
Ordered groups of information processors can give results literally impossible to their components . This is not theory , but hardware .

Visual systems are the easiest for us to understand .

The visual system forms layers of metamaterials . Even if the distance between retina cells are (say ) 10 000 angstroms , the metamaterial processing can make the definition  as if only (say) 10 angstroms separate the cells .

The same trick is used throughout the body .

Skin sensitivity is another example . The brain does not extrapolate . It uses an gestalt of nearby impressions to form a remarkably accurate virtual impression .

Acidity in the stomach , sugar levels , hormone levels , immune system etc . The body gets by with remarkably few sensors .

It has a price , though .

The price is training .

A virtual metamaterial (like the human visual system , immune system) can only be partially hardwired . There is not enough information capacity in the bio-system to handle all permutations . The efficiency of the metamaterial might be improved ( eg language centers , counting centers , mirror neurons , etc) .

Integration and generation of proximal reward systems remain a major problem .
see  “ The Religious Experience and Proximal rewards” .

Advantageous development of trained metamaterial centers might be incorporated into the DNA quicker than normal evolutionary pressures ( a form of epigenesis) , but I know of no such evidence . Culture will inhibit such developments . Except of course , for non-cultural or anti-cultural pressures .  The selection for mild Aspergers  indicate that there is a tendency for at least a bifurcate split in the species .

Training metamaterials:
The plasticity of the brain/body means that you can train groups of cells to act as metamaterial atoms/molecules , with properties that the individual elements do not have .

We have already seen that this is used extensively by the body .

Now , we must see how we can extend on it .

Itarin is a visual trainer that creates metamaterial effects .
Itarin is an adequate neural network visual trainer , because it works better at older ages as it trains metamaterial “atoms” in the visual field by  the fluctuating balls . I originally put them in to draw attention to the flash of the character in their center , but their effect has been to create metamaterial neurons .

I was puzzled why Itarin worked better for me when training while wearing glasses . The answer , of course , is that the metamaterial effect overshadows the ordinary neural training effect .

Sports and Varsity .
Practise creates metamaterial effects by definition , whether the practise is real or virtual . A variant of Itarin will have you playing like a pro and praying like a Christian .

Most of the body’s sensory systems work via metamaterial effects . We have known intervention systems like Itarin . Training metamaterial effects for various body systems have ranged from too broad (Coue) to too narrow (begone , damned bug!)

This capability is normally defined as the ability to “see” patterns (ie delineated differences , for which a fine definition is required) . Note that metamaterial effects gives the brain a finer definition with the same number of neurons .

While Itarin was not designed for this , it could be adapted . It should have some effect , in any case , due to the metamaterial effects in the cortical and immediate sub-cortical areas .

Unused capability.

Most humans have the conceit that they only us about 10 % of their brain capacity . Extra , unused capacity in the brain (which consumes about 25 % of the body’s energy) , simply did not happen . (Evolutionary reasons)

What did happen , if you understood the above argument , is that inefficient utilization of the brain’s resources ( even using hardwired metamaterial effects ) uses up nearly all of it’s capability .

It is like driving a Ferrari in first gear at full throttle . With a broken steering wheel .
Everything is going at full blast . There is nothing unused.

From an evolutionary viewpoint , it is easy to see why . Some few hardwired systems like elementary vision , speech , counting ,etc at a most elementary level evolve . (The primitive elements) . The rest is catch-as-catch can . Now and then , the cultural component evolves a more efficient utilization . This frees up some neurons for keeping up with the Jones’. And so it goes .

The glitterati wonders what Jones wore , the literati wonders what he said or wrote , and the priesthood wonders why they care .

The amusing thing is that while there is no unused capacity in the present westerner’s brain , a slight rearrangement of the organization of the brain brought about by  cultural elements can cascade into a significantly more efficient use of their neurons . It is like an oversaturated solution . It crystalises very , very quickly , releasing a lot of energy .

The cascade:
This is usually known as a religious experience . It has happened before in history .

When the system is overstretched (like now) , a sudden release of resources in the brain due to a more efficient utilization (ie metamaterial effects) does not release the stress . Instead , it goes “boing” into the neighbouring brain areas , stimulating similar similar eruptions throughout the system .

Cultural laser , anyone ?

It is a major source of disappointment to the Author that the last thousand years has led to a massive population increase without any change in hierarchical dispositions .

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